Thrifty Thursday – The Sales are Coming, The Sales are Coming!

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Don’t get up at 4am on Friday to find a sale! Enjoy your food hangover, nurse that dishwasher’s elbow and shop with us at home! :)

November 25-29 only!
(we extended the sale to run through cyber Monday!)
10-40% off our entire website!
and FREE shipping on your orders of $45.00 or more!

How about that!

Just enter “thankful” at checkout to receive your free shipping!

Annnddd… over at ebay, we’ve got all sort of stuff on sale, too! Similar stock that we carry on the website, but also jewelry-making supplies, charms and random other little baubles, imperfect items, ornaments and Disney things.

Some things have free shipping, but not everything… we can’t mix and match sales with ebay and the main website, I apologize. But if you buy from BOTH, I’ll give you a great deal on shipping! :) (Next to nothing, I promise!) Just let me know you plan on shopping at both before we calculate your total :)

Click HERE to go over to ebay!

Happy Butter, I mean, Turkey day! ;)


LWICD Wednesday – Nobody. Does it like…

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Sandra Lee.

Where do I begin…

Was it her Kwanza cake, her pork loaf, her “baked potato” ice cream sundae complete with lemon icing pat of butter… her lush lush lush drink recipes?

I’m not sure.

There’s just something magical about her, and her semi-homemade-iness that sucks you right in.

She mashes up perfectly good food into other food (See her pumpkin tartlets!)… she uses tubs of processed dough, icing, meat and other “stuff” to create culinary masterpieces. Not to mention her tablescapes and kitchen dressing. And on Halloween, she’ll dress up like Cher, or Cleopatra or Madonna… see what I’m saying?? Magic.

Oh, Food Network… you broke that mold, didn’t you. (Please tell me you did). If you were “processed food assembly” network…. I’d get it. But… Alton Brown and the Iron Chefs must wonder about this setup… so…. “one of these things just doesn’t belong… one of these things just isn’t the same”. And so forth.

Enough ;)

The reason I am here, is to show you the lovely packaging I did for a friend of mine who loves Sandy Lee JUST as much as I do! (Probably more… since in one of her letters she sent me SEVERAL magazine subscription cards that she found time and time again falling carelessly out her cooking magazines. She was perplexed that they existed, so she sent them to me to inspect and enjoy.)

Behold… it’s the Sandra Lee fringe gift wrapping complete with many screenshots and publicity book tour pictures!

and when we lift the fringe here…

Peekaboo! A little surprise! It’s my favorite shot!

So, you want to know how to make this masterpiece, do you?

I started with making a collage sheet of all the pictures of Sandy that I could find…

Click on this and you’ll get the HUGE version for you to print, too!

I printed this sheet on a sheet of sticker paper. I sliced this sheet in half, long ways and cut scallops along the sides to make it super fancy (you’ll see that at the end).

You’ll need 3 sheets of tissue, a wrapped present, scissors, tape and your Sandy sheet

Layer your tissue like so…

fold the tissue in half, length wise…

Accordion fold your tissue, about 4 times, a third of the way up the tissue

Cut the accordion to make fringe

It’s looking super festive already!

Cut out your fringe, an inch above where the fringe starts. Tape this to your package on one side, leaving room for fringe #2 to go on at the top

One side…

Then the other…

Get ready to add the sandy sheet…


Remember to keep it simple, keep it pretty, make it special and always keep it… Semi-Homemade!

(Apologies to anyone who likes Sandra and her work. But you have to admit… that Kwanza cake was prettty side-eye worthy!)

I love how she so accurately measures her spices! And while watching her ice that cake, my teeth started hurting… is that normal? Oh, and in another picture, the candles were bigger AND they used cornuts. I hope they were cool ranch flavor! This totally gets me in the Holiday spirit!

Merry Merry!


Two of Two for Tuesday – The Calm Before the Storm

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It’s that time of year again! Dust off your pup tents and head on over to best buy to sleep on the sidewalk for a day or two!

Wait… you don’t do that?

Last year I did all my shopping from my computer… mostly Amazon.com, but it was SO much easier than the mad shuffle into those stores on that Friday that shall not be named.

In the Violet Cottage realm, I’m planning on some pretty deep discounts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the website and over at ebay… I’ll post the details on Thursday.

I’ll leave you with these quiet shots from our local Anthro & Pottery barn…
some flowers I almost purchased (I want to draw them!) and Meg playing tug-of-war with a lobster and a puppy (this is Jacques Cousteau stuff!)!

p.s… if you are a child of the mid-70’s you might remember this… in the grocery store they would have fresh flowers and cover them in fat silver or gold glitter (for some reason). I would fondle those flowers for as long as I could to get covered in the glitter. “oops, I’ve covered myself in the glitter that just happened to fall off”. I felt guilty for decades after, shoplifting gobs of glitter from Ralph’s. Anyone else… the glitter bandit… ?

p.s.s… cut to 2010… a 7lb turkey breast, 30 lbs of potatoes (I exaggerate), two pies, a bag of mini marshmallows, some bread, butter, herbs and produce = $197. Really? Next year it’s hungry man (WITH that brownie… ‘cuz it’s fancy) and stove top!

p.s.s.s… Oh google…

One of Two for Tuesday – Five Below

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Down at the Beaver Creek shopping “experience”, they have a new store called Five Below. Such a strange phenomenon… a store that is like the dollar store, but five times that. It’s the wannabe hipper, cooler cousin of the Dollar Store and Target. Things in wheel barrows, buckets and tubs… lined up in rows. All with huge signs everywhere. Oh, and loud techno-ish music blaring from all sides of the store… it was like faux “high energy”.

