One of Two for Tuesday – Five Below

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Down at the Beaver Creek shopping “experience”, they have a new store called Five Below. Such a strange phenomenon… a store that is like the dollar store, but five times that. It’s the wannabe hipper, cooler cousin of the Dollar Store and Target. Things in wheel barrows, buckets and tubs… lined up in rows. All with huge signs everywhere. Oh, and loud techno-ish music blaring from all sides of the store… it was like faux “high energy”.

Imagine hearing that techo beat! (oonch- a -oonch- a -oonch – a -…)

Look! it’s a family of skateboards waiting to take their revenge.

Who thought this was a good idea…. “guys…. GUYS! I know, let’s take a physically intensive TV show and turn it into a CARD game!”

Pencil toppers… your super-uber-adorable erasers sit in little glittery cups atop your favorite pencil or other writing device. You’ll never make a mistake again! (You are all getting these for Christmas)

One thing that was missing? A sales associate. They were all in the back for the entire 10-15 minutes we were there. There were people standing up at the cash register saying “Hellooooo?!?” And when they did mosey on up to the front, they talked amongst themselves and ignored us for a few more minutes. HA. Where is that piped-in energy? It was an entertaining visit to say the least! And yes, we left with a soccer ball and huge tennis ball for Meg. I think we overpaid.

Oh, I guess I missed Oprah’s favorite things… too busy looking at crap in bins.

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