Stuff I’ve made… the late edition…

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This cold has gone bronchial and I’m feeling really spacey and out of it… sometimes in a fun way, but mostly not. The light headed-ness and fever spikes are helpful for coming up with creative scrabble moves, ordering colorful scarves and for seeing the world in a whole new way. But, in terms of getting work done and focusing on stuff like… Math, actual fact-fortified blogs, remembering to grab your purse at Panera… not so good. One flight of stairs and my lungs wave the white flag, too. TMI? Probably.

So, I sort of made these charms below, about 10 years ago.

I sculpted each little design out of Sculpey and took it to a fabulous place that does lost wax casting. It’s a fascinating process, if you get the time to take a look at that link :)

In a nutshell…they took my little original, made a mold, then injected that mold 40-something times with wax to make 40 little wax charms. These little wax guys were put into plaster. The plaster was then heated up, removing all the wax and then silver was injected into each of these little channels and behold… lots of little silver charms are born!

I called these Knick Knack Paddy Whacks… charms for your pet’s collar.

The owners of the silver casting studio that I got my charms made at then commissioned me to make them some… very different charms. They wanted primitive-looking goddess charms. These look so primitive that I’m sure you could use some to trade for a goat or two.

No laughing…

Most of you are familiar with the Venus (of Willendorf). The original clay sculptures date back to 24,000–22,000 B.C.E. There is speculation that this is the type of woman that was desired at the time… well fed and fertile in a droopy sort of way… you know, the opposite of today ;)

This is the goddess of Earth or Spring… or… life. It was modeled after several famous goddess figures.

This one was completely made up… it’s the fairy goddess… armless for some reason.

This is modeled after the Storyteller doll, made by the Pueblo people of New Mexico.

Lastly, this is the Inuit Angel. I totally made it up. She’s a cross between an Edward Gorey woman, an Eskimo and an angel.

I have a few of these up for sale in my ebay store, as well as some other sterling silver charms I am clearing out :)

I haven’t heard from the lost wax silver casting people in many years… we kept in touch for a few, then they moved twice and merged with another business. Last time I was there they were making promotional silver rings for the first Lord of the Rings movie… pretty cool!

Charming charms, don’t you think ;) hehe.

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