Glittered Paper Flowers

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I started out thinking I would make a glittered paper flower garland… using only blues and greens… so I set out my supplies…

and got to work assembling the flowers. I’ve made these flowers before and did an in-depth tutorial here, in case you are interested in making your own. Instead of putting these flowers on pipe cleaners, I glued this grouping to simple 24 gauge wire.

Of course 20 minutes in I decided that I needed a broader color palette, that I should watercolor some white crepe paper to get different shades of blue with an ombre color fade… then added pink and then… the whole project got away from me. It’s typical.

I set out to make about 16 flowers and ended up making more like 30.

And tons and tons of little solid green glittered leaves… Aren’t they beautiful!

Each flower had a rhinestone or bead in the center and each flower was covered in glitter. I really like how the dark blue and dark pink glitter added some contrast and a bit of drama in the center of the lighter-colored flowers. So pretty. (And each flower has a personality of its own, too!)

Close up of the watercolor pink color fade effect and the clear glitter.

Then I started adding the glittered leaves to the arrangement…

And it started looking more and more like a bouquet…

I’m sure I’ll find 101 uses for these flowers (Garland, swag, around a sign or frame, around a Chinese lantern, a wreath, a table centerpiece, Day of the Dead decor, gift wrap adornment etc etc), but for now, I’m going to enjoy them as a simple bouquet.

Here are the glitter colors I used, all from Art Institute Glitter:


Three Glittered Garlands

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I love to layer garlands with different textures, shapes and materials. They are very versatile and you can mix and match themes to fit any occasion.

For this project trifecta, I wanted to make a fringey garland, a chain garland and a ribbon garland with flowers.

First, I gathered all the materials I’m going to use to make the chain garland and the fringe garland. This is what I used:

  1. Black construction paper
  2. Helmar Vellum Adhesive Spray
  3. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter – #62 Copper Canyon Orange
  4. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter – #79 Black
  5. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter – #83 Silver
  6. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter – #77 Pewter
  7. White paper fringe garland (Which I sell in my ebay store)
  8. Dreamweaver Stencils – I used #LX 7001 Damask
  9. Large piece of paper to spray on

First off… do this outside! You are going to be using spray adhesive and making a mess.

I started by spraying the paper fringe garland liberally with the Vellum Adhesive spray.

I then sprinkled the sprayed area with glitter and kept spraying, sprinkling glitter and rolled it around in the excess glitter. The Vellum spray was really neat because it made the white tissue garland paper turn more opaque and frosted, so the finished garland had a really neat vellum look to it.

I set the paper fringe garland aside to dry. I then moved on to the next project… I set out a piece of the black construction paper and sprayed it liberally with the Vellum adhesive spray…

And quickly set a stencil on top of the sprayed area. I then sprinkled the silver glitter carefully over the exposed area of the stencil. Then I carefully removed the stencil, tapped off the excess and covered the remaining exposed paper with black glitter.

It wasn’t perfect, but it did give me enough of that Damask pattern to work with. I did this with 3 more sheets of paper using all my glitter colors.

I left everything on my front porch to dry while I retreated into my office to start the flowers for the 3rd garland.

To make the flowers I used the following:

  1. Orange construction paper. 4 sheets in different shades of orange.
  2. Helmar Gemstone Glue
  3. Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
  4. Art Institute Glitter – D14 Gunmetal Gray Dazzlers
  5. Art Institute Glitter – D59 Stardance Dazzlers
  6. Black and white polka dot ribbon
  7. Lots of rhinestones
  8. Flower petal hole punch – 2 different designs

I put the flowers together, 3 petals deep and then used the Helmar Gemstone Glue to add the rhinestones and glitter on the inside of each flower.

I made about 48 flowers total.

When the flowers dried, I glued them all back to back on the black and white polka dot ribbon using the Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. I love this glue because it has the consistency of rubber cement. When making this garland, I wanted to space the flowers evenly and using this glue allowed me to move each flower before it dried. Also, the glue seeped just enough through the ribbon to help form a bond onto the other side of the ribbon. It was the perfect glue for this project.

