Glittered Birthday Girl Party Hat

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Today I’m making a “Birthday Girl” party hat using the double glitter method. Nutmeg was gracious enough to model it for me ;)

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. 1 party hat that you are going to take apart & put back together
  2. Scrap pieces of assorted color card stock or construction paper for the flower punches
  3. 1 piece of vellum paper or an envelope to cut up
  4. 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 sticky paper (full sheet label paper where the back peels off). They use double sided sticky paper in the instructional video below, but it’s not necessary.
  5. White crepe paper
  6. Watercolors, chalk pastels, paint or markers (Something to color and draw with!)
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue – I use Designer Dries Clear adhesive from Art Institute
  9. Hot glue gun
  10. Embossing Glue – I used 3D Embossit by Art Glitter
  11. Dreamweaver stencil – I used LX 7012 Waves and Dots
  12. A little bit of natural soap that is soft (Explanation in the video below)
  13. Art Institute Glitter – Fine Glass Glitter #609 Grape Arbor
  14. Art Institute Glitter – #89 Martini Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  15. Art Institute Glitter – #322 Paris Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
  16. Art Institute Glitter – #130 Eclipse Ultrafine Opaque Hologram Glitter
  17. Art Institute Glitter – #79 Black Opaque Ultrafine Glitter
  18. 10 rhinestones
  19. Flower petal paper punch
  20. On oval stencil or a steady hand
  21. 8″ strip of ribbon- May Arts KN46 3/8″ in an Apple Green

First, you’ll want to watch this video on the double glitter technique…

Now, we’re ready to get started…

First, I took the party hat apart and put it down on the piece of sticky paper and traced it. Sticky side facing up! You’ll be tracing on what is going to be the paper that will come off.

You are going to cut this out.

Since the area that I’m glittering is bigger than the stencil, I sectioned one area to glitter off first. So, only expose one area at a time and leave the backing on, removing it as we go!

I filled in the little dots with clear #89 Martini glitter, first and quickly turned it over to get the glitter out with minimal spreading…

Then, I made a second pass with the #322 Paris purple glitter.

So, this is what I have so far…

After carefully removing the stencil. Very pretty so far!

Then, I put on the #130 Eclipse purple glitter.

And here it is after tapping off the Eclipse glitter.

I then did the other sections piece by piece, lining up the stencil each time.

And here’s the whole thing finished! It’s like a whole piece of glittered paper! So cool!

I then added the crepe paper to the party hat. I folded it in half and glued two strips of it onto the base of the hat. I then cut it to give it a fringe.

I then glued down the glittery paper onto the hat using a glue gun. I also glued the little tab at the back shut to put the hat back into its original cone shape.

Here are the elements I made for the hat… you can make whatever you like! I made a cupcake with several layers of glitter, vellum cupcake paper, little flower on top and ribbon leaves. I glued together 8 little flowers with rhinestones and glitter in the centers, one goes on the cupcake and two goes on the tippy top of the party hat. I also made a little banner that says “Birthday Girl” and an oval for behind the cupcake, so the cupcake “pops”.

I glued them all down with the glue gun and this is what it looks like!

aaandddd… squirrel distraction (She’s done modeling now)


My Office…

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Is actually sort of clean for one day!

Which means, I better get some pictures while it lasts.

When we first moved in and the room was empty, I started with this first wall…

Here’s the time lapse video of me painting it:

Time Lapse Wall Painting from carrie hannegan on Vimeo.

So, now that the wall was done, I had to fill the room up!

I think in my past life, I lived in a den underground or a cave, because when I get a space, I need to fill it up and almost cocoon myself into a corner. In other words, turning around gracefully is rarely an option. Forget it if you’re holding something. This can’t be normal (?)

So, as you walk down the long hallway into the room, you’ll notice my wall o’ Violets are Blue. Our store hours sign, the first swap meet logo sign I ever made, the “congrats” from the County of Los Angeles, the evolution of our logo etc etc. It’s the commemorative VaB hall.

Then, the room opens up into a sea of color… and a bit of chaos.

I just added this workspace. I got a piece of masonite from Home Depot and made a simple shelf table going from one shelf to the other. A tad precarious and held together with sticky paper and glue (awesome), but it’s another horizontal space for me to spread out onto! Above this nook is the pink stripe awning that I had at the store in the candy section. Awww. the memories of painting that awning in our yard in La Crescenta… fabulous. I love that it sits over my drawing corner now! This sits perpendicular to my drafting table. Which I never use. I’m not even sure why I kept it? :/ It’s good for lots of drawing or animation but… haven’t done that in a while. I tend to spread out these days… needing tons of flat space for all of my hundreds of art supply items (aka… if I can’t SEE it, it doesn’t exist)!

