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Little ducks by a tiny pond… now on sale in my etsy shop:

Printed at 300dpi, this image is 6″ wide by approximately 6 1/2″ tall. Use it for a birth announcement, scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, card making… lots of fun ideas :) The original was painted using acrylic paint. On our website, these ducks are found on a tote and a onesie, and on an art board, too!


Yet Another New Digital Collage Sheet :)

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Gray, green, yellow and white flowers now on sale in my etsy shop:

Print this and use it in shadowboxes, for collage, mixed media art projects, scrapbooking, paper chain… lots of fun stuff! I think I may paint this pattern over my mantel, personally ;)


A New Digital Collage Sheet…

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Black, gray and white chintz now on sale in my etsy shop:

Print this and use it in shadowboxes, for collage, mixed media art projects, scrapbooking, paper chain… lots of fun stuff!


A New Digital Collage Sheet…

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is up on etsy :)

Pink and yellow chintz…

I’ve been inspired, the chintz flood gates have opened! ;)


Digital Art Sheets on etsy!

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One of my friends suggested that I put some of my art up in my etsy store… as digital collage sheets or backgrounds. So, my art journal pages and other fun hand drawn or painted sheets can come home with you at high resolution :) You can use them for scrapbooking, card making, collaging, decoupaging… there are lots of uses :)

How it works is… you order on etsy (or you can order direct through me… just shoot me an email), and after I receive confirmation of your order, I email you a file that contains your art in high resolution. You know how the pictures you “obtain” from the internet are all blurry and pixely? That’s because the internet can only handle 72 dots per inch. When I email you this art, it will be 300 dots per inch (what most standard home printers print at) so it will be crisp and clear as a whistle :) You can then keep this art sheet and print it out to your heart’s content! As long as you aren’t reselling it or… using them for commercial purposes, that is. If you intend on using it for something other than your own personal use, please ask me about licensing my art for resale.

If you want to order more than three, let me know and I’ll cut you a deal :)

I really enjoy painting the wallpaper-ish florals… but I may branch out into other designs if this goes well… or WHEN this goes well, I should say ;)

Reeaalllly Simple Christmas Card Book…

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It’s March… which means it’s time for taking down the Christmas decorations!

A little late but… you know…

So, here are all my Christmas cards… I want to put them somewhere else so I can enjoy them later on…

So, I’m putting them into a little book for perusing later.

I used a two hole puncher and those paper prongs we used in accounting. I also added a red ribbon so I could sort of hide said prong from accounting:

I put our holiday card on top of the stack (you should always keep one of your own card!) And… 10 minutes later… you are done!

You could also add a spine with a cover, more ribbon around the binding area or tie it shut with a ribbon… lots of fun ideas.

I’ve already started 3 more books done in the same way. One with postcards and other old cards I want to save. Because the prongs open up so easily, you can even add cards as you go, keeping them in chronological order. It may not be the “artsiest” of bindings, but it’s quick, easy and everything is in one place! :)


oodles of doodles…

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I’m a doodler. When I’m on the phone, I doodle. When I should be paying attention, I doodle. I doodled all through school to stay awake in classes that were yawn-fests. I made teachers angry. I just can’t help myself. That’s why I loved being at Calarts, they encouraged aimless doodling.

I have tons of little fun sketches and doodles on shopping lists, notes, to-do lists… they are everywhere. So, I decided to cut them out and keep them in a drawer to collage with later. I even have stacks of fun receipts, scratched lottery tickets and other “slice of life” slips of paper… all telling a story. (Sort of like Babs’ 10 foot long Ralph’s register receipt of 30+ animal cookie boxes when I was 5? hmmm?)

Here are two of the collages…

I water colored a quick background on the first one… then glued down my house sketches from our Oak Island trip, some of them I punched holes in, then added some texture with colored pencil on top. Voila… an art journal entry!

The second one was from a month of doodling. I wish I would have put down a background color first, but… it’s a start. This page sort of tells a story of that month. I remember each little sketch and my level of boredom during each. Splendid!

On that note…It’s sort of strange how you can look at a piece of art you created and recall the emotion you were feeling as you made it, or at least what you were doing when you put it together. I used to be able to pick up a necklace and remember which sitcom or movie I was watching when I wrapped that wire… sometimes, I would name the necklace after the TV show’s theme, plot line or character. I went through a Sundance Channel phase where everything was named after artsy documentaries, an odd subtitle or things you’d find on Robert Redford’s ranch or in his catalog. I love theming, don’t you? ;)


Art Journal #44

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Ode to Alice in Wonderland and Mary Blair :)