I set the flower garland aside to dry and went back to the paper chain project downstairs.

I cut the glittered construction paper into strips…

And then arranged the strips in alternating glitter colors… and glued them all together using the Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.

After everything was assembled and dried, I hung them all together over a mirror in my dining room…

I have one more idea for a garland to add to this collection… another Halloween-themed garland with ghosts. The cool thing is, once Halloween is over, I can remove the garlands that scream Halloween and leave the others up for Thanksgiving. Easy to make, easy to store and very versatile!


Glittered Cupcake Necklace

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I made this little Sculpey cupcake pendant… but it needs a little something… Some glitter perhaps?

After a little gluing using Art Glitter Institute Designer Dries Clear adhesive and then a little glitter dunking…

It looks like this now!

I first covered it in Art Glitter #85 Crystal Ultrafine Transparent glitter. I then added #46 Summertree Green Ultrafine Opaque glitter to the bottom of the cupcake and then some #141 Magnolia Pink Ultrafine Transparent glitter on the icing. I grabbed a little embroidery floss and rolled that around in some glue and then some #322 Paris Purple Ultrafine Transparent glitter and made a bow on top!

I love the new look and how glitter transformed it into something so dazzling!


Glittered Canvas Tote

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We all have a canvas tote bag or shopping bag laying around. Why not add some glitter to make it stand out? :)

Today, I’m going to take a plain canvas tote and glitter it up with a floral print.

Here is the tote before anything was added. If you need to purchase one, I happen to have them for sale right here on my website!

This is what you’ll need:

  1. One canvas tote bag
  2. 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock or thick paper
  3. Black acrylic paint
  4. A white chalk pencil and a regular pencil
  5. Fabric glue – I used Dries Clear fabric adhesive from Art Institute
  6. Art Institute Glitter – #89 Martini Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  7. Art Institute Glitter – #358 Jungle Green Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  8. Art Institute Glitter – #358 Cavalado Green Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  9. Art Institute Glitter – #270 Chesapeake Blue Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  10. Art Institute Glitter – #24 Royal Wink Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  11. Art Institute Glitter – #322 Paris purple Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  12. Art Institute Glitter – #130 Eclipse purple Ultrafine Opaque Hologram Glitter
  13. Art Institute Glitter – #77 Pewter gray Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  14. Art Institute Glitter – #D10 Gypsy purple Dazzlers Glitter
  15. Art Institute Glitter – #141 Magnolia Pink Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  16. Art Institute Glitter – #806 Sonata Small Glass Beads

First, I put a piece of thick paper inside the tote, so when I painted it or put glue on it, it wouldn’t bleed through to the other side.

I then painted a black square in the front. That way, the glitter will have a dark background and light background to make it pop and give it an interesting focal point. Notice my little color palette and flower design note clothespinned to the side of the bag.

Then, I used a chalk pencil and a regular pencil to sketch out a general outline of my flowers.

I then started glittering up a storm!

And here is the final piece…

A simple boring tote bag no more! It’s even prettier in person… it catches the light and really sparkles and has a lot of vivid color. Use this bag at the grocery store and not only will it make food shopping more exciting, you’ll totally brighten the bagger’s day ;)


Take 25 Art Challenge

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A little while back, I took part in a mixed media art challenge that was… well, a challenge!

You had to make a mixed media piece using 25 items from a list of predetermined items decided in advance. You were allowed to omit 2 items and use as much glue, wood, paint etc as you want.

Here is that list of 25 items:

  1. The letter C. The actual letter C and not something that starts with “C”.
  2. Photograph
  3. Beeswax
  4. A piece of broken jewelry
  5. Cardboard
  6. Fabric
  7. Beads
  8. Glass
  9. Glitter
  10. Toilet paper roll
  11. A feather
  12. Velcro
  13. Shells
  14. Dictionary page
  15. A mirror
  16. A map or a part of a map
  17. Metal
  18. Polymer clay
  19. A lock of hair
  20. Lace
  21. A nut – Organic or not, the choice is yours!
  22. Hardware – nuts, bolts, screws, hinges etc
  23. Jigsaw puzzle piece
  24. Fringe
  25. An old paint tube

So, I decided to make a piece I call “Neighborhood Watch” with four birdhouses in a large tree. I was obsessed with tree houses as a kid and pretty much drew at least one a day for a year or two, so this piece reminds me of all those multiple little drawings. Although each bird house would have been a people house (physics schmysics).