Another shot of this corner. Complete with my… I’m going to call it “shelf portrait”. It’s a self portrait on a shelf. Complete with various art, cupcake items, Disney items, lots of gifts from friends and my Mom and even a few my little ponies from my childhood… which never ended it seems ;)

Close up of the shelf portrait…

Tree of pictures and art…

More of art corner…

My computer desk. Ikea. It was made for tiny people, really. I painted that white and added flowers. To the right of the computer screen is my inspiration board (why is Woody Allen on it? It needs an update). And to the left is my slip method board. I used to use it constantly and then I got an iphone. But, I moved it closer to my face to revisit its use. I got a LOT done when I was using this. It’s like deal-a-meal (Richard Simmons fan, anyone?) for chores.

On the other side of the room is a cluster of shelves with a little vintage dresser. This is where I keep the ribbon, art supplies, my greeting card backstock, envelopes etc etc.

That’s mostly just glitter back there on that little shelf… I love glitter. Above is my chandelier that I usually stick finished jewelry in (not sure why I do that). And this is my main work table that sits next to the window. I can look out and see actual people doing actual things during the day!

Close up of ribbon…

Looking down the hall, you’ll see my large jewelry case from the store, two smaller jewelry cases and the large card rounder.

Fish eye lens of my office… if you look closely, you’ll see the elusive Meg in her natural habitat (under a desk, usually where your legs should/would go so you strain to the other side so as to not disturb her).

In about 48 hours… there will be stuff all over the floor and every surface. So, I’m glad I could get in there and snap a few pictures before that happened ;)


Wedding Shower Layered Greeting Card

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Today, I’m going to share how I put together this layered wedding shower card.

Here are the list of ingredients:

I started with a little sketch of my design and sketched out an umbrella and the birds onto the Bristol paper.

Next, I water colored some very easy flowers onto one sheet of Bristol, made an umbrella, two little birds and a circular background with a branch for one of the birds to sit on.

After all the water color dried, I used a gray pastel pencil to quickly outline the flowers, the birds and a little bit on the umbrella.

I then cut out each little element and then decided where I was going to put them. Leaving room for the 3 flowers and little banners that I’ll be adding at the end.

I then outlined the circle in a layer of glue and put silver glitter on it. I also added some diagonal dashed glue lines that represent rain in the background. That got some silver glitter, too.

After that all dried, I used a hot glue gun to put all the elements on top of the flower background. The hot glue gives each piece a little “lift” because the glue sets quickly and doesn’t dry flat if you refrain from pushing on it. You could use glue dots, too… but I found this to be very easy.

I put down the circle, then the little umbrella, then each bird. I then added that little bow to the top of the umbrella and finally got to work on the flowers. Each flower has 3 layers of petals. The petals were made using a paper punch. The final touch on this step was to add the little dew drops to the umbrella and one on each flower.

I then glued down some little plastic pearl beads I had laying around into the center of the flowers. The last thing I did was hand write “A gift…” and “for your shower!” on two strips of vellum paper using a fine tip sharpie. I cut those out and folded them into little banners and cut the edges with a little V cut.

And it was raining most of the day, which was sort of perfect!

Hope everyone has a great week! Lots more glitter projects and some new card designs coming soon!


Double Glittered “CARDS” Sign

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Welcome to the Art Glitter/Dreamweaver Stencil cross promotion month. We have paired up with this wonderful company to show you how our glitter can be used with these beautiful and detailed stencils. All of our designers will be using the double glitter technique! Make sure and check out Dreamweaver Designers every Thursday by checking out the individual blogs at the end of this post, or by going to the Dreamweaver Stencils blog!

Make sure and play along all month with this fun challenge. Make a double glitter card or piece, blog about it and let Dreamweaver know by going to their blog and filling out their “Mister Linky’s Magical Widget” to let them know that you have participated! Also, make sure and LINK to the Dreamweaver site to be eligible for 1 of 4 prize packages featuring stencils and glitter! You may even get your creation featured on Art Glitter’s Blog!

Hope everyone will play along with this fun challenge. If you don’t know how to do the double glitter technique please head over to youtube to see Lynell Harlow demonstrate.

