Winding Roads & Twisting Wire

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Nathan and I have this new ritual where after work, we hop in the car and start driving in a random direction. The goal is to explore our surroundings… which are quite rural and green.

I say “random”, but I usually steer us towards Jordan lake because we didn’t grow up near water, so lakes are awesome! We take one windy country “church” road to another… passing churches from the 1800’s, ponds, donkeys, geese, deer and lots of tractors. But we usually end up at the lake :)

Here’s yesterday’s sunset over Jordan lake…

It had been raining and storming ALL day and the air was so thick, humid and steamy… I half-expected to see sparkling vampires and werewolves burst out of the bushes to duel while wearing lots of hair product and Abercrombie.

We also stumbled across this uber cool old general store. It’s called Bynum Front Porch where they play live local music every Friday. Pretty neat-o :)

I’ve been making jewelry to fill up this chandelier… alllmost time to reveal my masterpiece… but not quite yet ;) I’ve done new things with wire that I’ve never tried before… lots of twisting and wrapping…

And Meg… in a chair… because it’s adorable :)


Ink Correspondence – The “Week of Ink”

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When I want to say “hello” to someone… I don’t pick up my phone or a pen… I go to Facebook, send them an email or text message.

How forgettable.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve gotten really lazy when it comes to connecting the proper way with the friends I care about. I hide behind the online social networks and say my hellos in bulk… or with a simple “thumbs up”. I need to be re-trained.

Not to mention that those online comments will be there for all time… so you better get it right! (The pressure!!!)

I own two large shoe boxes (A Van’s and a Doc Martin’s Box… thank you very much) FULL of little hand-folded, hand-written notes on notebook paper from all my friends in elementary, jr. high and high school. I treasure them. I served detention for a few of them. I EARNED them.

Do kids even pass notes anymore? (Maybe it’s a good thing they don’t, I dunno).

I got this crazy idea… this week… I’m going to not check in on Facebook. Instead, I’m going to send postcards and letters to my friends. Shocking, isn’t it?!?

I invited my Facebook friends to send me their snail mail addresses so I could do just that. I’ve only heard from one person so far, so… maybe my enthusiasm and idealism is creepy or something ;)

Care to join me in the throwback “week of ink” ? :)

I’ve got a stack of old postcards that were supposed to go out to friends & family while at the destinations where they were purchased. Better a decade or two late than never? Instead of “wish you were here!”, I can say… “wish we were both here!” :)


Odd Obsession…

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I’ve been making a lot of jewelry lately… and I’ve had this strange obsession to… fill up this chandelier with earrings and necklaces before I start selling them… (I’ve always wanted a gemstone chandelier!)

The chandelier has four sides… which is perfect…

One side for green/yellow… (tourmaline, peridot, green amethyst, sapphire, citrine, chalcedony and pearls…)

One side for red/pink… (garnet, tourmaline, pink quartz, chalcedony and pearls)

One side for purples… (amethyst, fluorite, quartz and ametrine)

One side for blues… (sapphire, iolite, London blue topaz, aquamarine, apatite and blue quartz)

2 more weeks… hopefully less… to fill it up. Then the *theory* is to sell the pieces… but… I don’t know… I think they want to stay here ;)