Did a Little Baking…

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Made a few treats to mail out… realized half-way through that cupcakes probably wouldn’t ship well so… cookies will ship, cupcakes will go out to our local peeps :)

On our baking menu…

  • Oatmeal cookies sandwiched with butter cream frosting and rolled in mini chocolate chips
  • Chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with butter cream frosting and rolled in crushed peppermint
  • Chocolate with chocolate and white chocolate chip cookies
  • Peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies
  • Mini vanilla cupcakes topped with butter cream frosting then rolled in sugar, chocolate chips or peppermint


2010 Holiday Christmas Card…

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Thought I would share our Christmas card this year… I had a lot of fun making it :)


The inside… (watercolor and ink)

And the other side of the inside…

It’s a 1960’s Christmas :)


Violet Cottage is Participating in Free Shipping Day!

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We’ve decided to participate in the 2nd annual Free Shipping Day!

Over 600 merchants will be participating. Many of them will have free shipping without any other restrictions (like us!) Order anytime on Thursday, December 17th and get FREE shipping with guaranteed delivery by December 24th.

So, on December 17th from Midnight PST to Midnight PST, we will offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders! No minimum to buy! :) Enter the code “freeship” at checkout to receive your free shipping.


The Mantels of Christmas Past…

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Mantels are for decorating… it’s the heart of the living room, and usually the heart of the home. Back in California, we never used our fireplace (at all), but here in North Carolina, we turn it on and actually use it! Here is our current Christmas mantel (in our very first home!)…

And here is 2008’s mantel…

At the store, we had a few fake mantels sprinkled around… Here are a few Christmas Mantels from the years gone by….

… and our very first Christmas tree back in 2003…

Here are some random mantel displays…

Birthday mantel

Explorer mantel

Valentine’s Day mantel

Valentine’s mantel close up

Halloween mantel

Ocean-themed room mantel

Hard to see, but this is a handmade freestanding mantel that we had in the store (made by Robert… who we miss!)

Here is my Mom’s mantel and Christmas Cupboard…

I love all the pink and green! She has a pink Christmas tree, too… hopefully she’ll get that picture to me, soon :)

If you have an awesome mantel display, email it to me and I’ll post it here! :) Happy decorating!!


Drink and Be Merry :)

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Here are a few quick and easy gift ideas… with a drinking theme…

A little gift set with a tea cup and saucer along with ginger-infused honey & herbal tea mixes would be a hit! (Thanks Home Made Simple!)

Take a bottle of sparkling apple cider, wine or champagne and add a big bow and an ornament… it’s festive, cheerful and easy to do! We sold these at the shop a few years ago… at first they were props, but then they flew off the shelves. (Thanks, Babs!)

Or… you can be super adventurous and make your own flavored liquor… We got some homemade Kahlua one year as a gift… it was fantastic! Check out this Kahlua recipe. (Thanks Beth & Morgan!)

If you are lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area, why not check out Galco’s Soda Pop shop and get everyone some nostalgia in a bottle (I think they ship, too). Bubble Up, Nesbitt’s, Dr. Pepper in a glass bottle and my favorite… Mint Julep soda. We carried these at Violets are Blue for a while. It was so much fun to watch people light up as they grabbed their favorite childhood soda… and even more fun to watch them wince and say “I don’t remember it being this sweet!”

Just look at the outside of the building and the magical fluorescent lighting… time stands still when you are in there… literally! :)

Now I want to look up peppermint martini recipes (anything with a fancy sugar rim), investigate items that can be put in mugs and stock up on gourmet coffee from A Southern Season (If you are ever in Chapel Hill… GO). And someone out there, not naming any names… will be getting a gallon of blueberry syrup from her favorite gourmet eatery, The Cracker Barrel… that’s sort of a beverage, right ? :D

Oh, and I just bought some pumpkin eggnog at the store… it’s a little (or a lotle) overwhelming, but isn’t that what the holidays are all about? ;)


Meg’s Photo Shoot

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As usual, the star of our Christmas card is our dog, Meg.

Here are some pictures from our photo shoot this evening… I can’t seem to pick one picture that I love the most!

Towards the end… she wasn’t interested in posing for us anymore ;)


Paper Chain!

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I got the bug to make some paper chain… I used some fancy scrapbook paper and regular ol’ construction paper…

I sat on the floor and cut out small 6 or 7 inch strips and started gluing…

and gluing…

Until I had a chain that was about 10 feet long!

I put that on a little antique gold tree and added some of my favorite ornaments…

I can see why this project would be perfect for kids… I went into the crafting zone and forgot what I was doing… I wanted to make an 8′ chain and ended up adding an extra 2’… just because it was fun. And I used colors that would compliment my office so I could hang it in here after the holidays. Paper chain just graduated to all-year-round decor.

So maybe when you need some quiet time, ask your kids to make you a paper chain… oooh…. 60 feet should do it! ;)