The tree was made by constructing a rough body out of aluminum foil and then covering it with sculpey. I then added all the little leaves and houses and baked it, painted it and then started the fun part of adding all the little accessories and details. Each house is different and reflects the personality of each bird that would dwell inside. You have Miami Beach/Palm Springs birdhouse, the circus tent birdhouse, the family birdhouse and the starlet birdhouse. Let’s take a tour, shall we…

First, we have the Miami Beach/Palm Springs house. It has an art deco theme with pastel colors, a wavy “tile” roof, a little outdoor covered area and a shell out front to collect mail. It boasts one and a half square inches and has an open floor plan!

Inside the little dwelling is a tiny round mirror that I carefully glued tiny shells around. That covered the mirror and shell requirements.

The little shell mail box has two postcards inside. They are both tiny copies of postcards of famous people and their homes in Palm Springs. This shows Bob Hope and Dean Martin’s houses.

The little covered deck has shells around the top awning area and a colorful tiny map of Florida in the background.

Next, I made a little circus tent. The top of the tent has a little flag that was made from a copy of a dictionary page. I picked the definition for “happy” and “harpoon” just sort of sneaked its way in.

To the left of the circus tent is a little peanut with a gift tag that has a “C”. I had the idea that the bird living here was keeping the peanut as a gift for an elephant friend of his. This covered the nut and “C” requirements. It also covered the map requirement because that tag is a map of Disneyland!

Then, here’s the little family house with the addition and little swing which I made out of wire and sculpey. That was not easy to assemble!

The nest the little egg is sitting on is made out of Meg, our golden retriever’s, fur. That covered the “lock of hair” requirement!

The last house is the Starlet’s house. She has a two story house with a lace awning and glass glittered roof “shingles”. Pretty fancy. There’s a rhinestone decoration on the top of the house, too. There’s a picture of her little blue bird boyfriend in the front, and it looks like he left her a little Tiffany box by her front door. The Tiffany box is a glass bead, which covered the glass requirement. The lace awning covered the lace requirement, the glittered additions covered the glitter requirement, the rhinestone piece covered the broken jewelry requirement and the bird portrait covered the photo requirement. The glitter seen here is shard glass glitter from Art Institute glitter. I used Alexandrite and Blue Topaz . I love vintage glass glitter, it looks so fancy!

At the bottom right, there’s a little tiny tire swing made out of a toilet paper roll and covered in black beeswax. That covered two requirements.

It hung in the gallery at Artist Alley in Southern Pines, NC for about a month and now it’s home with me!

I really enjoyed this challenge… keeps your assembly items shopping list in check!


Paper Flower & Glitter Party Hat

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Today, I’m going to make a pink, blue and green party hat!

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. 1 party hat that you are going to take apart & put back together
  2. 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock in white
  3. White, light blue and magenta crepe paper
  4. Watercolors & acrylic paint in light and bright pink
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue – I use Designer Dries Clear adhesive from Art Institute
  7. Hot glue gun
  8. Art Institute Glitter – #89 Martini Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  9. Art Institute Glitter – #358 Jungle Green Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  10. Art Institute Glitter – #141 Magnolia Pink Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  11. Art Institute Glitter – Faux Snow glitter flakes
  12. Art Institute Glitter – #806 Sonata Small Glass Beads
  13. 15 +/- rhinestones
  14. Flower petal paper punch
  15. Ric rac and ribbon or a thin tinsel

Okay, to start, you’ll need to take that party hat, undo it, make it flat and trace it, color side up, on a piece of white card stock. I then painted that party hat template pink. Darker pink on the bottom to a lighter pink on top.

While that paint dries, I took some white tulle and crepe paper and hot glued it on the bottom of the hat. The tulle is unruly, but it’s okay to make a mess since the painted template will go over it and hide the mess!

