Two Trips to Napa

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Our first trip to Napa was at the end of March for my Mom’s Birthday. We took the Napa Valley Wine Train, which starts with a trip to a vineyard and then ends with a gourmet meal on their train. It’s kind of expensive for what you get, but it was a great experience, especially if you’ve never been to Napa or only plan on taking one trip and want to have a mini-adventure.

First stop… Raymond Vineyards. The vibe here was fantastic… sort of a funky, relaxed boutique feel. We wandered around, checked out their “Red Room” and got to try a few wines.

The “Red Room”

Leopard Grapes with Marilyn… why not

Coincidentally, one couple in our group, used to live in La Crescenta… how about that!

After touring Raymond, we got on the train to enjoy our meal…

After our train experience, we drove around a bit, went to the Beringer Winery and then headed back home.

The cherry blossoms were shedding their petals… it was gorgeous!

Our second trip was at the end of May, and we took Nutmeg with us. It was 92 degrees and miserable for those with a permanent fur coat.

We traced our steps and started at the Raymond Vineyards again. Coincidentally, they are very dog friendly and had a little barn “Salon” area for visiting dogs, it was too cute!

AND they had a video feed in one of their tasting rooms so we could keep an eye on her while we purchased bottles… it was fun to watch her tail wag as people approached the gate!

We rolled over to the Beringer Winery again, but it was SO dang hot that we cut our trip short and headed home

On the way home we stopped at a beautifully manicured vineyard that had this engraved in marble over their entrance. Someone named H.B. must have been dragged, against her will, to Napa to run a luxury vineyard. Sounds AWFUL. (lol)

We got home just in time to watch Game of Thrones and have a bit of “Frenchie” Merlot from Raymond.

And Meg got to try a little bit, too. Wine is terrible for dogs, but… after that long hot day, we thought she deserved a tiny sip.


A Custom Patch…

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My favorite sweatshirt has a pretty sizable hole on it… it needed a patch, so I got to work on a custom design…

The design is based on a combination of the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Sort of an abstract take on it… which was so fun to do!

You’ve got the White Rabbit’s watch in the center over a Cheshire Cat stripe background, pink and white bunny ears on top, his little neck ruffle on the sides, red on top, gray on the bottom and a little white cotton tail at the very bottom.

I’m late for a very important date (Disneyland, perhaps?)

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