Friends and Family Event 2018

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It’s our 2nd Annual Friends & Family event!

Join us while we don our Holiday best and shower our closest supporters with gifts, festive food and a great atmosphere as a huge THANK YOU for your support! You’ll get the store all to yourself while we mingle, shop, nibble and sip.

Friday, November November 2nd, 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

For more info, visit our event page on Facebook.

Hope to see you there!

Inspirations Home Decor and More, 8601 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, NC



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I feel like I’ve been in the jungle and I’m writing on an ancient typewriter, face smeared with dirt, wearing weather-beaten khakis, a pith helmet while surrounded by man-eating plants and various monkeys. The past week has been such a blur of gift wrapping, hors d’Ĺ“uvre making, coffee brewing, tagging and find-the-last-ornament-on-the-tree playing that I have neglected so many other things! yeesh! :) But, I’m so very grateful that we have been busy & the Holidays are finally in full swing… I was worried there for a moment :)

Quick side note, before I forget… we are out of pooping sheep & penguin candy dispenser things. All the pretty hand-dipped chocolate goodies… still here… pooping plastic animals… “Ewww, that’s disgusting! I’ll take three!” Seriously. Please tell me who you are buying these things for. I want reactions.

Holiday open house… check. Cathi Milligan’s demo days and bead sale… check. I can’t believe they are wrapped up! Pics below:

close quarters!

The backside of water… I mean of the counter :)

we made 100’s of tags…

And now… Cathi Milligan on the torch!

I love those pictures!

Gratuitous Meg-a-moo picture :)


Overuse of the word “recently”

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When rushing… you tend to agonize on things that don’t need agonizing then forget that you used the word “recently” more than once in less than a 2 sentence radius. But the postcard looks cute!

Saturday December 8 is our open house from 10 am – 7 pm… if you come up to the store you get the above card which gives you directions to Babs’ Historical Home. You get to wander over and get a tour of her beautiful home! (The one that was in Cottage Style Magazine) We’re going to have a few artists up at the shop for the open house, Tracee Falkow of Classic Vintage Treasures will be up here with her jewelry and we’ll have a few other surprises :)

On Sunday, December 9 from 12 pm – 3 pm, you can see artist Cathi Milligan work magic with fire and glass! Her beads are awesome and she’s been making cupcake BUTTONS and other new things that are squeal-worthy!!!! Come check it out! It’s very rare that we sell her beads loose, so you won’t want to miss this!

In other news… I have new purses, tons of jewelry, scarves and more… we’re bursting at the seams with stuff!!! Also, our website is slowly being stocked with new things… please check it out!

More pictures, news, my attempt at an advent calendar and more, coming soon!

Sandy!!! (Author of this amazing blog) Where are you?? Come up and visit again! :)



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Today, Saturday and Sunday we’re having a SALE at the store!!! :)

Lots of buy one get one free items including Colonial Candles, Christmas Ornaments and Webkinz… come on up, shop, have a cup of coffee and say hello!

I’m a tad behind on updating the website… along with that I’ll be adding lots of new things to the physical store and the interweb store :)
*New fashion jewelry
*Awesome new soy candles
*Cupcake moisturizing bath fizzies (I can’t tell you how excited I am about these!)
*Paper lanterns… lots and lots of new paper lanterns (more by popular demand!)
*Bath Salts!!! They’ll be done by Saturday morning! (yay! finally!)
*More paper products by FG & Co.
*Handmade semi-precious stone jewelry… lots made by me :)
*Cathi Milligan glass jewelry
*Finders Key-purse things plus their new purse hooks to keep your investment off the ground! (sidenote… I’m not an investor in brand-name purses, but if I had a $300 purse, I would surely keep it off the smelly stinky ground at the restaurant or dangling off the back of my chair… eek!)

Also… Cathi Milligan, glass goddess, is going to do another famous glass/fire/torch/melting demonstration on December 9th!!! I’ll make a formal announcement soon :)

Bon Voyage to Babs as she goes across the pond to jolly ol’ England for a week (Perhaps Apolo will be there for some reason??)!!! Have fun and we’ll miss you!!! Also, a Bon Voyage is overdue for Nathan’s folks who are in Mexico on their first cruise… Tiffany is on her first visit to Italy. All these World travelers… goodness!