So, I skipped a lot of steps here, but if you’d like to see the missing steps, I made a similar party hat a few weeks ago, click here to see it! So, after I put on the tulle, the crepe paper, fringed up the crepe paper, glued on the pink painted template piece, I hot glued on this pink vintage tinsel. Know what also is unruly? A party hat that has been de-coned. I used a heavy book to keep it flat while I added the tulle and crepe paper.

Now we’re going to play with watercolors. First, I’ll get the top flower done. I cut out a strip of the white crepe paper. About 4 ft. long. I then accordion folded it and cut scallops out along one side. I then painted it (this makes a mess! But watercolors clean up easily!). I left about 1 1/2′ white, then next section I did a light pink and then got progressively darker with the pink by adding red and a hint of purple. I hung this up and let it dry thoroughly.

Here’s what it looks like when I was finished. It doesn’t have to be even close to perfect. Have fun with it!

While the painted crepe paper is drying, I punched out a bunch of little flower petals. I did as much as an 8 1/2″ x 11″ white piece of card stock could yield.

I set about 12 petals aside to become leaves. I then painted the rest of the petals with watercolors. Some were super light pink and others were darker pinky-red.

As the petals dry, I started glittering up my leaves. I covered the white petals in glue and dunked them into the glitter and let it dry. I used the #358 Jungle green glitter listed above.

Then, it was time to glitter up the flower petals. About a fifth of the petals got rhinestones in the middle. And some got some the faux snow glitter…

Some got that bright pink #141 Magnolia glitter. The rest got clear #89 Martini glitter.

I then started putting the hat together by gluing the petals and leaves on one by one using the Designer Dries Clear Art Institute glue. Some of the leaves were cut in half, but most were cut into fours.

For the top of the hat, I balled up a piece of magenta crepe paper, a little bit bigger than the size of a marble and hot glued that to a folded piece of pipe cleaner. Then, starting with the darker side of the crepe paper, I glued that to the inside magenta ball. I turned and glued, turned and glued.

I added leaves to my crepe paper flower and hot glued it to the top of the hat with the pipe cleaner going into the little hole at the top of the hat. I also glued on some of those fun small glass beads #806 Sonata in the middle of the flower to give it some fun texture.

And here it is all finished with all the flowers glued on, a little ric rac thrown on and that top flower added, too:

My dog, Nutmeg, was kind enough to model this for us… isn’t she adorable?

Here’s to hoping you have a LOT to celebrate, thus the need for several party hats in the near future ;)


Graphic 45, Art Glitter & Want to Scrap Blog Hop!

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Graphic 45, Art Glitter and Want 2 Scrap are having a blog hop this week and all of these companies are giving away prizes, too! :)

After you check out my project below, go visit Graphic 45, Art Glitter and Want2Scrap’s blogs for more projects.

Each day, the above three blogs will feature different artists… so much inspiration!

Graphic 45 has an amazing goody pack of prizes that you can win if you visit their blog and follow the instructions on how to comment to enter the giveaway. They are also giving away 2 prizes on their facebook page and Pinterest page.

Art Glitter will be giving away FOUR $25 gift certificate prizes! Just leave a comment on the Art Glitter Blog by Sunday July 29th!

Want2Scrap will be giving a $100.00 giveaway to one lucky person who comments on their design team’s blogs as well as the Want2Scrap’s blog! Make sure you visit each day and enter to win. Stop by the Want2Scrap Facebook Page this week and tell them you joined in the hop for a second chance to win a prize!

Here is my project using Graphic 45, Art Glitter & Want to Scrap product…

I used the following items in my creation:

This is roughly what I started with:

Work in progress:

And here’s what it looked like all finished!

Her dress is made entirely of glitter and glue directly on the color copy of the original.

That’s black cotton candy she’s holding! I didn’t realize dipping a cotton ball in black ink would make such a mess! (fyi!)

Paper flowers and notice the trail of rhinestones on the right. It’s one big piece! Love this item from Want2Scrap!

Little glittery lollipops!

I hand stained this white lace using watercolors.

Happy (super early!) Halloween!


