Two of Two-for Tuesday

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Are you sensing a trend?

I’m very much trying to get myself on a blogging schedule. I thought if I gave each day a catchy little theme, I’d be more likely to post. I’ve very much struggled with being consistent with this blog… and I know it’s cost me some of my readers.

So, I’m trying to get in a groove and really dig down to find thing that would be interesting to share. My love of good food (ha, who doesn’t), exploring our area, film and animation, handmade things, random art, home decor, glitter and baubles… oh and my dog. I currently have over 800 iphone pictures, 90% of that is of the dog… the rest is of pretty food and chairs that I want. I love chairs.

So, here’s the schedule… please let me know what you think! :)

Monday – Magazine Monday – Magazine clippings of things, mostly home decor, in a color theme for the day
Tuesday – Two-for-Tuesday – 2 posts about… stuff. Movies, links to other fun blogs, etsy treasuries etc etc
Wednesday – Look What I Can Do Wednesday – Something I’ve handmade recently, art journal etc
Thursday – Thrifty Thursdays – What I’ve found thrifting, and/or what’s being marked down on ebay
Friday – Foodie Friday – restaurant reviews and/or my favorite recipes
Saturday & Sunday – Weekend adventures – Places we explored or things I made over the weekend.

So, there you have it… phew. Ambition don’t fail me now ;)


Glittering up a storm…

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We had fun over the weekend… Avatar musical chairs, baristas with attitude and not watching the Super Bowl at a Super Bowl party. We met more of our new neighbors and it ended with us all playing Rock Band… and we weren’t even at our house. How. Does that… always happen? :) (we secretly LOVE it)

It’s been rainy, gloomy and cold here in Cary… supposed to be super windy and stormy tomorrow. There are still tiny stubborn patches of snow sprinkled around where the sun can’t reach them. I’ve been perched up in my office, glittering by chandelier with a nice hot cup of tea, gazing out the window at all the rain. Every once in a while a gorgeous red cardinal will sit in the small tree out front, then decide he’s had enough and flutter away to find some shelter. I think we’re all ready for spring to arrive :)

I’ve been procrastinating on these art boards… I guess it took a gray day for me to sit down and finish what I started…

and the finished product…

All of these art boards are listed on the website :)

Glitter makes any gloomy day 100% better! AND it gets you thinking… what else can I put glitter on??

I have a zillion ideas swimming around in my brain (at any given moment at least)… my fingers can’t keep up and that is frustrating! I have dozens of new designs cued up to become an art board, pendant, greeting card or art journal entry… does one really need to sleep? Just wonderin’.

But sometimes, I’m so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of these ideas, that I break down and turn on (guilty pleasure alert) Judge Judy instead of creating… because I believe she’s working hard enough for all of us, really.

Normally… said ideas would be sketches, half-finished paintings, emails to myself or they get lost in the Tasmanian devil that is my office… I’ve found a new solution (Thank you Brian!). It is the elephant (aka Evernote). I will share this link, but will go into more detail further :) Long story short… it’s amazing. Double amazing if you have an iphone. And it doesn’t look like much, but utilized properly… (or semi-properly in my case) it’s the organizing tool you’ve always wanted :) More to come on that later!

Going to get some sleep… she said reluctantly :)


Art corner…

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Although I’m, very sleepy…. here’s a bit o’ art I’ve been working on for an invitation…


Burbank at Night

Mod ripples

Regal Meg-a-Moo

“What was your prize?”


Still finding ways to mix those elements… it’s taking a very long time to meld them all together into something that isn’t too busy, but is still full of interest. I’m so excited that I’ll have more time to do art (and blog). Silver lining… :)

I’m putting together a postcard series to mail to friends and family. 4 postcards all bright and cheerful, tied together with a bow. Oh, and in my spare time I’m going to hand-decorate, address and adorn each.

Or perhaps a phone call to each person would do the trick. When am I going to squeeze this all in???

In other news, Nathan’s Random Number Generator is being used a LOT by you blogging giveaway folks. Isn’t it a million times easier than printing 20 pages and cutting each name out? **nodding** yes. I wanted to participate in the One World, One Heart giveaway… but alas… I’m just too swamped this year. I’ve been promising to do a giveaway for MONTHS now. I’m a liar. I just lie all the time. Just when you blinked, I lied again.

