Thrifty Thursday – A Giveaway! :)

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We’re giving away 3 things!

1. A “Pocket Full of Posies” heat transfer canvas tote:

2. “To My Valentine” cherub small glittered hanging art board:

3. Set of 12 vintage actress portraits layered art postcards:

All of the above items are my design and handmade by me in some way :)

To win one of these items, please leave a comment below on this blog entry. One comment per person.

For a bonus second entry into the giveaway, talk about my giveaway on your blog, tweet about it or mention this giveaway on facebook and leave a second comment here with a link to your mention, or just state that you posted it on facebook or tweeted! :) (You can easily share it on facebook by “liking” our facebook page and then just clicking “share” on entry on the Violet Cottage facebook page).

If we get over 50 comments, I’ll double the loot :)

Winners will be selected at random next Thursday at 6:00 pm EST.

2/3/11 – 6:20 pm

And the winners are (using our handy dandy Random Number Generator):

The tote bag – #5 – Suzie Button

The Valentine’s art board – #11 – Jenny

Postcard set – #8 – Sheila

I’ll be contacting you shortly :)!


Thrifty Thursday – The Sales are Coming, The Sales are Coming!

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Don’t get up at 4am on Friday to find a sale! Enjoy your food hangover, nurse that dishwasher’s elbow and shop with us at home! :)

November 25-29 only!
(we extended the sale to run through cyber Monday!)
10-40% off our entire website!
and FREE shipping on your orders of $45.00 or more!

How about that!

Just enter “thankful” at checkout to receive your free shipping!

Annnddd… over at ebay, we’ve got all sort of stuff on sale, too! Similar stock that we carry on the website, but also jewelry-making supplies, charms and random other little baubles, imperfect items, ornaments and Disney things.

Some things have free shipping, but not everything… we can’t mix and match sales with ebay and the main website, I apologize. But if you buy from BOTH, I’ll give you a great deal on shipping! :) (Next to nothing, I promise!) Just let me know you plan on shopping at both before we calculate your total :)

Click HERE to go over to ebay!

Happy Butter, I mean, Turkey day! ;)


Thrifty Thursday – Halloween 50% off :)

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I’m SO late with this post!

All of what is left with Halloween goodies is 50% off on our website!

There are also random sales going on over at our ebay store. Halloween, Christmas, jewelry etc etc.

I’m also adding lots of beads and charms for your jewelry making adventures to our ebay store… at great prices, too! After cleaning out all of my supplies… yikes… I have a lot to get rid of :)

Hope everyone is getting ready for this weekend!! The weather is great over here… can’t wait! :) Happy Halloween!


Thrifty Thursday – Craigslist Vanity

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I mentioned this 1920’s vanity in yesterday’s post… I’ve had it for over a year and just now finally painted it.

I got it on Craigslist… not in the best shape, but it still cleaned up pretty well :) I only paid $60.00. In California I would have paid well over $100+ for it :) So, I’m feeling pretty good about this purchase ;)

It had some veneer coming up in places. Most of it I just painted over, but in one place I smooshed in some wood glue in-between the veneer and the underlying wood. I then put down a piece of wax paper with a piece of wood over it and clamped it. I let that dry overnight before painting.

To get it into paint-ready shape and evict a few spiders… I hosed it off and then promptly got distracted, which led to a few warped drawer bottoms :/ So, I wouldn’t recommend hosing it off unless you have towels at the ready. A damp toweling off will do if you don’t trust yourself ;) I then lightly sanded it and wiped off the sanding residue. Then, I used a spray paint primer in a can. You’ll need 2 cans to get the job done. Then I used 2 cans of this black spraypaint over the primer. Very easy!

I was reaallllyyyy sloppy about painting the mirror. First, I sanded the frame lightly. I then literally got a few pieces of cardstock paper and slid it in-between the wood frame and the mirror and sprayed the frame with black paint and moved the paper as I sprayed. I had to change paper as it got saturated with paint. It was the quickest way to get the job done, but I won’t lie… it made a mess! I had to scrub my hands and nails and had to scrape the excess paint off the mirror. But, it was still a lot quicker to do it this way than to prime it and paint it or paint it by hand. Super lazy and quick.

All-in-all it looks pretty good, it’s sturdy, the wheels roll well and the large mirror is super cool. The silver in the mirror is starting tarnish a bit and it’s crackling, too, but I find that very charming :)

Because I don’t know when to stop… I may cover the vanity with hand-painted flowers. Oh, and it needs some knobs, too… maybe I’ll get to that in the next 18 months… but at least it’s painted and in a room other than the garage :)


Thrifty Thursday & a GIVEAWAY!! :)

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So… what’s more thrifty than FREE? :)

I finished the “CURIOUS” Halloween pennant banner, and you can make one, too! :) The floral designs on each little triangle were originally hand-painted by me and were inspired by vintage fabric and wallpaper designs.

I made this in a few easy steps… and if you like this idea, the pattern is available to download for FREE… just click on the two images below to download the PDF’s!

Here’s how you do it!

