All You Need is Love hanging art

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I’m getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with a little hanging art piece. Here are my “ingredients”:


  1. Sheet music – I found this by googling “All You Need is Love sheet music” and I sized it to fit inside the rhinestone border that I picked out
  2. A sheet of black paper
  3. Black rhinestone frame from Want 2 Scrap
  4. “L-O-V-E” printed out in circus font, with some little red triangles for the pennant
  5. #349 – Garnet Red – Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  6. #79 – Black – Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  7. #83 Silver- Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  8. 2 grommets
  9. 12 small rhinestones, in your choice of color
  10. Some thin ribbon, embroidery floss or thin tinsel
  11. Ribbon to hang the sign

And I used Designer dries clear adhesive.

I started by cutting around the largest rhinestone frame, which is conveniently clear and easy to cut. This way, I’ll have a template that I can trace…

Like so…

Then I traced the outside of that template onto the sheet music, centering the title up above.

Cut the sheet music out and place onto a piece of black paper that you are going to use as your background… Before I glued this down, I glittered the edge of the sheet music piece…

A little glue around the edge, cover in glitter (Love this red glitter and the contrast against the black paper)…

After the red border dried, I put down the black rhinestone Want 2 Scrap frame, then glued the whole thing down to the black paper.

I free handed some fern squiggles around the border and added the silver glitter. I put two grommets on the top of the black paper and lastly, I glittered up the L-O-V-E and put the banners together by free handing the black glitter letters and adding a rhinestone to the bottom of each triangle …

And now all I need to do is add a ribbon and hang it up…

I decided to hang it inside a wreath that hangs over my mantel…

I sort of went crazy on my Valentine’s display this year :) I was bored with just red, pink, black and gray, so I added a pop of Tiffany blue to the equation.

Here’s to lots of love this year!