a bit about the shop…

Violets are Blue was first born in 1985. I was 8 and my Mom was working hard at her day job and creating wreaths, birth announcements and other adornments as a hobby and little side business by night. I was often fascinated by the lustrous glue gun but learned early on not to touch. We used to do a lot of crafting together… and it left a huge impression on me, I adored it!

About 15 years later I picked up the crafting torch and was concocting glycerin soaps and other bath goodies in my Mom’s kitchen. I then got the bug to do craft fairs and boutiques.

My Mom made floral arrangements and cards, I had my soaps and we then rounded out our little diverse booths with hand-painted furniture and jewelry. We loaded and unloaded our little temporary spaces all over Southern California… From Big Bear to Seal Beach to Northridge and Ventura (and everywhere in-between)… phew… it was exhausting!

January, 2003… a small space has a “for lease” sign in the window two doors down from our hairdresser. With a little encouragement and a leap of faith, we signed the lease, jumped up and down and then sort of freaked out… how do we turn this white box with industrial carpet into a fun place to shop and hang out? It took a while, but we did it :)

2006… it’s been 3 years and we’ve learned so much about business and the crafting world and we’ve met so many wonderful people! What a ride! :) I really appreciate the lessons and relationships that have come out of owning a shop. I never ever knew it would be this hard and this rewarding. Thanks to everyone for helping us get here…

2007… four years… our 5th holiday season… wow. From enormous piles of cardboard, to broken windows to our very first run-in with counterfeit traveler’s checks… it’s not all fun and games… but it’s worth it!

2008… With much soul searching, I decided it was time to close our doors in La Crescenta and move onto another chapter in my life. I’m leaving the possibility open that we will open another shop someday… but where and when haven’t been decided yet. It’s bittersweet… but I’m hoping as this door closes, maybe another one will open.

2009… Violets are Blue has morphed into my new webstore called Violet Cottage (www.violetcottage.com). A name you may be familiar with if you have visited the bath salt room of the store in La Crescenta. There you could scoop your own bath salts and pick a matching soap, candle, lotion or cupcake bath fizzy. Violet Cottage was my little soap company starting in 2004… I called it Violets are Blue’s sister store. I really like the name (AND I have the dot com instead of the dot net in the case of violetsareblue.net). I’m hoping for another shop in the La Crescenta area… an actual violet cottage would be a dream come true… 2014 perhaps? :)

2015… I wandered into a fun store in Raleigh to buy a table and ended up signing a lease! Back into retail, visual merchandising and all the fun things that I guess I missed! If you are in the Raleigh, NC area, visit Violet Cottage inside Inspirations Home Decor & More, 8601 Glenwood Ave.