First, you’ll need…

1. a printer and a computer (and they should talk to each other… hehe)
2. cardstock to print the pennant on
3. Scissors
4. 3 different colors of glitter (I used one Art Glitter Institute vintage glass glitter and 2 Martha Stewart mylar glitters in black and orange)
5. 7 large rhinestones & 7 medium rhinestones (I used clear)
6. a hole punch
7. A grommet punch-clamp thing
8. 14 grommets (1/8″ is ideal)
9. Hot glue gun
10. A thin ribbon in black, gray or orange

Let’s get started!

1. Download the free pennant art by clicking on the two images below:

Click here to download page 1

Click here to download page 2

2. Cut out your little triangles, leaving an 1/8″ border around them.
Optional: Cut out the C-U-R-I-O-U-S letters, too, also leaving an 1/8″ border around the edges. You don’t have to cut them out, but I did so in this demonstration because I wanted the letters to look 3 dimensional. I added the “Curious” letters on each triangle, too, in case you wanted to decorate them directly on the triangles instead of having an extra layer and an extra step.

3. We’re getting ready to add the grommets. You don’t have to add grommets, but I did :) I punched holes first (and you can stick to this step if you want to keep it easy and string your ribbon through punched grommet-less holes). Punch two holes at the top, about 1/2″ from each side and 1/2″ from the top.

4. This is what the grommets and the grommet punch thing looks like. You can get them at Michaels or AC Moore or another craft or sewing supply store. I used the cheapie silver but they come in every color you can think of :)

5. I then added the grommets…

6. Then, I added silver glass glitter to the borders of all the pennants… Make sure to tap off any excess glitter really well. The glass glitter is heavy and sparkly and looks sort of old-timey. I think they sell it at Michaels, but I got mine online at www.artglitter.com. (Be careful, it’s addicting!!!)

7. Next, I added glitter and one rhinestone to the inside outlined area of each letter… Make sure to tap off any excess glitter really well.

8. I then added large rhinestones to the bottom of each triangle. Then all the little triangles got a break to dry for about 30 minutes.

9. I then came in with the black glitter on the letters, outlining the silver that I did earlier. I used Martha Stewart’s mylar glitter from Michaels for this. This stuff is really lightweight and gets everywhere, so be careful! It was so much easier dumping the glitter in these little plastic dishes (see below). That way, any glue over spill didn’t stick to the table or anything I was working on, all wet glue touched glitter becoming not-wet glue AND it’s easier to clean up because it’s in a dish with a deep lip. I left the letters in the glitter for a bit to dry. About 30-45 minutes later, I fished them out and used a small paintbrush to gently brush off the excess glitter back into the dish.

10. The final glitter step is in the orange glitter. Again, this is Martha Stewart’s mylar glitter. I used the orange to add a thin outline around all the letters… it sort of finished off the whole look :)

11. These guys sat in the glitter overnight… but I think you would only need to leave them for about an hour. I wanted to make sure they were good and dry!

12. So, here they are… ready to be assembled!

13. Plug in your glue gun…

14. While that’s heating up, I strung some thin black and white polka-dot ribbon through the grommets… like so…

15. Then, I put little gobs of hot glue on each little arm or area of each letter… and glued it down to each triangle. You could use regular white glue, but the hot glue added some bulk so the letters “popped” up a little bit.

And voila… you have a little Halloween pennant garland :)

This is our first download… so if you decide to do it, please let me know how it went :) And if you send me pictures of your finished project, I will post them on here for all the world to see ;) (If you want!) :)

And… the other news-of-the-day….

We’re having a giveaway!!

I’m giving away the following:

1. That little set of three Halloween guys I glittered up the other day:

2. A black ruffled scarf:

3. A hand-glittered Halloween cupcake rosette:

Here’s how this works…
Leave a comment on this blog post and you will be put in the drawing. One entry per person, please :) I will draw three names using our random number generator next week on Tuesday, October 19th at 3pm EST. Winners will be notified via email that they have won, so please be sure to add your current email into the “E-mail” field in your comment.



Thrifty Thursday!

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Lots of markdowns over at ebay (See below for the list).

But first… I want to focus on making an ordinary little terra cotta figure something a little more fun and special…

Take these guys for example…

Cute on their own… but they can be transformed! You’ll need a “canvas” (I’m using these little cuties) glue, rhinestones, glitter and to channel your inner child…

The glue will dry clear… not white :)

Voila! They’ve gone through the glitter assembly line ;)

These would make fun little teacher, neighbor or co-worker gifts… and you can say you made them :) Break the set up and add a little candle, a tiny pumpkin or a small pot of your favorite fall flowers and it’s really something they’ll remember… especially for those people you want to get a little something for, but want to stay away from sweets.

The above set of 3 is normally $7.99 + $6.00 shipping, but they have been marked down to $4.99 +$6.00 shipping ($6.00 flat shipping for 1 set or 10 sets!) on violetcottage.com only. There is also a set of cute little ghosts, larger ghosts on pumpkins and a set of 3 trick-or-treating kids!

All of the spooky decor over at Violet Cottage is 38% off! :)

Over at ebay, I’ve marked down the following this week:

ALL cupcake themed items are 15% off

Select lampwork jewelry is 35% off

Select fashion Jewelry is 45% off

All Christmas/Holiday is up to 60% off

And there are other sales scattered around the Violet Cottage ebay store :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!!! I suggest putting glitter on something… it makes you happy (just can’t help it!).