Oh! I may ask for a few local vendors to participate in a trunk show on the 8th… wait… no… I DO need artists for the 8th of December. So… if you make stuff (sorry, we’re overflowing with Jewelry, so anything but jewelry… but you can send pics of that, too I suppose! hehe!), leave a comment on this entry with where I can see pictures of your stuff :) You have to be local… you have to have a small set up and you have to understand about my last minute-ness ;)

Lastly… does anyone need a kitty??? Check out Graycee’s blog to see Miss Trixie. Also… Cathi Milligan has her hands full with another litter of kittens… I may be posting pics of them for her, soon!!

And… GoodNIGHT… ugh, these 4am nights are getting old ;)


Vocabulary Lesson…

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Being an artist and prior mathematics aficionado, I find myself stumped when it comes to vocabulary and *new* words. Nathan and I often say that together, we would have a perfect SAT score. Sadly, I didn’t fare so well in the verbal section. I tend to enjoy visuals much better than words. Those pesky words get in the way of everything!

I finally got the postcard to the printer… I thought I was being clever in my selection of wording but… ummm… I’m doubting that now:

front – click to view larger

back – click to view larger

It says:

You are invited to join us for
Violets are “Boo’s” 5th Annual
Spooooky Tea Party & Sale
Saturday, October 20th
11:00 am – 8:00 pm
The sale lasts all day long, but we’ll drag out the
spirited festivities & comestibles after 4:00 pm
For more info, visual diversions & freebies:
be sure to check out our blog, too!

Okay, okay… I was going for the Haunted Mansion host’s monologue thing at Disneyland (“Kindly DRAG your bodies to the DEAD center of the room… ” etc)… hopefully for those who do not enjoy the Halloween Holiday, I have not sent them away forever :) I’m more normal than creepy, I swear!

And for the elements of the postcard… The front picture is awesome… we set up the Nicol Sayre pieces then used fake candles (the real ones were TOO bright) and filled in the bottom light using flashlights. We put the camera on a tripod and left the shutter open for about 20 seconds. Here’s the original and a couple of variations…

And I made the ribbon in the top corner. Technically, it’s called a rosette :) I want to make bunches of these and stick them all over the store!

And for the back of the postcard…Penny Mcallister’s pumpkin bride and groom… fabulous… we had a lot of fun taking these pictures… just playing with the lights and shutter speeds change the mood dramatically… inspiration for animating! And, at the bottom, the nod to Thanksgiving… hard to tell, but all of the harvest items are resting on a Sommer Designs apron :) *btw… congrats are in order, Carrie! I just read! Yay!! :)*

So… phew! it’s done! Now to tackle the 58 boxes of Christmas that came today! Yikes!! Christmas will be up 100% by the end of the first week of November. Can you believe it??? How is it October already??? I have other inspiration to share later… including pictures from Susan’s house. Her home is a treasure trove of finds… and they are getting ready for Halloween. Her son Sam has a mummy theme in mind… I’m going to draw hieroglyphics on their walls outside! Too fun! If you think you go “all out” for Halloween, you haven’t met Sue ;)

Lastly, we now offer Colonial Candles & Potpourri! I think I have over 22 scents including pumpkin pie, 2 other fall scents and 5 holiday scents. They are wonderful candles… if you need anything, please call! We’ll ship almost anywhere, too :)

Enjoy the transition into fall! If you are a fan of Starbucks and have a craving for something sweet, try the pumpkin empanada… it’s divine!!! :)

p.s…. giveaway VERY soon! :)


Cathi + Fire = Neat-O!!!

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It’s pretty amazing what this lady can do… and in a not-so-timely matter, I’m posting the pics from the demonstration last Sunday :)

I’m willing to bet that Cathi felt completely engulfed by Christmas ornaments…
These rods of glass….
become these awesome little beads!
It was very fun to watch…
but you had to wear these so you didn’t burn your eyes ;)
never without her bracelets on :)

And Cathi’s newest creation…. CAKES ON CAKE PLATES!!!!!! SO CUTE!

And sundaes…

And a WEDDING Cake!!! :)

I have the cupcakes all pictured here and you can buy them on my ebay store here :)

And guys… I’m kind of freaked out… I have to order Christmas for next year in a few weeks. We just got the Midwest catalog in the mail…. eeeeek!!! It was SO surreal looking through the pages and figuring out what we’d want to order.

