The Last Two Weeks…

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= Bronchitis. 12 full days. I’m SO behind on work. Getting caught up has been interesting!

But this last weekend was jam packed with adventures.

My friend from LA was in town and we went antiquing. Here are some random stealth iphone shots:

And then… we went for a quick visit to the NC zoo with our friends who just moved here from Southern California…

The newest members were these albino alligators that apparently are supposed to be good luck…

So, they had a good luck display outside of the alligator exhibit, which our friends’ little boy posed in!

He had a really fun day! :) (So did we!)

We’re fascinated with alligators, so when we saw this squirrel playing in the tree above these sleepy gators, we were reluctantly curious to what he was doing. I got this video, but really, nothing happens until the 0:46 mark, so fast forward :) (I need to work on my editing skills!) Oh, and you may want to click “full screen” mode to see the little guy in action:

It’s a little hard to see, and maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious to watch! (And a relief that he got away without a scratch!)

Pollen, allergies, being outdoors… I guess this means we’re officially in the middle of spring!

And pink blossoms and lots of birdies… And grumpy birds, too! ;)

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