Magazine Monday – A Little Blue

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I’ve only met one person in my life who dislikes the color blue… and she was very passionate about it. Otherwise, I think everyone has a blue room… even if it’s the palest iceberg blue in a tiny powder room. Blue and green are my favorite colors… I have about 12 used gallons of paint in my basement to prove it… and I like to go dark and bold ;)


Magazine Monday – “Patina” – Apricot, Pumpkin, Oatmeal & Pale Turquoise

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The September 2010 issue of House Beautiful sparked a beautiful color palette choice this week :)


Magazine Monday – Purple

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I used a lot of purple in the store, but I’ve been hesitant to bring it into my house. I love it as an accent color, but I’m not sure about an entire wall, let alone an entire room. I love color, but somehow, to me… purple is intimidating.

My Aunt Dee has an entire purple bathroom (Perhaps she’ll email me some pictures!), and my Mom has 3 rooms in her home that are purple (You can see them in the last 2 pictures below… her home in California was featured in Cottage Style Magazine a few years ago). With all of the color courage in my family you’d think I’d just dive right in since it’s in my genes :)

(I love how the boys posed for the camera… Oh how I wish I could give those two little doggie munchkins a bit of smothering right now!! Really really wish.)


Magazine Monday – I Love Blue!

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Most of these images are from Domino Magazine :)

If you click on this last picture, you can see it larger in a new page…

That little print above with the snail, giraffe, squirrel, swan etc… that was the inspiration for our basement. Every wall in the basement is the color of one of those little creatures… I even took that clip with me to the Home Depot and had them mix colors off of it :)


Magazine Monday – Pink and Green

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Pink and kelly green… such a fun color combination! There’s also some lime green, turquoise and other colors in here… the whole color family is quite stunning, really :)


Magazine Monday…

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Sharing my faves in greens, gray or brown, black and yellow from magazine clips, decorating blogs etc etc :)

Oh, and I really want to figure out how to make one of these planters. The top one is aluminum (and I love that simple shape!) and the bottom is a plastic “faux” wood planter on casters that we saw at Epcot center.

Have a happy Monday!!