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Today, Saturday and Sunday we’re having a SALE at the store!!! :)

Lots of buy one get one free items including Colonial Candles, Christmas Ornaments and Webkinz… come on up, shop, have a cup of coffee and say hello!

I’m a tad behind on updating the website… along with that I’ll be adding lots of new things to the physical store and the interweb store :)
*New fashion jewelry
*Awesome new soy candles
*Cupcake moisturizing bath fizzies (I can’t tell you how excited I am about these!)
*Paper lanterns… lots and lots of new paper lanterns (more by popular demand!)
*Bath Salts!!! They’ll be done by Saturday morning! (yay! finally!)
*More paper products by FG & Co.
*Handmade semi-precious stone jewelry… lots made by me :)
*Cathi Milligan glass jewelry
*Finders Key-purse things plus their new purse hooks to keep your investment off the ground! (sidenote… I’m not an investor in brand-name purses, but if I had a $300 purse, I would surely keep it off the smelly stinky ground at the restaurant or dangling off the back of my chair… eek!)

Also… Cathi Milligan, glass goddess, is going to do another famous glass/fire/torch/melting demonstration on December 9th!!! I’ll make a formal announcement soon :)

Bon Voyage to Babs as she goes across the pond to jolly ol’ England for a week (Perhaps Apolo will be there for some reason??)!!! Have fun and we’ll miss you!!! Also, a Bon Voyage is overdue for Nathan’s folks who are in Mexico on their first cruise… Tiffany is on her first visit to Italy. All these World travelers… goodness!

Oh! I may ask for a few local vendors to participate in a trunk show on the 8th… wait… no… I DO need artists for the 8th of December. So… if you make stuff (sorry, we’re overflowing with Jewelry, so anything but jewelry… but you can send pics of that, too I suppose! hehe!), leave a comment on this entry with where I can see pictures of your stuff :) You have to be local… you have to have a small set up and you have to understand about my last minute-ness ;)

Lastly… does anyone need a kitty??? Check out Graycee’s blog to see Miss Trixie. Also… Cathi Milligan has her hands full with another litter of kittens… I may be posting pics of them for her, soon!!

And… GoodNIGHT… ugh, these 4am nights are getting old ;)


Some pics and a mini announcement :)

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Made some progress in the unpacking and decorating of the shop for Valentine’s Day and Easter… Although not done completely, here are a few (dark) pics of what is up so far…

… and a bit of spring

And the mini announcement… well, request… really….

Some of you know I have dissolved our consignment due to lack of time and my anti-spunk attitude towards paperwork, pulling tags and filing. SO… while walking tonight and watching a crime unfold in front of us (another blog… after it’s in the paper I’ll let you know) I came up with an idea…

“Calling all Crafters!”

My idea is this… you or someone you know might have a craft that would be perfect for something I need at the store. For me, it’s all about timing. Do I need said product now… is it the right season or do I have a gap in a display. Is the item the right color and pricepoint… is it in my budget right now. See, timing :)

Not that there are a million crafters out there reading this just JUMPING at the chance to make stuff to my specifications… but, I am hopeful. With that said, here are the specifications for this episode of calling all crafters:

  • I need St. Patrick’s day or Irish items… these items must be:
    • either handmade or vintage items with shamrocks, irish themes or made of a happy green color!
    • under $10.00 unless it’s something spectacular!
    • Reasonable shipping prices AND able to ship ASAP
    • I’m partial to teacups or other tea related items :)
  • Valentine’s Items… these items should be:
    • either handmade or vintage items with hearts, cupid or in pinks and reds
    • under $10.00 unless it’s something spectacular!
    • Reasonable shipping prices AND able to ship ASAP
    • We have a lot of heart jewelry but I will see more pieces. Usually I don’t like to see jewelry since we have plenty, but I will make an exception in this case :) I would really like to see paper crafts as well as dainty, sweet little handmade pieces

What I am asking, is that you take a picture of the item(s) you think would work keeping the above parameters in mind. Please send those pictures to: crafty at violetsareblue dot net. (I write it out due to the high number of spam emails lately!) I get a lot of inquiries at the shop to see handcrafted goods and 9 times out of 10 the item in question will not work at the shop. Please take a moment to look through this blog… there are lots of pictures of the shop to give you an idea of the look we are going for :) I can appreciate all handmade and vintage items because they are unique and beautiful, but not all pieces will work in the store. Please do not send me a stack of pictures via snail mail and ask me to send them back, frankly, I’m not that organized and you may never see those pics again ;) The next craft grouping I will ask for is baby items… I’m not sure when, I need to get my thoughts together but I definately need christening and baby shower gift ideas :) The problem I run into with baby items are the prices… there are a lot of beautiful, well-made baby goods out there but the prices are so high! I don’t want to open up a huge can of worms but… I’m putting my feelers out for new stuff in the hopes that it will come in the form of simple emails with pictures and prices. Perhaps I am dreaming? ;)

Have a great night and Happy Tuesday everyone :)!! Cruise pics are coming soon… I have hundreds to sift through! :)