We’re Having a Giveaway!!

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This is a super special giveaway! To commemorate our 100th card design and the caffeine that got us there, we’re giving away three $40 Violet Cottage greeting card packs and three $20 Starbucks gift cards.

To enter, just visit our Facebook page and follow the instructions. You can enter once a day until July 30th, 2014 and you get 3 extra entries for each friend that signs up using your special link via Facebook or Twitter, which you’ll get after you enter.

Good luck and thanks again for your support! :)


Thrifty Thursday – A Giveaway! :)

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We’re giving away 3 things!

1. A “Pocket Full of Posies” heat transfer canvas tote:

2. “To My Valentine” cherub small glittered hanging art board:

3. Set of 12 vintage actress portraits layered art postcards:

All of the above items are my design and handmade by me in some way :)

To win one of these items, please leave a comment below on this blog entry. One comment per person.

For a bonus second entry into the giveaway, talk about my giveaway on your blog, tweet about it or mention this giveaway on facebook and leave a second comment here with a link to your mention, or just state that you posted it on facebook or tweeted! :) (You can easily share it on facebook by “liking” our facebook page and then just clicking “share” on entry on the Violet Cottage facebook page).

If we get over 50 comments, I’ll double the loot :)

Winners will be selected at random next Thursday at 6:00 pm EST.

2/3/11 – 6:20 pm

And the winners are (using our handy dandy Random Number Generator):

The tote bag – #5 – Suzie Button

The Valentine’s art board – #11 – Jenny

Postcard set – #8 – Sheila

I’ll be contacting you shortly :)!


Giveaway winners…

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The winners to the giveaway are…

Laurie from Laurie Star

Michelle from Petite Michelle Louise

And Graycee (Who doesn’t have a blog… but maybe she’ll start one?)

Congrats to the winners! I sent emails to each of you already :) yay!


Thrifty Thursday & a GIVEAWAY!! :)

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So… what’s more thrifty than FREE? :)

I finished the “CURIOUS” Halloween pennant banner, and you can make one, too! :) The floral designs on each little triangle were originally hand-painted by me and were inspired by vintage fabric and wallpaper designs.

I made this in a few easy steps… and if you like this idea, the pattern is available to download for FREE… just click on the two images below to download the PDF’s!

Here’s how you do it!

First, you’ll need…

1. a printer and a computer (and they should talk to each other… hehe)
2. cardstock to print the pennant on
3. Scissors
4. 3 different colors of glitter (I used one Art Glitter Institute vintage glass glitter and 2 Martha Stewart mylar glitters in black and orange)
5. 7 large rhinestones & 7 medium rhinestones (I used clear)
6. a hole punch
7. A grommet punch-clamp thing
8. 14 grommets (1/8″ is ideal)
9. Hot glue gun
10. A thin ribbon in black, gray or orange

Let’s get started!

1. Download the free pennant art by clicking on the two images below:

Click here to download page 1

Click here to download page 2

2. Cut out your little triangles, leaving an 1/8″ border around them.
Optional: Cut out the C-U-R-I-O-U-S letters, too, also leaving an 1/8″ border around the edges. You don’t have to cut them out, but I did so in this demonstration because I wanted the letters to look 3 dimensional. I added the “Curious” letters on each triangle, too, in case you wanted to decorate them directly on the triangles instead of having an extra layer and an extra step.

3. We’re getting ready to add the grommets. You don’t have to add grommets, but I did :) I punched holes first (and you can stick to this step if you want to keep it easy and string your ribbon through punched grommet-less holes). Punch two holes at the top, about 1/2″ from each side and 1/2″ from the top.

4. This is what the grommets and the grommet punch thing looks like. You can get them at Michaels or AC Moore or another craft or sewing supply store. I used the cheapie silver but they come in every color you can think of :)

5. I then added the grommets…

6. Then, I added silver glass glitter to the borders of all the pennants… Make sure to tap off any excess glitter really well. The glass glitter is heavy and sparkly and looks sort of old-timey. I think they sell it at Michaels, but I got mine online at www.artglitter.com. (Be careful, it’s addicting!!!)

7. Next, I added glitter and one rhinestone to the inside outlined area of each letter… Make sure to tap off any excess glitter really well.