A forgotten plus about owning a store… the other night at 2 am my friends realized they needed a baby gift. We were watching a movie and it was super easy to just run over to the shop and open up for them to get a few things. Don’t you wish you had a key to every store ;)

Next post… a frolic at Disneyland with the girls… they wore me OUT! hehe


Our First Official Coupon!!!

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So, I’m still adding goodies to the website, but it has more items on than EVER! :)

drumroll please….

Click on the coupon to get it onto its own page so you can print it out and share it with everyone you know ;)

So, for the rules mumbo-jumbo…
Valid December 6 – December 20, 2006 only
Valid on our website, www.violetsareblue.net, only but we do encourage in-store pick up! (It’s an option at checkout)
Enter the code “WinterJoy” at checkout to get your discount
Valid one per customer only
aaaannnnddd… I think that’s it

I hope you guys who are local can come on Sunday to see Cathi Milligan make beads in the store! I feel quite honored by her presence ;) She’s been outdoing herself each time she brings in a batch of beads… I’m completely addicted!

Happy single digit days of December! (I got that from Cathi) Have you started your shopping yet?? I have not :( eeeeek!!!!! Everyone that I know best be getting an amazon wish list together!!!! hehe!


In Preparation for our 4th Annual Christmas Open House this Saturday

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Our 4th Christmas season and Holiday Open House… where does the time go???

My to do list:

  • Cupcakes – check
  • Festive Music – check (thank you Joe!)
  • Gift wrapping stuff and festooning! – check
  • Actual winter weather – check (as of 2 days ago! Brrrr!)
  • Buy more jewelry (Downtown LA) – almost check

Now I just need to get the coffee, tea and other beverages, clean up a tad and we’re ready to go! For all of you who are coming, bring your sweet tooth and for those who can’t make it… I’ll be posting a coupon code for the website soon so you can take advantage of our sale ;) About 20% of our Christmas stuff is listed on the website, I’m listing more every day! If there is something you don’t see, ask me, I may just have it! :)

Also… I’ve been getting a lot of calls about the magazine article… I think the most popular questions are about the slipcovers on my Mom’s sofa, “what kind of dogs are those?” (llhasa apsos!) and that darn dish drainer… Ballard Designs should send me a fruit basket for all the traffic we’ve been sending their way ;) If you happen to want a copy of Cottage Style, I have plenty… I finally listed them on my website for sale… click here to get one for $4.95 + $1.85 for postage :)

I ordered the Skeem candles I’ve been going on and on about, the Pre de Provence soaps, some awesome stationery, notecards and journals and some more Robeez baby shoes. That should all be here soon! I can’t wait to get all that fun stuff! We’re getting ready to make more bath salts… and… errr… I think that’s it?? I still need to get some bath product tips from Holly, our girl in the know when it comes to fun smelly girly things ;) Oh oh oh!!! Cathi made little beads… I can’t stand how cute they are! A little pink hobnail cake plate with a WHOLE cake on top, chocolate with little rosettes around the top and base of the cake… I have no idea what I’m going to make with them (and I doubt I’ll be able to part with them). I swear I’ll post pictures later, they are amazing little works of art!

Thanks to everyone for their sweet comments about the shop and all the encouragement :) I really really appreciate it!!!! I love Rachael’s note for me earlier last week… “Swear on a cupcake that you will call me if you need help”. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Oh, I just had to share this:

My adventure at the recycling plant starts with waiting in line in your vehicle to get it weighed. You roll up onto the huge scale and they ring a loud buzzer to let you know you can move along to your next adventure….
On the right is where they recycle the mounds and mounds of paper…
And this is where you unload aaalllll of the cardboard…
Here’s the back of our van… spilling over with cardboard… I rigged it so you’d move 1 large box and the rest would slide out.

There were birds circling overhead, tractors everywhere… I unloaded over 600 pounds of cardboard. Guess how much I got? $18. I got that in two dollar bills thank you very much… I have no idea why, but the whole thing was fascinating to me. And the poor guy working there, who was trying to shuffle me out quickly, was completely confused to why I was unloading AND taking pictures of the whole thing. I’m sure they’ve seen crazier things ;)

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