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Sandra Lee.

Where do I begin…

Was it her Kwanza cake, her pork loaf, her “baked potato” ice cream sundae complete with lemon icing pat of butter… her lush lush lush drink recipes?

I’m not sure.

There’s just something magical about her, and her semi-homemade-iness that sucks you right in.

She mashes up perfectly good food into other food (See her pumpkin tartlets!)… she uses tubs of processed dough, icing, meat and other “stuff” to create culinary masterpieces. Not to mention her tablescapes and kitchen dressing. And on Halloween, she’ll dress up like Cher, or Cleopatra or Madonna… see what I’m saying?? Magic.

Oh, Food Network… you broke that mold, didn’t you. (Please tell me you did). If you were “processed food assembly” network…. I’d get it. But… Alton Brown and the Iron Chefs must wonder about this setup… so…. “one of these things just doesn’t belong… one of these things just isn’t the same”. And so forth.

Enough ;)

The reason I am here, is to show you the lovely packaging I did for a friend of mine who loves Sandy Lee JUST as much as I do! (Probably more… since in one of her letters she sent me SEVERAL magazine subscription cards that she found time and time again falling carelessly out her cooking magazines. She was perplexed that they existed, so she sent them to me to inspect and enjoy.)

Behold… it’s the Sandra Lee fringe gift wrapping complete with many screenshots and publicity book tour pictures!

and when we lift the fringe here…

Peekaboo! A little surprise! It’s my favorite shot!

So, you want to know how to make this masterpiece, do you?

I started with making a collage sheet of all the pictures of Sandy that I could find…

Click on this and you’ll get the HUGE version for you to print, too!

I printed this sheet on a sheet of sticker paper. I sliced this sheet in half, long ways and cut scallops along the sides to make it super fancy (you’ll see that at the end).

You’ll need 3 sheets of tissue, a wrapped present, scissors, tape and your Sandy sheet

Layer your tissue like so…

fold the tissue in half, length wise…

Accordion fold your tissue, about 4 times, a third of the way up the tissue

Cut the accordion to make fringe

It’s looking super festive already!

Cut out your fringe, an inch above where the fringe starts. Tape this to your package on one side, leaving room for fringe #2 to go on at the top

One side…

Then the other…

Get ready to add the sandy sheet…


Remember to keep it simple, keep it pretty, make it special and always keep it… Semi-Homemade!

(Apologies to anyone who likes Sandra and her work. But you have to admit… that Kwanza cake was prettty side-eye worthy!)

I love how she so accurately measures her spices! And while watching her ice that cake, my teeth started hurting… is that normal? Oh, and in another picture, the candles were bigger AND they used cornuts. I hope they were cool ranch flavor! This totally gets me in the Holiday spirit!

Merry Merry!

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