Christmas Themed Glittered Tote Bag

Posted in Main at 11:42 am by carrie

I started out with a plain canvas tote bag and used the following glitter colors and glues:

Here’s how it turned out!

I did the design freehand… which isn’t that difficult to do with the simplicity of the flowers I created. I started with the glittered flowers, then decided to paint on the white poinsettias and little white flowers and then added the green leaves using acrylic paint. And just kept on adding rhinestones, more rhinestones and more glitter.

I love this Helmar Gemstone Glue… it really holds those little rhinestones on VERY well. And they bend and move with ease. I’m really impressed with this product!

So much so (and was having so much fun) that I set out to do another bag packed with crystals… that Helmar glue held up perfectly!! I did this all freehand, too.

For the above, here are the glitter colors I used:

Imagine what you could do to any ol’ boring canvas bag!