Two of Two for Tuesday – Shelves!

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I was flipping through a magazine (of course I can’t remember which one anymore, and the photo was already cropped.)… but look at this shelving!

I know it’s been done before, and I’ve seen something similar at Ikea, and on Trading Spaces… but I just loved how this shelf grouping is set up.

I’m thinking a whole wall of shelves like this… perhaps I could assemble them on the ground then mount (to avoid a zillion holes in the wall) and paint some with flowers and leave some plain with just a clear coat or white wash. I love what they did with them in this picture, color wise. I could frame a few out with molding and put pictures or a mirror in them… make a whole focal shelf wall. Ooooh… I smell a project :) And in my office, I can customize my wall o’ shelves to include ribbon dowels, hooks, large shelves for my jars (we don’t have earthquakes in NC! woohoo! hehe) and other fun little cubbies. And in the bathroom… and in the…

Yep, I think I like them.

One of Two for Tuesday – Casi Cielo Coffee at Starbucks

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Do you like coffee? We REALLY do :)

I know Starbucks isn’t truly the best for the snobby coffee connoisseur’s picky palette, (that’s so not us) but I must share a coffee that I really enjoy. And it’s from Starbucks, for a limited time (artificially “limited”? The jury is still out).

Casi Cielo from Guatemala. It says it has hints of dark chocolate and lemon in it… whatever it is, I’m in love and I’ve stocked up :)

Maybe I should call Tuesday’s posts “Show and tell Tuesday” ;)


Two of Two for Tuesday – The Calm Before the Storm

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It’s that time of year again! Dust off your pup tents and head on over to best buy to sleep on the sidewalk for a day or two!

Wait… you don’t do that?

Last year I did all my shopping from my computer… mostly Amazon.com, but it was SO much easier than the mad shuffle into those stores on that Friday that shall not be named.

In the Violet Cottage realm, I’m planning on some pretty deep discounts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the website and over at ebay… I’ll post the details on Thursday.

I’ll leave you with these quiet shots from our local Anthro & Pottery barn…
some flowers I almost purchased (I want to draw them!) and Meg playing tug-of-war with a lobster and a puppy (this is Jacques Cousteau stuff!)!

p.s… if you are a child of the mid-70’s you might remember this… in the grocery store they would have fresh flowers and cover them in fat silver or gold glitter (for some reason). I would fondle those flowers for as long as I could to get covered in the glitter. “oops, I’ve covered myself in the glitter that just happened to fall off”. I felt guilty for decades after, shoplifting gobs of glitter from Ralph’s. Anyone else… the glitter bandit… ?

p.s.s… cut to 2010… a 7lb turkey breast, 30 lbs of potatoes (I exaggerate), two pies, a bag of mini marshmallows, some bread, butter, herbs and produce = $197. Really? Next year it’s hungry man (WITH that brownie… ‘cuz it’s fancy) and stove top!

p.s.s.s… Oh google…

One of Two for Tuesday – Five Below

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Down at the Beaver Creek shopping “experience”, they have a new store called Five Below. Such a strange phenomenon… a store that is like the dollar store, but five times that. It’s the wannabe hipper, cooler cousin of the Dollar Store and Target. Things in wheel barrows, buckets and tubs… lined up in rows. All with huge signs everywhere. Oh, and loud techno-ish music blaring from all sides of the store… it was like faux “high energy”.

Imagine hearing that techo beat! (oonch- a -oonch- a -oonch – a -…)

Look! it’s a family of skateboards waiting to take their revenge.

Who thought this was a good idea…. “guys…. GUYS! I know, let’s take a physically intensive TV show and turn it into a CARD game!”

Pencil toppers… your super-uber-adorable erasers sit in little glittery cups atop your favorite pencil or other writing device. You’ll never make a mistake again! (You are all getting these for Christmas)

One thing that was missing? A sales associate. They were all in the back for the entire 10-15 minutes we were there. There were people standing up at the cash register saying “Hellooooo?!?” And when they did mosey on up to the front, they talked amongst themselves and ignored us for a few more minutes. HA. Where is that piped-in energy? It was an entertaining visit to say the least! And yes, we left with a soccer ball and huge tennis ball for Meg. I think we overpaid.