Painting with Glitter!

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Here is my take on painting by number, but there aren’t any numbers and you are using glitter ;) It’s just like painting, but you’ll be using glue and glitter on a template instead!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A small 4″ x 6″ canvas that is 7/8″ deep
  2. An image that is 5.75″ x 7.75″ that has been pixelated or run through a similar Photoshop or Elements filter*
  3. Modge Podge
  4. Clear Gesso – Surface Prep
  5. Scissors
  6. An old small paintbrush (to use with the Modge Podge & Gesso)
  7. Glue that dries clear
  8. Lots and lots of colored glitter… preferably in different sizes and textures, but not necessary
  9. A little box to catch said ample amounts of glitter
  10. A little plastic spoon for scooping glitter (or just use a shaker bottle that comes on some glitter containers)
  11. A clean, dry paintbrush used to sweep away excess glitter from the table, canvas, your pants and the walls (yes, that has happened to me!)

*For my project, I used an image I had already painted that was sort of paint by number. I took this image into photoshop, sized it and then ran it through the “Crystallize” filter. You can also use a mosaic filter, pixelated filter etc etc. You can also use a napkin, cross stitch pattern or any other image you like, directly on the canvas. You’ll just need to figure out your shading and color scheme. If you’d like to use my image, you can find it by going to: http://ebay.violetsareblue.net/2012/blog/may/01/glitter_by_number.pdf and downloading it.

Your canvas, image, gluing implements for this step and scissors.

So, to start, you’ll need to cut out your image to 5.75″ x 7.75″ (Which is 4″ x 6″ with a 7/8″ border on all four sides). I’m going to wrap my image around this canvas, but you don’t have to. I just like the finished look better!

See how up close you can see the pixels? This will make it easier to figure out where to put your glitter colors.

Now align your image on the canvas so it’s centered and even and fold the edges down a bit.

Fold the edges down and pinch the corners like so…

Cut the corners from the edge to about 7/8″ in, as shown

Now get ready to make a mess with that old paintbrush!

Slather on the Modge Podge…

Then, put your image back on top and centered… Try to not get Modge Podge on the front of your image too much. If it is wet on top, it could bubble up more. I like getting the back wet and adhered FIRST, letting it dry, then putting a top coat.

Use your fingers to smooth out the bubbles and then start smoothing out the top and bottom, as shown… it’s like wrapping a present!

Keep on smoothing and wrapping. Yes, your fingers will be blue at this point, but it will come off! You will be getting a little bit of the Modge Podge on the top of the image, but that’s okay. We just don’t want it swimming in wet adhesive right now!

It’s not perfect, but it’s the back! If you need more Modge Podge at this point, add some using your brush.

Voila! It’s wrapped! Let dry for about an hour.

Now, you’re going to coat your image with the clear surface prep Gesso. You could use Modge Podge on the top, but I prefer the grittier, not-so-glossy Gesso. I let this dry overnight, but you could let it dry for about an hour or two.

Behold… most of my glitter collection. Various colors, shapes, mediums and coarseness. Glass glitter, mylar glitter, tiny plastic or metal beads… I’ve got lots.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use 5 shades of glitter for the roses. Clear (in shards and in fine), light pink, a darker pink, a deeper magenta and then a red/magenta mix for the deepest part of the roses. Specific colors and brands are listed below. I’m using mylar and glass glitter in fine and coarse. Please use extreme caution when using glass glitter! I wear glasses and am careful not to get it on my hands and I keep the dog away from my crafting table when I’m using it! Glass glitter is amazing because it sparkles so much and has a rich, vintage feel to it. It just makes my pieces look and feel more special.

I’m starting with the lightest color. Clear glass shards on just the tips of the roses and leaves. I’m using Art Institute Glitter #901 “Krystallos” Shard Glass Glitter. I’m not using too much of this, but I want to use it first so that I can easily scoop up the “overshake” glitter and use it again without it getting mixed with any other colors. Trying to keep it pure ;) I always return the excess glitter to the jar after each colored glitter application. I also have a large paint brush reserved just for sweeping up glitter from surfaces.

