Thrifty Thursday – Craigslist Vanity

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I mentioned this 1920’s vanity in yesterday’s post… I’ve had it for over a year and just now finally painted it.

I got it on Craigslist… not in the best shape, but it still cleaned up pretty well :) I only paid $60.00. In California I would have paid well over $100+ for it :) So, I’m feeling pretty good about this purchase ;)

It had some veneer coming up in places. Most of it I just painted over, but in one place I smooshed in some wood glue in-between the veneer and the underlying wood. I then put down a piece of wax paper with a piece of wood over it and clamped it. I let that dry overnight before painting.

To get it into paint-ready shape and evict a few spiders… I hosed it off and then promptly got distracted, which led to a few warped drawer bottoms :/ So, I wouldn’t recommend hosing it off unless you have towels at the ready. A damp toweling off will do if you don’t trust yourself ;) I then lightly sanded it and wiped off the sanding residue. Then, I used a spray paint primer in a can. You’ll need 2 cans to get the job done. Then I used 2 cans of this black spraypaint over the primer. Very easy!

I was reaallllyyyy sloppy about painting the mirror. First, I sanded the frame lightly. I then literally got a few pieces of cardstock paper and slid it in-between the wood frame and the mirror and sprayed the frame with black paint and moved the paper as I sprayed. I had to change paper as it got saturated with paint. It was the quickest way to get the job done, but I won’t lie… it made a mess! I had to scrub my hands and nails and had to scrape the excess paint off the mirror. But, it was still a lot quicker to do it this way than to prime it and paint it or paint it by hand. Super lazy and quick.

All-in-all it looks pretty good, it’s sturdy, the wheels roll well and the large mirror is super cool. The silver in the mirror is starting tarnish a bit and it’s crackling, too, but I find that very charming :)

Because I don’t know when to stop… I may cover the vanity with hand-painted flowers. Oh, and it needs some knobs, too… maybe I’ll get to that in the next 18 months… but at least it’s painted and in a room other than the garage :)


LWICD Wednesday – “Company is Coming” OCD

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Those around-the-house projects that are backing up on the conveyor belt of project shame… they get a much needed power-up when people are coming to stay with you… usually 24-48 hours before said guests arrive.

It started out small… cleaning the house, moving some stuff into the basement…

Put out clean washcloths, tiny shampoos and soaps…

Clean the sheets, put out clean towels…

Then… it got out of hand… (which is totally normal for me)

Paint a vanity/dressing table…



Finish painting the hallway…



And then finally… the room was put together…

Given more time, I’m sure I would have done (obsessed) more… the guest bathroom needs painting and some art… and the bedroom needs new curtains aanndd art, too… aaannnd… (will it ever end??)

So ask many of our guests… they will tell you that the smells of fresh paint will surround you as you drift off to sleep or perhaps it will stick to your luggage and you’ll take a chip of it home as a souvenir… (I apologize in advance…)

But at least the house dog will keep you company :) (When guests are here… Meg completely ignores us… )

Sweet dreams! :)


Two of Two for Tuesday – Other blogs

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Lots of clicking adventures!

Click on these links because… seriously… these bloggers are SO creative… it’s scary:

The House of Smiths – Halloween decor extravaganza (Why do I always want to spell “ExtravaDANZA” after seeing that billboard in Burbank in the 90’s?!? Ugh… Tony Danza will forever haunt me! hehe)

Mod Vintage Life – love love LOVE these ghosts!

Tatertots and Jello – Hostess gift ideas

Eighteen25– (SO fun… and overwhelming – There is SO much to look at!!!)

Be Different, Act Normal – recipes!

Not Martha – List of Halloween crafts!

It is what it is… SO many fun crafting ideas!

The Crafty Crow – check this out if you are a teacher!! Great kid-friendly crafts!

What to do with ribbon scraps…

So, I started blogging in 2006 (Where’s my trophy?)… I’m going to assume that there are… 7000% more blogs NOW than there were then. About 1/4- 1/2 (yes, I’m doing math) of my “regular reads” have disappeared or become inactive. (And I worry… they could at least have a goodbye post! right? *I’m nuts*). So, upon my diving into the deep end of the blogger/blogspot world (Shaking my fist at google)… I’m completely, utterly and totally overwhelmed and feel inadequate to the crafting skills, abilities and ingenuity of these ladies. Either these folks have ghost writers… or they are sporting wonder woman outfits underneath their laptops. (Or maybe it’s caffeine?) **(I CHECKED… err… snooped… many of my blogs are group projects with several ladies involved so HA… I need an entourage STAT)

Aaannndddd there are these networks where they get together and have giveaways, projects and blog posts with unified themes and connected little icons and buttons and stuff. It’s like a new language! (“Can I join in?” Said with a squeaky little girl voice)

I’ll go be jealous somewhere else… but seriously… click on a few of the above links… prepare to be blown away with Halloween magic & supernatural crafting skills ;)

Oh, and p.s… I started a blogger/blogspot blog over at google so I could feel like one of the cool kids… I’m still confused if this is how I should join that network or there is another way (joining said art group entourage, for example). Oh, and does anyone know why blogspot and blogger are one in the same now? I guess I could google that… (shudder… they are taking over the world, I tell you!).