Also for the month of June Art Glitter is selling all 1 oz jars of glitter for $5.98 regular price $7.32! Hope even if you don’t play along with the challenge you will take advantage of the great price of glitter in June!

Double Glitter Technique on Banner Letters

You know how you go to a wedding, there’s a box or a birdcage or some other fancy container in the couple’s wedding theme colors to hold all the envelopes and cards? Well, I think I was the last one to the party to know about this. At my “they eloped!/going away” shin dig, we didn’t have anything to hold cards, to the shock and semi-dismay of a few of our guests. I guess I didn’t even think people would bring presents (too busy obsessing on other things). If I would have thought about it, I would have made something super snazzy. Pinterest, thank you for introducing me to yet another fancy wedding must-have!

Here are a few other “Cards” setups from Pinterest… for inspiration!

courtesy of Ruffled Blog

Tie that Binds Blog


Here is what you’ll need:

  1. A computer and printer and the ability to print a font of your choice
  2. 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock
  3. 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 sticky paper (full sheet label paper where the back peels off). They use double sided sticky paper in the instructional video below, but it’s not necessary.
  4. X-acto knife and a surface to cut on
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue – I use Designer Dries Clear adhesive from Art Institute
  7. Dreamweaver Stencil – I used LX 7010 Flower Quatrefoil
  8. A little bit of natural soap that is soft (Explanation in the video below)
  9. Art Institute Glitter – Fine Glass Glitter #611 Antique Silver
  10. Art Institute Glitter – #77 Pewter Opaque Ultrafine Glitter
  11. Art Institute Glitter – #79 Black Opaque Ultrafine Glitter
  12. 5 rhinestones
  13. Ribbon for hanging the letters on
  14. Hot glue gun

First, you’ll want to watch this video on the double glitter technique…

Now, we’re ready to get started…

Using Photoshop or any other computer program that you can print the word “CARDS” out in the font of your choice. My letters are 2 1/2″ wide. You can go wider if you want. Print 2 copies. one on the cardstock and one on the BACK of the sticky paper. You are printing the letters on the back because you want your letters to be sticky side up!

Next, you are going to cut the letters out using scissors and an x-acto knife. Then, you’ll glue down the sticky paper to the cardstock, sticky side up. Leave the backing paper on and do not expose your sticky paper yet!

Soap up the back of your stencil (like they did in the video) and remove excess soap bits. Then, remove the paper to expose the sticky on your sticky paper (love my use of technical terms here). I used a wallpaper roller to make sure the stencil stuck to the letter since the letter isn’t completely flat and wants to curl up a bit.

I then dumped on the silver glass glitter and gently pushed it down with my fingers.

I then tapped off the excess glitter, then I made a second pass with black glitter on one of the circles that I avoided on the first pass… which didn’t come out perfectly but I’ll fix it later. Then, I removed the letter from the stencil.

I then sprinkled the pewter opaque ultrafine glitter on the remaining sticky parts and tapped that off.

I then got ready to glue on the rhinestone. Using these awesome Art Institute “Sticky Sticks” I was able to pick up the rhinestones easy and glue them down! I added a little black glitter around the rhinestone for a little contrast.

I added a little more glue on the areas that I wanted the silver glitter to looks “raised” or embossed and covered that in silver glass glitter as well.

Repeat all these steps above for each letter.

I attached the letters to my soft pink ribbon using a glue gun, which made everything super fast and easy!

And here is what it looked like in my little display:

I went a little overboard with the display… but loved every second of it ;)

Be sure to check out the other Dreamweaver Stencils’ design team designers:


Painted Backgrounds

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I’m working on a few new hand painted backgrounds for cards. Here’s the process on one of my designs:

And here’s another one that I’m working on in turquoise blue, mustard and bright yellow hollyhocks:

And finally, I wanted to try something different. I wanted to learn how to make an actual repeat pattern from scratch. There’s a great tutorial here.

I did exactly what they said to do in the tutorial… but, they said to “cut” your original in photoshop and I… got a little too confident and actually cut my original art in half and then in half again and taped it back together. Not the best idea since I didn’t really cut it OR tape it straight :/ So, putting it back together in Photoshop wasn’t that easy since things weren’t lining up. Oops!

So, here’s the original:

And here it is tiled in photoshop to make a pattern:

I really like how it looks, flaws and all… it was fun to do! Might try this with an elaborate design. The tutorial showcased a wonderful and very elaborate design which used lions, birds and flowers with a Folk Art theme (it reminds me of The Game of Thrones, too, in a way).

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!