Fleeting moments flutter by…

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be sure to grab a few!

I used a hydrangea flower petal paper punch, some old generic tags, black construction paper, acrylic paint and lots of glue and Art Institute Glitter!

The Art Glitter colors I used can be found here:

D14 Gunmetal Dazzlers
#901 Krystallos Vintage Glass Glitter Shards
#77 Pewter Ultrafine
#808 Sterling Glass Beads – Small

Each tag and petal was hand painted…

Then each petal was glued down, then glitter was added to the middle of each.

Then I added the lettering with glue and a dusting of fine silver glitter.

The tags represent each day in your life. Structured, the same size (24 hours), slightly different in color day to day, but still sort of boxy and mundane. But, little bright moments and people flitter into your life each day, they may not be hugely significant, but they leave little impressions on your soul. Together, they create a whole bouquet of sweet, colorful and tiny petals that shape who you are and your whole experience here in this world.

Sometimes, you may get a little withered petal of an experience that threatens to ruin what you have already gathered, but it’s up to you not to let that one little dark spot ruin all the beautiful other memories you have collected. So, take the bad with the good and hopefully, you’ll be able to step back and see a beautiful garland of flowers, with the few withered petals hidden and overcome by the bright and prominent ones.


Greeting Card Spinner & Some Mini Merchandising…

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I now offer card spinners in black and white and filled with 128 cards! This is for wholesale customers, if you are interested :)

So, I couldn’t just take pictures of the rounder… I had to move the furniture around and merchandise around it, too. Typical.


Spring queen paper crown…

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I’ve never made a paper crown before… thought I would give it a try!

To start, I cut a crown out of Bristol paper, roughly 17″ long 3-5″ tall, and painted it a shade of very light pink. I also cut out a few shapes that I was going to use on the crown. I was pretty loosey goosey about it since I was going to be covering the crown with other paper adornments.

I then added some white crepe paper fringe, just the cheapie 99 cent store plain white crepe paper. Folded accordion style and added to the circle, and folded and two layers were glued down to the bottom edge of the crown, and I fringed that up.

I then punched out lots of little hydrangea flower petals from black construction paper and hand painted each one in bright pink, light pink and green using acrylic paints…

And then glued each flower onto the crown. In the middle of each flower, I added some little glass silver balls from Art Institute Glitter, #808 small size beads.

For the background of the bird and for the bird’s wee little crown, I used Art Institute Glitter Vintage fine glass #611 Antique Silver glitter. The bird was hand painted using the same pink colors. The tiny crown is just paper covered in glue and dunked in the glitter then added those 3 tiny pink rhinestones. I rolled it around a pencil first to get the shape and as it dried, it retained its shape.

A silver grommet was added to each end and then I threaded through some pink/green ribbon from May Arts Ribbon, Pink and Green KA22 – 1/2″.

And here it is all assembled… I think it’s quite pretty, especially for my first crown attempt! My neighbor thought it looked more like a cake… so… maybe next time I’ll just make a paper cake ;)


Spring Gift Tag Adornment…

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So, I took those free printable gift tags that I made and shared last week then added a little spring to their step…

First I added a ton of glitter to the flowers, stripes, butterfly and umbrellas in the images…

Then, I punched out 3 flower petals per tag using a Martha Stewart paper punch. I then punched a small hole in the middle of each flower, added glitter to the outsides of the petals…

and then used a grommet to attach the flowers, with petals staggered so you can see each color popping through, to the tags (the cats with umbrellas tags didn’t get a fancy flower).

Then, I put ribbon that matched the tag through the grommets…

And voila! You are done! These tags would make great little gifts all by themselves, too!

I used May Arts Ribbon, AD20 in 3/8″, BM66 in 3/8″ and KA45 in 1/2″.

I also used assorted glitter from Art Institute Glitter.


Art Journal & Free Printable Gift Tags

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Here are some Springy drawings that I turned into gift tags, which you can download for FREE! Just click on the smaller image of the tags at the bottom and download the PDF.

My latest “art journals” have been less “journal” and more art. I guess I ran out of inspirational sayings (?). I used colored pencils for these drawings.

April showers…

Happy little bunny!


This anthropomorphic cat drawing was inspired by a vintage illustration I found a while back and for the life of me, I can’t find who the artist is. In the original, the cats were walking through snow with their umbrellas. I think it’s quite adorable, especially since cats despise water and I can imagine they would walk upright if they could to avoid it. So, I thought that cats must love May since the April showers are clearing for drier, warmer napping weather. We have a dog… who bounds through water, mud, dirt, weeds… she wouldn’t even want an umbrella.

Click on the tag image above to download the larger version… roughly 8″ x 10″, one sheet.

Enjoy! :)