Goodbye North Carolina…

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After exactly five years in the Tar Heel state, we decided to move back to California. We’re currently dwelling in the Bay Area, near San Jose, which is pretty fantastic… but boy, do I miss our little cul-de-sac in Cary!

We put our house up for sale last September and after 42 (!!) showings, we found ourselves in a whirlwind of packing, saying goodbye to our amazing friends and driving across the country. Again. This was our 6th time driving across this vast nation of ours and our 4th time moving in five years. Meg the explorer has proven to be the best little travel dog. She has adapted to everything quite smoothly. I, on the other hand, not so good with change apparently.

So, here’s a tribute to NC, in no particular order and mostly featuring Meg…

Meg enjoying the warm Atlantic water at Oak Island

Some beach house sketching at Oak Island & my toes, too

Southport Salt Marsh (NC has a LOT of really cool and looong decks! Something you don’t really see in California)

Southport Victorian home

Our house in Cary being built – this was such an exciting time!

Meg helping me paint the basement after purchasing 14 gallons of paint in 14 different colors

Moving day into our new place! We’ve gotten to know Pods quite well

Manhole covers… quite charming in Cary!

The Elvis Booth at one of our favorite late-night restaurants, Jack Astor’s. (Which went out of business before we left.)

A huge slide at the NC state fair

One of my first attempts at making a Thanksgiving meal

Meg at Wilmington Beach

Meg discovers the joys of chewing on a pine cone at Jordan Lake

Meg then discovers snow and decides that she really likes that, too

Our next door neighbor got 2 puppies… and Meg was smitten

Currituck Beach

A quick day trip to Charlotte

We had a real pumpkin patch less than 10 minutes from our house!

A day trip to Charleston, SC

A few driving trips to Florida to go to Walt Disney World, too! Once during Halloween, which was awesome!

Experiencing our first cicada season

Our first hurricane (this is the flashlight isle at Target 24 hours prior to the hurricane reaching us)

Oh, the sunsets! They were absolutely gorgeous on a regular basis (but especially beautiful before and after a storm!)

Crabtree Lake in the springtime

We fried our first dough… the south inspires you to fry things

Meg in downtown Raleigh with one of those painted cows… it has the state on it!

Meg on the beach in the outer banks, Roanoke Sound

Lots of old churches that are sometimes really spooky. And this one is for sale, you could live in it!

Chapel Hill botanical gardens

We’ll miss you, North Carolina. Thanks for five great years!


Glittered Ribbon Candle Holder

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We’re going to turn ribbon, votives, glitter and glue into a fun decorative piece!


  1. At least 6 feet of grosgrain ribbon that’s about 1 3/4″ wide
  2. 5 round glass candle votives (don’t get any that flare out!) – 1 3/4″ in diameter and 2 1/8″ tall – You can usually find these by the box in the bridal section of Michael’s. (You can always adjust the ribbon-holder size if you get bigger candles)
  3. #358 – Jungle Green – Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  4. #156 – Chartreuse Green – Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  5. #232 – Michigan Moss Green – Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  6. #46 – Summertree Green – Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  7. #71 – White Gold – Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  8. #124 – Jet Eye – Chunky Opaque Hologram Glitter

And I used Designer Dries Clear Art Glitter Adhesive and the ultrafine glue tips for the finer detailed open dots.

First, cut your ribbon into two 3′ strips. Then, fold one in half to create a crease. You are going to use a ball-point pen to mark lines every 2 3/4″ to create 5 little “pockets” that the candles will sit in. Start in the middle and work your way out.

Then flip your ribbon over so the ball point marks are on the back and start gluing little polka dots…

Start glittering with your favorite color… I started with Jet Eye…

And add the other polka dots and apply the other colors of glitter. I used the ultrafine tip attached to the glue bottle to do the final open polka dots… These tips are fantastic to give you glue flow control and add fine detail! (I always clean the tips immediately after use by soaking in hot soapy water!)

Let the polka dots all dry and then flip over, put down a thick stripe of glue on the ball point lines you made earlier and place it carefully on the other ribbon, non-decorated side to non-decorated side… Don’t move, slide or smear it! Let this dry… (You could also sew these lines if you want… which would actually be better since you do have to pull on this a bit to tie the knots etc).

After an evening of glue drying, slide in the candles, tie knots on each end, trim the ends and you’re done! You can also “fake” a bow, like I did here, but folding two loops in. Since the design is one-sided, it’s hard to actually tie a bow that shows off the glitter. You could glue this down, if you’d like.

Would be super cute with flower designs, stripes, sew on other ribbon scraps etc etc… be creative! Makes a great centerpiece!