Nutmeg Goes for a Ride…

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Nutmeg Goes for a Ride! from Rather Large Robot on Vimeo.

Our dog is pretty cute ;)


Weekend adventures – Charleston, SC…

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Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since I’ve blogged! One week of the cold/bronchitis and then a last-minute adventure down to Florida. I’m SO glad we went, too… because if anything is going to get you in the Holiday spirit, it’s Disneyworld and their over-the-top decorations. So much so that while we were in Celebration (the Disney uber-planned community) to grab lunch, we spoke to a real estate agent about properties there (on a whim… at first). She mentioned something about how the town gets really into Christmas and they host parades (or something) and it snows (and Santa is there… whatever) in their little downtown area all of December. It was the most exciting thing we had heard in a long time, apparently, because on the spot… my Mom and I decided to move there and began working out the logistics of the whole thing. It could have been the first eggnog latte of the season we had just consumed or how we wanted to never leave our little escape from reality… but we got sucked in… drank the Disney kool-aid and other cliches. After the actual reality and complication of the situation leaked into our perfect dream bubble, we snapped out of it… but… I’m still getting Celebration real estate updates. (Sucker).

I’ll post Disney pics next week… since I have Charleston pics to share, now!

So, we went on this day trip about 3 weeks ago. DH’s parents were here and they have been to almost every state in the nation, except for North Dakota and South Carolina. So… we went to South Carolina to check that off their list!

Unique doors, entryways, fences, gates… fresh paint and plants… a storybook land…

Of course we brought Meg ;)

And…Meg made a friend…

who didn’t move much…

Random “art”…

This is our second visit to Charleston… the first one was a year ago, and I think that trip may had more variety, picture-wise. We did the same thing then, too. Wandered the main streets, got funneled into little side streets and took pictures along the way. A walking/picture-taking tour. So relaxing and fun.

For some reason, Charleston didn’t suck us in like Celebration did. Perhaps it’s because most of the Charleston homes start at $2 Million (And I suppose it could also be because Mickey isn’t there).


Weekend Adventure – Nutmeg goes to the Pumpkin Patch

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Jean’s Berry Patch doubles as our local pumpkin patch and it’s 10 minutes away. We got free apple cider, 3 pumpkins, a few onions and a few peppers, too… all for under $20.00. They have fresh produce most of the year… we’re pretty excited that we found this place :)

Umm… with the obscene amount of Meg pictures we have, we should start a 12-month, 365 dog-a-day calendar… hehe :)


Weekend Adventures – Charlotte, NC

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Now that my dh has New York fever, we had to drive to our nearest semi-big city, Charlotte, to check it out and see some “buildings”. We currently live in a sleepy bedroom community called Cary, which is 20 minutes west of Raleigh. We mostly see big box stores, trees, walking trails, more trees, lakes, streams and the occasional field of tobacco or livestock… not a whole lot of cityscapes. Raleigh does have a few blocks of big buildings, but it’s not as dense as Charlotte. So, we’re actively trying to find some impressive concrete jungles within a few hour drive of here to keep him sane and happy ;)

Look! There are some actual buildings peeking through those trees!!

Of course we took our dog! ;)

We took a picture of Meg on the steps of the side entrance of this church…

Then a few days later I saw the same church (across from the restaurant we ate at) in the background of the cinematic masterpiece, Shallow Hal. I snapped a blurry pic off of the TV… Hal (Jack Black) is chasing after a lady he just shared a taxi with. It was a fun coincidence :)

We ended up eating at a restaurant called Rock Bottom. We used to frequent its parent company’s place in Burbank, Gordon Bierch, alllll the time. It was nice to have a familiar wedge salad and Oktoberfest beer out on the patio looking towards that famous church.

A google maps snap… so we can find our way back ;)

We think Meg could appreciate the nightlife & city noise, too

Washington, D.C. might be next on our list ;)!


Weekend Adventures – NYC Wedding

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A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law got married in Manhattan. I wasn’t able to go, but my dh went and got some great shots. He hadn’t been to NY since he was a kid, and this short trip was enough to convince him that he’s now a New Yorker at heart… and wants to move there. I highly doubt that we’ll be filling up a moving truck any time soon, but it was cool to hear him talking about something with the excitement of a 10 year old going to Disneyland for the first time ;)

And these shots came from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s (!!) photographer… (I have a brother-in-law now, too!! yay!)

I am quite fond of shot of the bride and groom walking their dogs… who are wearing little tuxedo tops ;) (I painted two portraits of these two boys a while back…)

They look SO happy and the wedding was so beautiful… I’m so upset I missed it, but I’m sure we’ll be heading back to the city soon, seeing as someone I know reallllly wants to go back ;) Congrats E & T!!!!!

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