Bobby “Dale” James

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Most of you already know, but we lost our store manager suddenly at the end of January to a heart attack.

Dale was incredibly friendly, silly and just… fun. Everyone wanted to be his friend, people came into the store JUST to see him. It was hard not to gravitate towards him. He was beyond thoughtful and took genuine joy in your joy. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful this person was. To all of us.

He loved dogs the most. If you happen to be looking to donate, he would recommend your local SPCA or perhaps one in NC called Saving Grace Animal Rescue where he got his dog, Chloe.

The store will forever feel different… we are well aware of that. He was so proud of Inspirations and worked so hard on it. You couldn’t turn around without seeing a special touch of his.

So many people have expressed their unbelievable sorrow over his passing. His adorable hat, sometimes a bow tie, his love of wine… serving and partaking, his laugh, animated hand waving and mannerisms… the Dale-isms… all going to be missed so much. (You can see some of that in the video below).

I am so honored to have known him (especially at 3am when he’d send the funniest texts!) and I will find ways to remember him and carry on his legacy. We could all benefit from more Dale-inspired kindness, thoughtfulness and silliness in our lives.

Watercolor painting of Chloe I gave Dale for his Birthday on January 3rd

Watercolor painting I did of his sweet Say-D… his heart dog. If you watch the video below, he’s opening these two paintings at the end of the video. He absolutely loved them and I’m so incredibly grateful that I had the chance to give these to him.

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