Daub your glue on the lightest color pink and green areas. I’m using the Art Glitter Institute clear adhesive.

Cover with clear glitter…

Turn the canvas over and shake off the excess. I like to tap the back of the canvas with a large pen or my scissors to tap off the excess glitter back into the box.

Next, I’m going to add my lightest pink fine glass glitter. I’m using Art Institute Glitter #616 “Primrose” Fine Glass Glitter. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

Glue, pour on, shake off…

So, Here’s what it looks like with the clear and the first round of light pink…

It was at this point that I decided to add more clear fine glitter. So, you can see my glue lines here…

I’m going with a generic Martha Stewart clear fine glitter. This will pick up the light pink underneath when it dries clear. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

Pour on glitter, shake & tap off… and this is what it looks like!

Now we’re adding the slightly deeper pink glass shard glitter. I’m using Art Institute Glitter #913 “Pink Coral” Shard Glass Glitter. Put down your glue, add glitter, shake & tap off. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

Now, we’re adding the even deeper pink fine glass glitter. I’m using Art Institute Glitter #601 “Royal Rose” Fine Glass Glitter. Put down your glue, add glitter, shake & tap off. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

Now, you should be at the last color block, which is the darkest red shadow area on the roses. If you have more areas showing through, no problem! Just go back and repeat the steps above until you only have the darkest red patches left. I must mention… this is where it gets a tad tricky. I’ve picked out two glitter colors for the darkest areas of the roses. Art Institute Glitter #608 “Red Damask” Fine Glass Glitter and #141 “Magnolia” Ultrafine Transparent mylar glitter.

What I’m going to do is put down my glue on the darkest part of the rose…

Then, I’m going to very lightly sprinkle the lighter magenta color down first. We’re going to be mixing colors here and you don’t want to be too heavy handed with either color. Don’t cover up all the glue, leave some glue exposed for the red, which is coming next. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

Add the red fine glass glitter. I’ve used my little spoon to add a very slight amount of pressure to push the red into the glue so the magenta we just put down doesn’t get all the attention.

Let’s pause for a moment to look at our handiwork. That’s a LOT of glitter… it’s sort of like a Monet painting, it’s going to look a little better from a distance, trust me. The texture, color and sparkle is going to look fantastic when it’s done!

Now, we’re moving onto green. Now that you are a glitter-by-number PRO, I don’t have to go into agonizing detail with each step… so, I’ll make it a bit quicker this time! Here are the colors I am using for the green leaves:

  1. Art Institute Glitter #46 “Summertree” Ultrafine Opaque Mylar Glitter
  2. Art Institute Glitter #909 “Peridot” Shard Glass Glitter
  3. Art Institute Glitter #603 “Shamrock” Fine Glass Glitter
  4. Art Institute Glitter #618 “Peapod” Fine Glass Glitter
  5. Art Institute Glitter #361 “Cat Eyes” Ultrafine Opaque Mylar Glitter
  6. (Shown Below) Art Institute Glitter #D14 “Gunmetal” Dazzlers Hexagon Shape

I first put down some glue on the lightest areas of the leaves, and dusted that area with the #5 yellowy “Cat Eyes” color. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

I then went over that dusting with the #4 color, “Peapod”. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

After shaking and tapping… here’s our progress so far…

Keep adding color, #2 “Peridot” and #603, Shamrock… Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

Then for the very last dark green area, put down your glue and add a mix of the #1 color, “Summertree” and the #6 color “Gunmetal”. Don’t forget to add glitter to the sides of the canvas, too!

Let this whole thing dry for at least an hour. Then, take a clean paint brush to the piece and lightly brush off the excess glitter. Some would leave the piece as it is, with the blue showing through. But not me! I’m going to fill in that blue with clear glitter. Let’s make sure this whole piece is just covered! :)

Cover the blue areas with glue… don’t forget the sides!

And here it is… dried after a few hours… covered in glitter!!

I hung it on the wall that is directly behind my computer in my studio so I can gaze at it all day long. It shimmers and glitters and catches my eye when I walk in… I just love it!

Hope you have fun making yours!

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