Oh, I guess I missed Oprah’s favorite things… too busy looking at crap in bins.


2of2 for Tuesday – Meg-Centric…

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So, I’m thinking our girl needs a new collar… there are some fab ones on etsy… here are my faves:

There are TOO many to choose from :) (Some are more practical than others, I realize…)

1of2 for Tuesday – Meg’s Birthday is coming…

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Our little girl is going to be 7 soon!

How did the time fly?!?

I know it’s a tad corny… but here are some snaps from the last 7ish years…

The day we brought her home on 12/30/2003…

Shadow Hills and the trampoline she loved… and her first beach trip… 2004

2005-2006 – Puppyhood no more :)


2009-2010 – Her first time in the snow!

Meg has been to 12 states and has been over the Golden Gate Bridge, seen some giant redwood trees, been to Disneyland and Disneyworld (on property, at least), seen the Painted Desert in New Mexico, the Mississippi river and has posed for us in so many other places… she’s such a great travel companion. We really should do this 365 day calendar ;)

I love this sweet dog more everyday :)


Two of Two for Tuesday – Other blogs

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Lots of clicking adventures!

Click on these links because… seriously… these bloggers are SO creative… it’s scary:

The House of Smiths – Halloween decor extravaganza (Why do I always want to spell “ExtravaDANZA” after seeing that billboard in Burbank in the 90’s?!? Ugh… Tony Danza will forever haunt me! hehe)

Mod Vintage Life – love love LOVE these ghosts!

Tatertots and Jello – Hostess gift ideas

Eighteen25– (SO fun… and overwhelming – There is SO much to look at!!!)

Be Different, Act Normal – recipes!

Not Martha – List of Halloween crafts!

It is what it is… SO many fun crafting ideas!

The Crafty Crow – check this out if you are a teacher!! Great kid-friendly crafts!

What to do with ribbon scraps…

So, I started blogging in 2006 (Where’s my trophy?)… I’m going to assume that there are… 7000% more blogs NOW than there were then. About 1/4- 1/2 (yes, I’m doing math) of my “regular reads” have disappeared or become inactive. (And I worry… they could at least have a goodbye post! right? *I’m nuts*). So, upon my diving into the deep end of the blogger/blogspot world (Shaking my fist at google)… I’m completely, utterly and totally overwhelmed and feel inadequate to the crafting skills, abilities and ingenuity of these ladies. Either these folks have ghost writers… or they are sporting wonder woman outfits underneath their laptops. (Or maybe it’s caffeine?) **(I CHECKED… err… snooped… many of my blogs are group projects with several ladies involved so HA… I need an entourage STAT)

Aaannndddd there are these networks where they get together and have giveaways, projects and blog posts with unified themes and connected little icons and buttons and stuff. It’s like a new language! (“Can I join in?” Said with a squeaky little girl voice)

I’ll go be jealous somewhere else… but seriously… click on a few of the above links… prepare to be blown away with Halloween magic & supernatural crafting skills ;)

Oh, and p.s… I started a blogger/blogspot blog over at google so I could feel like one of the cool kids… I’m still confused if this is how I should join that network or there is another way (joining said art group entourage, for example). Oh, and does anyone know why blogspot and blogger are one in the same now? I guess I could google that… (shudder… they are taking over the world, I tell you!).

Feeling silly… and tired today… not enough hours in this day!! :)

One of Two for Tuesday – Minus Sound Research

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Last weekend we ventured out to the Arts Center in Carrboro to meet up with our friends and check out the Minus Sound Research art exhibit…

From their website:

Minus Sound Research is an artist collective comprised of local North Carolina musicians/artists that was started by Maria Albani and John Harrison in November of 2006. The focus of MSR is to provide the opportunity for musicians to exhibit their visual art and share it with the public.

So we wandered around, sipped on some beer and met some new friends. Here are a few pieces from the exhibit:

“Value Study II” by Casey Burns

“When all the Cannons Have Silenced” by Beth Tacular

“Untitled” by Michael Triplett

You can purchase a book with pictures of all of their art… totally cool! Check it out :)

We absorbed some culture that night… yay! ;)

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