I know people who have won things I’ve given away once upon a time. They exist. (Sandy, raise your hand!) hehehehe :) When you least expect it… I’ll give away stuff. Yep.

Now, really and truly… sleep.

I *heart* art.


This little piggy…

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can’t do a darn thing!

I feel sort of stupid… I accidentally kicked a wicker basket and thought to myself… hmmm… that hurts more than a stubbed toe…

by 3:30 am I went to urgent care and got this awesome x-ray taken:

I love x-rays… anywho… the right baby toe is broken and nobody ever told me that a broken baby toe would cause so much agonizing pain!! My foot is mostly black and blue… a lovely shade of cyan… and I can’t walk. And, I’m acting like quite the big baby. I was given pain killers but hate the things… so it’s Advil-city for me!

Enough about me… how are you all doing? :)


You don’t need to drive 4 hours through the desert…

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Curiously, these banquet halls and auto repair center are within 20 minutes of us…
To see them side-by-side for the full effect, click here :)

Ceasar’s Palace

Ceasar’s Palace
Las Vegas, NV
Ceasar Palace
Tujunga, CA

The Bellagio

The Bellagio
Las Vegas, NV
Burbank, CA

The Flamingo Hilton

The Flamingo Hilton
Las Vegas, NV
The Flamingo Banquet Hall
Tujunga, CA

Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace
Las Vegas, NV
Imperial Palace Hall
Pasadena, CA


Las Vegas, NV
Luxor Auto Sales & Body
North Hollywood, CA

MGM Grand

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, NV
MGM Banquet Hall
Glendale, CA

The Mirage

The Mirage
Las Vegas, NV
Kaffe Mirage Banquet Hall
North Hollywood, CA

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo
Las Vegas, NV
Monte Carlo Restaurant & Banquet Hall
North Hollywood, CA

Las Vegas images courtesy of various users on Flickr.
Click on those images to access the source material.


Pretending I’m uber busy…

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Okay, this is a first… there is a lady wandering around the store having a full-on argument on her cell phone. I hear bits and pieces… and I’m currently trying to hide because I don’t want to be in the line of sight while she is upset, pacing and hissing. “You know WHAT!?!” and “Shame on you!”


This has been a very odd Season I must say… hard to explain, but it feels totally different than the other 4 years. When I can put my finger on it, I will blog about it. Perhaps it’s just me?


Biscuit takes the cake…

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No words were needed in this posting ;)


Merchandising Obsession…

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When I find a display I like, I obsess on it and keep adding to it until I think it’s perfect… then something sells and I start all over again. I’m a tad odd, nice to meet you :)

Like many of you, I’m sure you purchase things you feel you can use “at another time”. I have several rooms full of these sorts of things. Including assorted paper lanterns. I had 4 in primary colors. While they were pretty alone, they needed something. So I dragged out my remnant box o’ ribbon and started embellishing the heck out of the lanterns.
It’s a tad hard to see, but I hung the 4 lanterns in my candy/cupcake/garden party section. I glued stripey grosgrain ribbon around the middles of the lanterns then tied all sorts of fun ribbon, including curly ribbon, to the bottoms. It really gave it a fun look :) I also ran out last week and got tons more candy. A ten year old child made the comment… “those twirly rainbow lolli-pops are really good!” to which I replied… “I don’t care how they taste, really… I just love the way they make the display look!”
See, obsessed.
Colorful spirals of pure sugar… it’s a good thing…

I got some fun new things from Cupcakes and Cartwheels (Two’s Company). Cupcake tealights…
and an apron that says “gnome is where the heart is”. I got these because of Alicia. She wants to erect an army of little garden gnomes, facing out, on her front lawn. North Carolina, you have been warned.
Oh, and I got two more art boards done… “party cakes” with glitter icing on the cake…
And “Real Lemon Flavor” where the “Real” is red glitter… I think it’s sort of snazzy :)

I got the boxes out for the giveaway… be on the lookout, winners! And YOU could be the next winner, you just have to keep checking back ;)

Last but certainly not least, Sue brought up some charm bracelets… aren’t they awesome???

“Paris” Bracelet

“Mother’s Day” Bracelet

“Easter” Bracelet

And I thought I would share my “power lunch” from the other day. The Star Cafe in Montrose has added Diane Salads to the menu… get one! They are awesome!!!

Yay! It’s almost Friday!!! And we are going on our adventure to Las Vegas soon!!!!

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