Feeling silly… and tired today… not enough hours in this day!! :)

Giveaway winners…

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The winners to the giveaway are…

Laurie from Laurie Star

Michelle from Petite Michelle Louise

And Graycee (Who doesn’t have a blog… but maybe she’ll start one?)

Congrats to the winners! I sent emails to each of you already :) yay!

One of Two for Tuesday – Minus Sound Research

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Last weekend we ventured out to the Arts Center in Carrboro to meet up with our friends and check out the Minus Sound Research art exhibit…

From their website:

Minus Sound Research is an artist collective comprised of local North Carolina musicians/artists that was started by Maria Albani and John Harrison in November of 2006. The focus of MSR is to provide the opportunity for musicians to exhibit their visual art and share it with the public.

So we wandered around, sipped on some beer and met some new friends. Here are a few pieces from the exhibit:

“Value Study II” by Casey Burns

“When all the Cannons Have Silenced” by Beth Tacular

“Untitled” by Michael Triplett

You can purchase a book with pictures of all of their art… totally cool! Check it out :)

We absorbed some culture that night… yay! ;)


Magazine Monday – I Love Blue!

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Most of these images are from Domino Magazine :)

If you click on this last picture, you can see it larger in a new page…

That little print above with the snail, giraffe, squirrel, swan etc… that was the inspiration for our basement. Every wall in the basement is the color of one of those little creatures… I even took that clip with me to the Home Depot and had them mix colors off of it :)


Weekend Adventures – Charlotte, NC

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Now that my dh has New York fever, we had to drive to our nearest semi-big city, Charlotte, to check it out and see some “buildings”. We currently live in a sleepy bedroom community called Cary, which is 20 minutes west of Raleigh. We mostly see big box stores, trees, walking trails, more trees, lakes, streams and the occasional field of tobacco or livestock… not a whole lot of cityscapes. Raleigh does have a few blocks of big buildings, but it’s not as dense as Charlotte. So, we’re actively trying to find some impressive concrete jungles within a few hour drive of here to keep him sane and happy ;)

Look! There are some actual buildings peeking through those trees!!

Of course we took our dog! ;)

We took a picture of Meg on the steps of the side entrance of this church…

Then a few days later I saw the same church (across from the restaurant we ate at) in the background of the cinematic masterpiece, Shallow Hal. I snapped a blurry pic off of the TV… Hal (Jack Black) is chasing after a lady he just shared a taxi with. It was a fun coincidence :)

We ended up eating at a restaurant called Rock Bottom. We used to frequent its parent company’s place in Burbank, Gordon Bierch, alllll the time. It was nice to have a familiar wedge salad and Oktoberfest beer out on the patio looking towards that famous church.

A google maps snap… so we can find our way back ;)

We think Meg could appreciate the nightlife & city noise, too

Washington, D.C. might be next on our list ;)!


Foodie Friday – Sugarland!!

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We’ve passed by Sugarland… I don’t know how many times… Then it was on the Food Network, revealing its secrets. That’s when I knew I had to stop in.

First, I checked out their website. On the sidebar, a quote from Julia Child…

“A party without cake is really just a meeting” – Julia Child

I love them already.

I went there on a crowded Monday at lunchtime. There were tons of people wandering around, students lugging heavy books, everyone on cell phones… parking was sparse… I was on a mission.

First off… their window is super colorful, full of energy and inviting. There are periwinkle tables and chairs out front, a few sandwich boards with super fun events coming up… and to remind us where we have seen them ;)

Then, just before you enter the shop… the most amazing mosaic I have ever seen!!!

My next store will have an entry like this… ;)

You are greeted with caramel apples and cupcakes…

As you make your way in past the cupcakes, there is a whole gelato case that is screaming for attention.

I had an affogato which had a few baby scoops of cappuccino gelato covered in two shots of espresso. It was just the right amount of sweet and bitter.

They encourage you to try the different flavors. So, I also tried the Tar Heel Champ Puffo gelato. It tasted like a combination of vanilla and daiquiri ice from Baskin Robbins, which is a lime/rum/citrus flavor. It was really good… I think I’ll get a simple scoop of that next time :)

I took home three cupcakes. Pumpkin chocolate chip, french vanilla and guiness chocolate.

The cake was a tad dry on the pumpkin, but the icing is the best I’ve ever tasted! It was light and whipped but still tasted buttery and not too sweet! I feel like it’s the same recipe on Good Eats that Alton Brown showed us… whip in an egg white… I swear, that’s what this was :) And the guiness cake? Errr… it really really did taste like beer so I wasn’t in love with the taste, but it was a great concept. I think my fave was the vanilla (I’m SO not a vanilla girl). It was perfect! :)

Cupcake Grade: A-

I can’t wait to bring all of our out-of-town guests here! ;) (Who am I kidding?!? I’ll probably go next week)

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