New Website & New Card Line!

Posted in Main at 6:36 pm by carrie

Hey everyone… been a while!

We’ve been working night and day to get the new Violet Cottage website up! Yay :)

We also have been working on a new line of cards featuring my art… lots of birds, cupcakes owls and tons of flowers. All hand painted reproductions that come with a color envelope. You can get them plain, glittered or REALLY glittered with glass glitter and rhinestones! I’ll also be selling these in larger quantities at wholesale prices. So, if you are interested in a bunch of them, give me a jingle :)

Here they are… please let me know what you think :)

Card #1 – Turquoise, olive Happy Birthday with bird Orange, gray and blue Happy Birthday with bird
Card #3 – Red, blue, green Happy Birthday with bird Card #4 – Yellow, gray and black Happy Birthday with bird
Card #5 – Blue, green & gray Happy Birthday with bird Card #6 Blue & Green Cupcake Happy Birthday
Card #7 – Purple, turquoise & green cupcake Happy Birthday Card #8 – Pink, white & gray with cupcake Happy Birthday
Card #9 – Pink & yellow chintz cupcake Happy Birthday Card #10 – Pink, yellow, green cupcake Happy Birthday
Card #11 – Purple & blue Happy Birthday owl Card #12 – Yellow, gray and green Happy Birthday owl
Card #13 – Fern & wood Happy Birthday owl Card #14 – Coming Soon Placeholder (Happy Birthday black, gray and green with dog)
Card #15 – Tiny cluster flowers in black, gray, blue and pink Happy Birthday Card #16 – Red, turquoise & pink Thinking of You with bird
Card #17 – Gray, brown & pink Thinking of you with bird Card #18 – Black, white, green & light blue Thinking of You with owl
Card #19 – Kelly green, black & white Hello Friend Card #20 – Watercolor yellow, green & gray Thinking of You
Card #21 – Thinking of You hydrangeas Card #22 – Watercolor green, blue, purple Hello birdie
Card #23 – Coming soon (placeholder… Bonjour black and pink flowers) Card #24 – Hello There – dense flowers in green, gray and blue
Card #25 – Coming soon (placeholder Hello Friend flowers) Card #26 – Orange, gray and black with wood Thank You
Card #27 – Coming soon (placeholder – Thanks owl with trees) Card #28 – Yellow, gray & black Thank You
Card #29 – Blue, white and green With Gratitude Card #30 – Coming soon (placeholder – Thank you fern, frame and flowers)
Card #31 – Duckies – Welcome Sweet Baby Card #32 – Baby in tree with bird Congratulations
Card #33 – Whale Ahoy Baby Card #34 – Canary with tea cup Get Well Soon
Card #35 – Coming soon (placeholder – Get Well floral arrangement) Card #36 – Art deco blue, yellow Best Wishes
Card #37 – Pink & orange flowers Best Wishes Card #38 – Coming Soon (placeholder… party Celebrate elephant with peanut)
Card #39 – Coming soon (placeholder – Congrats daisies) Card #40 – Coming soon (placeholder – Congrats award)