8. I then added large rhinestones to the bottom of each triangle. Then all the little triangles got a break to dry for about 30 minutes.

9. I then came in with the black glitter on the letters, outlining the silver that I did earlier. I used Martha Stewart’s mylar glitter from Michaels for this. This stuff is really lightweight and gets everywhere, so be careful! It was so much easier dumping the glitter in these little plastic dishes (see below). That way, any glue over spill didn’t stick to the table or anything I was working on, all wet glue touched glitter becoming not-wet glue AND it’s easier to clean up because it’s in a dish with a deep lip. I left the letters in the glitter for a bit to dry. About 30-45 minutes later, I fished them out and used a small paintbrush to gently brush off the excess glitter back into the dish.

10. The final glitter step is in the orange glitter. Again, this is Martha Stewart’s mylar glitter. I used the orange to add a thin outline around all the letters… it sort of finished off the whole look :)

11. These guys sat in the glitter overnight… but I think you would only need to leave them for about an hour. I wanted to make sure they were good and dry!

12. So, here they are… ready to be assembled!

13. Plug in your glue gun…

14. While that’s heating up, I strung some thin black and white polka-dot ribbon through the grommets… like so…

15. Then, I put little gobs of hot glue on each little arm or area of each letter… and glued it down to each triangle. You could use regular white glue, but the hot glue added some bulk so the letters “popped” up a little bit.

And voila… you have a little Halloween pennant garland :)

This is our first download… so if you decide to do it, please let me know how it went :) And if you send me pictures of your finished project, I will post them on here for all the world to see ;) (If you want!) :)

And… the other news-of-the-day….

We’re having a giveaway!!

I’m giving away the following:

1. That little set of three Halloween guys I glittered up the other day:

2. A black ruffled scarf:

3. A hand-glittered Halloween cupcake rosette:

Here’s how this works…
Leave a comment on this blog post and you will be put in the drawing. One entry per person, please :) I will draw three names using our random number generator next week on Tuesday, October 19th at 3pm EST. Winners will be notified via email that they have won, so please be sure to add your current email into the “E-mail” field in your comment.




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Another giveaway!

It’s been a while…

For 1-20 entries – The Black, red and white kitty cross stitch from Midwest
For 21-40 entries – add the little red naughty/nice stocking ornament
For 41-60 entries – add the blue/white snowflake festooning garland
For 61-80 entries – add the red scottie dog peg wall piece
for 81-100 entries – add the framed embroidered dog piece by midwest
If over 100 people enter… well… I’ll have to get creative, but I would really like to send something to everyone :)

So, tell your friends! :) hehe!

Only one comment per person, please.

I will draw names on Sunday, December 7 at Midnight… which happens to be the last day of our amazing sale over at www.violetcottage.com. 15-50% off, you may want to check it out! :)

Happy weekend everyone! Good luck, too!

Sunday -ish at 1:30 am….

And the winners are….

#3 – Cyndi gets the kitty cat embroidery
#17 – Lisa gets Naughty/Nice Stocking

Yay! Congrats you two!!!!


Giveaway Winners!! :)

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1. – comment #6 – Rachel!!
2. – comment #8 – Kristina!!
3. – comment #11 – Anne!!

Congrats to the three of you… I’ll be sending out emails shortly to gather your info and send you your goodies!

Another giveaway to come soon, keep checking back! :) Thanks for entering!


Rosettes! AND a Giveaway!! :)

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I finally finished a batch and got them up on my website! :)

And for the giveaway!

I’m going to give away:

1. Pink rose rosette similar to one above
2. Vanilla cupcake rosette with rainbow rhinestones (not pictured above) on a chocolate and turquoise rosette
3. A Halloween rosette (like the one on the front page of my website)


To be included in the giveaway, please leave a comment on this blog post and I will pick a name using the random number generator Nathan built. I will pick the name at 11:59 pm, EST on Thursday, October 23rd. Be sure to include your email address in your comment :)

Good Luck!!!!! :)


And the winner is…

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Jill at Bailiwick Designs!

Sorry so short… apparently, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week on top of it being Mother’s Day eve eve eve… so, back to work!
I just got tons of new ribbon! I must share that and more finished jewelry later!

Congrats to Jill and keep an eye out for the next Giveaway!

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