Baffled by Synergy…

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So, apparently you can create a page on facebook for people to “like”. You can also link said facebook page to twitter and then everyone will know what you are doing at the precise moment you are doing it. I’m game. (I think).

and if that doesn’t work… you can like us here:



Calling Penny McAllister fans…

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Most of our Penny McAllister items are on sale in our ebay store AND I’ve found a few more rare pieces that I’d been hanging on to :)

A very slightly damaged train set (starting bid, $9.99!!), or you can purchase a perfect one here :)

I’m actually going to part with my very last pumpkin bride and groom set… It’s up for sale on ebay here!

I also have one little elf that I was going to keep all to myself… but I feel like he can find a new home now :) He’s up for sale here :)

I’ll also be listing some simple round Halloween ornaments from her collection in 2006, too. Will get those up, soon! :) Thanks for looking! :)