Fleeting moments flutter by…

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be sure to grab a few!

I used a hydrangea flower petal paper punch, some old generic tags, black construction paper, acrylic paint and lots of glue and Art Institute Glitter!

The Art Glitter colors I used can be found here:

D14 Gunmetal Dazzlers
#901 Krystallos Vintage Glass Glitter Shards
#77 Pewter Ultrafine
#808 Sterling Glass Beads – Small

Each tag and petal was hand painted…

Then each petal was glued down, then glitter was added to the middle of each.

Then I added the lettering with glue and a dusting of fine silver glitter.

The tags represent each day in your life. Structured, the same size (24 hours), slightly different in color day to day, but still sort of boxy and mundane. But, little bright moments and people flitter into your life each day, they may not be hugely significant, but they leave little impressions on your soul. Together, they create a whole bouquet of sweet, colorful and tiny petals that shape who you are and your whole experience here in this world.

Sometimes, you may get a little withered petal of an experience that threatens to ruin what you have already gathered, but it’s up to you not to let that one little dark spot ruin all the beautiful other memories you have collected. So, take the bad with the good and hopefully, you’ll be able to step back and see a beautiful garland of flowers, with the few withered petals hidden and overcome by the bright and prominent ones.

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  1. Kristi said,

    May 27, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Very Very Pretty! Awesome Job!

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