Giveaway #3!!

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Okay… so… since it seems to be the month of the purse… how about a little purse giveaway!

A little coin purse and key ring in black leather!

And… if we get over 200 comments, I’ll give away a BIG purse :) So, tell your friends!

I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, May 9th. I’ll stop accepting comments at Midnight, Tuesday May 8th :) One entry per person, please.

You can see some of my big “Frighton” purses in my ebay store. I’ll be adding the evening clutches and purses (sparkly and dainty!) and other purses on there later on. I’ve also got some collectibles from Katherine’s Collection that I’ll be adding later, too. Oh, and I started the bidding on the Robeez at 99 cents and 1.99… so if you need a pair, check it out :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!


And the Winners are….

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Jackie at Wrensnest
Susan at Artespirit

Yay for you guys!! :)

I’ve decided to give away two of the nest boxes to make it easy ;) Keep checking back, I’ll be doing this semi-often! :)

Thanks again to everyone for entering! yay!

I used Nathan’s new Random Number Generator, which makes picking numbers a breeze, thus having giveaways just that much easier! Thank you Nathan!! :)

Lastly, but not leastly, Joe made me an awesome CD with mostly Doris Day songs… this will hopefully get me in the mood to start my Doris Day display. I looked for a poofy awesome 50’s party dress for the window and found this gem on ebay. I emailed the owner of the dress to ask if she had any others that weren’t in perfect condition since it would be a display and she said I could have the dress if I put her business cards out! I’m jumping the gun here because I just now emailed her back, but I thought that was sweet :) I’ll post pictures of the start of the display later… right now it looks like a mish mash, but in a week… *magic*!

Anywho, congrats to the winners!!!


Giveaway #2!!!!

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Just thought I’d throw one in!!

You could win this lovely prize…

A little box with a nest and eggs on it, outlined in glitter. Inside the little box are three little speckled eggs. Perfect for your Spring decor! :) This is from Katharine’s Collection… if I was allowed to take pictures of their showroom at the mart, you would absolutely gasp… it is SO amazing… I fell in love with their merchandise instantly!

So, this time around, for every 50 comments I get, a new item will be added :)

1. One entry per person
2. entries will be taken until midnight my time (west coast) on wednesday, april 18th
3. Name(s) will be be drawn on thursday, april 19th
4. International entries are welcomed :)

I think that’s it!

April 16th – we just hit 50 comments!
Sooo… I’ll add… something…. later on the 17th :) Keep the posts coming! hehe!


And the Winners are….

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After printing almost 40 pages. I cut them into strips and filled up a large bowl…
Lots and lots of little strips of paper :) *this is my attempt to build anticipation*
I picked 12 names…

And the winners are…

I will be notifying each of you to let you know what you won :) After I picked the names, I drew little numbers one thru twelve and assigned each name with an item :) So, I’ll let you know what you won via email :)

The strips of paper took OVER an hour to cut out. I’m really thinking I should hold onto them and use them in another drawing, just because it seems like a shame to throw them all away ;) So stay tuned, you may win something soon!

Congrats to all the winners and please check back for more giveaways, I really had fun with this! yay!


Giveaway #1!! :)

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Some items handmade, some of them hand selected from our shop ;)

Items #1 and #2…
A set of 4 cupcake notecards that I adorned with German glass glitter and crystals :) Original art by me :)
Item #3
A little chick in a foil basket by Midwest.
Item #4
A little bunny holding an egg by Bethany Lowe Designs.
Item #5
A little “Peep” chick wearing a party hat by Midwest.
If you tell your friends and we get over 30 comments, I’ll add items #6-8!
Item #6
A cupcake necklace!!
A small chocolate and cherry cupcake with blue roses on a sterling silver chain. Glass bead made by our friend Cathi Milligan at Beadbrains and then it was assembled by yours truly ;)
Item #7
A group of little chicks in an egg cart by Midwest.
Item #8
A handmade bath gift set :) You get a bath bomb, glycerin soap, lotion and shower gel. I made everything but the fizzy.

If this blog gets over 150 comments, I’ll add more really cool stuff :) It’s already gotten 37 in less than 24 hours, it could happen ;) Please keep checking back!!!

***********Update Tuesday, March 13th************

Whoa!!!! 155 comments?!?! I never would have thought!!! Okay… to keep the momentum going… for every 50 more comments over 150, I’ll add something new… I still have to add a few new things because of the over 150 comments thing…. I’ll add those sometime today or tomorrow!! Keep the comments coming, this is so fun! :)
***********Update Thursday, March 15th************

Okay guys… where have you been hiding all this time? ;) Here are the new items I have added for us reaching over 150 AND getting to 200!!

Item #9
A little Nicol Sayre Chick! She’s a cute little pink paper pulp chick rolled in glitter.
Item #10
A little Midwest chick ornament. He’s like the above little “peep” chick but smaller and wearing more of a top hat than a pointy hat!
Item #11
A set of 2 little foil baskets with flowers from Midwest!
Item #12
A cute little vintage-inspired basket by Bethany Lowe Designs artist, Casey Mack.

I would have liked to add more of my handmade items, but I haven’t had time to make anything! eek! But we had so much fun with this giveaway that we are already planning future ones… there might be a scavenger hunt involved next time! Details to come soon :) What’s the next big holiday anyway? 4th of July? Ahhh heck, I think I’ll just do a “Happy Unbirthday” themed one and a “Why Not” themed one ;)

Okay… here are the rules:

1. You must comment on THIS post to be entered in the giveaway. Say anything you want, it’s only your placeholder ;)
2. One comment per person, please :)
3. Please include your email in your comment in the wordpress comment field (not in your actual comment that all the world will see!). If you are the winner (and I hope you are!) I’ll need a way to contact you!
4. I’ll be announcing the winners on Sunday, March 18th in the evening sometime :). I’m going to push the date to March 21st for the announcements. I just found the “Creative Giveaway” blog and I think it would be fun to participate. Everyone finds out what they won at the same time all over the world… I thought that was kind of neat! This means that the contest will be closed on the 21st… Let’s say at 12 noon Pacific Time or after I have my lunch! hehe!
5. International requests are welcome! *But* I may send you some of the lighter stuff and not the 4 lb bath product set ;) We’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!
6. To clarify, there will be 12 different winners and I’ll be sending out 1 item per winner :)

I think that’s it… Good Luck and thanks again for reading!!!! Happy Spring! :)


I’m Hosting a Giveaway!

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Not quite yet… but check back in the next two days!!! I’m giving away a few things from the store… probably with an Easter or spring theme. I’ve never done one of these, so hopefully it will be snag free! I guess what happens is you comment, your name goes on a slip of paper and I pick those names at random and viola, you get some goodies :)

I thought I would share some of my cluster drawings today… hopefully it will give me some inspiration to actually pick up a paint brush :)

I see this one with muted tones with lots of pink and robin’s egg blue :) Then covered with glitter, of course!

Here’s my usual clustering of animal drawings… Just a few ideas…

These are my two favorite… that happy little chubby puppy and very 70’s looking owl. I think the owl wants to be embroidered.

And a few more doggies, a kitty and the back of a bunny…

Does anyone remember “Picture Pages“? :) This is only the intro but I remember sitting up on weekday mornings before kindergarten enjoying my Cookie Crip wishing I owned these picture pages so I could draw along with Bill Cosby. It still puts a smile on my face… perhaps I should watch this every morning and have a dixie cup full of grape juice before work… at the very least I would take everything less seriously ;)

Please check back for the giveaway and have a great week!!!!! :)

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