Halloween Cards are Here!

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A few new designs… I think they’re pretty cute :)

Halloween Trick or Treat Owl with Pumpkins

Inside Message:

Halloween Cupcake “Enchanted Delights”

Inside Message:

“Marie Catoinette” – Blank Inside

How cute is she with her neck ruffle and pearls? And I love the cat chintz background… little cats playing in the French Countryside, naturally.

You can find all these in the Halloween card section of www.violetcottage.com.


Glittered Cupcake Necklace

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I made this little Sculpey cupcake pendant… but it needs a little something… Some glitter perhaps?

After a little gluing using Art Glitter Institute Designer Dries Clear adhesive and then a little glitter dunking…

It looks like this now!

I first covered it in Art Glitter #85 Crystal Ultrafine Transparent glitter. I then added #46 Summertree Green Ultrafine Opaque glitter to the bottom of the cupcake and then some #141 Magnolia Pink Ultrafine Transparent glitter on the icing. I grabbed a little embroidery floss and rolled that around in some glue and then some #322 Paris Purple Ultrafine Transparent glitter and made a bow on top!

I love the new look and how glitter transformed it into something so dazzling!


Glittered Canvas Tote

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We all have a canvas tote bag or shopping bag laying around. Why not add some glitter to make it stand out? :)

Today, I’m going to take a plain canvas tote and glitter it up with a floral print.

Here is the tote before anything was added. If you need to purchase one, I happen to have them for sale right here on my website!

This is what you’ll need:

  1. One canvas tote bag
  2. 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock or thick paper
  3. Black acrylic paint
  4. A white chalk pencil and a regular pencil
  5. Fabric glue – I used Dries Clear fabric adhesive from Art Institute
  6. Art Institute Glitter – #89 Martini Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  7. Art Institute Glitter – #358 Jungle Green Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  8. Art Institute Glitter – #358 Cavalado Green Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  9. Art Institute Glitter – #270 Chesapeake Blue Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  10. Art Institute Glitter – #24 Royal Wink Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  11. Art Institute Glitter – #322 Paris purple Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  12. Art Institute Glitter – #130 Eclipse purple Ultrafine Opaque Hologram Glitter
  13. Art Institute Glitter – #77 Pewter gray Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
  14. Art Institute Glitter – #D10 Gypsy purple Dazzlers Glitter
  15. Art Institute Glitter – #141 Magnolia Pink Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  16. Art Institute Glitter – #806 Sonata Small Glass Beads

First, I put a piece of thick paper inside the tote, so when I painted it or put glue on it, it wouldn’t bleed through to the other side.

I then painted a black square in the front. That way, the glitter will have a dark background and light background to make it pop and give it an interesting focal point. Notice my little color palette and flower design note clothespinned to the side of the bag.

Then, I used a chalk pencil and a regular pencil to sketch out a general outline of my flowers.

I then started glittering up a storm!

And here is the final piece…

A simple boring tote bag no more! It’s even prettier in person… it catches the light and really sparkles and has a lot of vivid color. Use this bag at the grocery store and not only will it make food shopping more exciting, you’ll totally brighten the bagger’s day ;)