Imagine hearing that techo beat! (oonch- a -oonch- a -oonch – a -…)

Look! it’s a family of skateboards waiting to take their revenge.

Who thought this was a good idea…. “guys…. GUYS! I know, let’s take a physically intensive TV show and turn it into a CARD game!”

Pencil toppers… your super-uber-adorable erasers sit in little glittery cups atop your favorite pencil or other writing device. You’ll never make a mistake again! (You are all getting these for Christmas)

One thing that was missing? A sales associate. They were all in the back for the entire 10-15 minutes we were there. There were people standing up at the cash register saying “Hellooooo?!?” And when they did mosey on up to the front, they talked amongst themselves and ignored us for a few more minutes. HA. Where is that piped-in energy? It was an entertaining visit to say the least! And yes, we left with a soccer ball and huge tennis ball for Meg. I think we overpaid.

Oh, I guess I missed Oprah’s favorite things… too busy looking at crap in bins.


Magazine Monday – “Patina” – Apricot, Pumpkin, Oatmeal & Pale Turquoise

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The September 2010 issue of House Beautiful sparked a beautiful color palette choice this week :)


Weekend adventures – Charleston, SC…

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Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since I’ve blogged! One week of the cold/bronchitis and then a last-minute adventure down to Florida. I’m SO glad we went, too… because if anything is going to get you in the Holiday spirit, it’s Disneyworld and their over-the-top decorations. So much so that while we were in Celebration (the Disney uber-planned community) to grab lunch, we spoke to a real estate agent about properties there (on a whim… at first). She mentioned something about how the town gets really into Christmas and they host parades (or something) and it snows (and Santa is there… whatever) in their little downtown area all of December. It was the most exciting thing we had heard in a long time, apparently, because on the spot… my Mom and I decided to move there and began working out the logistics of the whole thing. It could have been the first eggnog latte of the season we had just consumed or how we wanted to never leave our little escape from reality… but we got sucked in… drank the Disney kool-aid and other cliches. After the actual reality and complication of the situation leaked into our perfect dream bubble, we snapped out of it… but… I’m still getting Celebration real estate updates. (Sucker).

I’ll post Disney pics next week… since I have Charleston pics to share, now!

So, we went on this day trip about 3 weeks ago. DH’s parents were here and they have been to almost every state in the nation, except for North Dakota and South Carolina. So… we went to South Carolina to check that off their list!

Unique doors, entryways, fences, gates… fresh paint and plants… a storybook land…

Of course we brought Meg ;)

And…Meg made a friend…

who didn’t move much…

Random “art”…

This is our second visit to Charleston… the first one was a year ago, and I think that trip may had more variety, picture-wise. We did the same thing then, too. Wandered the main streets, got funneled into little side streets and took pictures along the way. A walking/picture-taking tour. So relaxing and fun.

For some reason, Charleston didn’t suck us in like Celebration did. Perhaps it’s because most of the Charleston homes start at $2 Million (And I suppose it could also be because Mickey isn’t there).


Stuff I’ve made… the late edition…

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This cold has gone bronchial and I’m feeling really spacey and out of it… sometimes in a fun way, but mostly not. The light headed-ness and fever spikes are helpful for coming up with creative scrabble moves, ordering colorful scarves and for seeing the world in a whole new way. But, in terms of getting work done and focusing on stuff like… Math, actual fact-fortified blogs, remembering to grab your purse at Panera… not so good. One flight of stairs and my lungs wave the white flag, too. TMI? Probably.

So, I sort of made these charms below, about 10 years ago.

I sculpted each little design out of Sculpey and took it to a fabulous place that does lost wax casting. It’s a fascinating process, if you get the time to take a look at that link :)

In a nutshell…they took my little original, made a mold, then injected that mold 40-something times with wax to make 40 little wax charms. These little wax guys were put into plaster. The plaster was then heated up, removing all the wax and then silver was injected into each of these little channels and behold… lots of little silver charms are born!

I called these Knick Knack Paddy Whacks… charms for your pet’s collar.

The owners of the silver casting studio that I got my charms made at then commissioned me to make them some… very different charms. They wanted primitive-looking goddess charms. These look so primitive that I’m sure you could use some to trade for a goat or two.

No laughing…

Most of you are familiar with the Venus (of Willendorf). The original clay sculptures date back to 24,000–22,000 B.C.E. There is speculation that this is the type of woman that was desired at the time… well fed and fertile in a droopy sort of way… you know, the opposite of today ;)

This is the goddess of Earth or Spring… or… life. It was modeled after several famous goddess figures.

This one was completely made up… it’s the fairy goddess… armless for some reason.

This is modeled after the Storyteller doll, made by the Pueblo people of New Mexico.

Lastly, this is the Inuit Angel. I totally made it up. She’s a cross between an Edward Gorey woman, an Eskimo and an angel.

I have a few of these up for sale in my ebay store, as well as some other sterling silver charms I am clearing out :)

I haven’t heard from the lost wax silver casting people in many years… we kept in touch for a few, then they moved twice and merged with another business. Last time I was there they were making promotional silver rings for the first Lord of the Rings movie… pretty cool!

Charming charms, don’t you think ;) hehe.


Behind on everything…

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Been under the weather… so for now… I’m having adventures in which tea to choose! (Mostly mint or Earl Grey… but who knows what excitement will be waiting tomorrow!)

I’m just telling myself that I’ll be full of energy in the next day or two… yep.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend!