Art Journal #43

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Had a wonderful weekend. A friend from high school came to visit and we had a great time. We went thrifting and got into a lot of trouble… I think she’s now traveling with double the luggage… oops ;)

Here’s the latest art journal. I think he’ll be put on the front of a card and above him in scrolly writing… “Who is having a Birthday” or “Who needs cheering up” or “Who needs to get out the house more”. The possibilities are endless :)


Luck o’ the Irish… cupcake.

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I had to…

The frosting almost looks like the cross section of Irish Spring soap… not very tasty… but I may try to recreate it in real food form to prove that stripey icing can be delicious. (Tangent: Do you remember that Irish Spring commercial where the guy is standing next to a waterfall, gets out his pocket knife and carves into the cake of soap showing you its strata, all while explaining it’s freshness using a thick Irish accent? I think that has stuck with me for decades because I still LOVE the smell and color of Irish Spring… truly… it’s the little things in life, isn’t it?)

This cupcake is currently being adhered to a wood board, will be covered in glitter and shiny gold paint and hanging from green ribbon… to adorn your home in time for St. Patty’s Day :)

Okay, so I found an Irish Spring commercial… no waterfall, but you see the soap cross section and it’s hilarious nonetheless!

If you watch the other Irish Spring commercials youtube suggests, you’ll see every cliche in the book… Irish setters, Irish flags, curly red-haired boys covered in freckles, vests, harps and green filters… no leprechauns or gold though… it must not really be Irish then, hmmm? :) hehe!


Art Journal #42

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Second in the series of cottages…


Art Journal #41

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You know how an old book makes a “creaking” noise when you open it because the spine hasn’t been stretched in years and years? Well, that’s the sound my art journal made when I picked it up this evening… it’s been way too long.

I’m thinking I’ll paint an entire series of cottages now :)

And here’s a piece I started back in 2003-2004… just finished it tonight (not sure I like it, though)… but it was a cute idea…

I found inspiration in the art of Mary Blair for the top painting, and the barn painting came from an old album cover, but I can’t remember which? I seem to recall the artist was Shag‘s inspiration. If you want to explore new ways of doing art (music etc), you could read about your favorite artist and find out who inspired them, and work all the way back… and it’s fun to do the research, too :)


Glittering up a storm…

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We had fun over the weekend… Avatar musical chairs, baristas with attitude and not watching the Super Bowl at a Super Bowl party. We met more of our new neighbors and it ended with us all playing Rock Band… and we weren’t even at our house. How. Does that… always happen? :) (we secretly LOVE it)

It’s been rainy, gloomy and cold here in Cary… supposed to be super windy and stormy tomorrow. There are still tiny stubborn patches of snow sprinkled around where the sun can’t reach them. I’ve been perched up in my office, glittering by chandelier with a nice hot cup of tea, gazing out the window at all the rain. Every once in a while a gorgeous red cardinal will sit in the small tree out front, then decide he’s had enough and flutter away to find some shelter. I think we’re all ready for spring to arrive :)

I’ve been procrastinating on these art boards… I guess it took a gray day for me to sit down and finish what I started…

and the finished product…

All of these art boards are listed on the website :)

Glitter makes any gloomy day 100% better! AND it gets you thinking… what else can I put glitter on??

I have a zillion ideas swimming around in my brain (at any given moment at least)… my fingers can’t keep up and that is frustrating! I have dozens of new designs cued up to become an art board, pendant, greeting card or art journal entry… does one really need to sleep? Just wonderin’.

But sometimes, I’m so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of these ideas, that I break down and turn on (guilty pleasure alert) Judge Judy instead of creating… because I believe she’s working hard enough for all of us, really.

Normally… said ideas would be sketches, half-finished paintings, emails to myself or they get lost in the Tasmanian devil that is my office… I’ve found a new solution (Thank you Brian!). It is the elephant (aka Evernote). I will share this link, but will go into more detail further :) Long story short… it’s amazing. Double amazing if you have an iphone. And it doesn’t look like much, but utilized properly… (or semi-properly in my case) it’s the organizing tool you’ve always wanted :) More to come on that later!

Going to get some sleep… she said reluctantly :)