Layered Art Postcards…

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About a year ago, I was inspired to purchase several black and white postcards of mostly British stage actresses from the early 1900’s. They are like the very first head shots or tiny movie posters featuring your favorite starlet… I thought they were really cool. I added color and surrounded each lady with flowers and a few other objects. Hundreds of Photoshop layers later, a collage of color and texture.

I also did some research on each of them, in the hopes that I might happily uncover an amazing story or two.

Here’s Miss Adrienne Augarde…

Miss Augarde was a young stage actress who was born on May 12, 1882. She played Renee de Saint Mezard in the 1905 production of the The Duchess of Dantzic, The Lady Margaret O’Donnell in the 1909-1910 romantic comedy Peggy Machree and in her last performance in 1912, she performed the lead role of Daphne in the operetta, The Rose Maid. She died in Chicago on March 18, 1913 at the age of 31 as a result of an operation for appendicitis.

Next is Miss Thelma Raye…

Thelma just looks like she would be sort of sassy, doesn’t she? :) She was born in 1887 in Buenos Aries, Brazil. She starred in several plays, mostly in London, between 1905 to 1922. Her second marriage was to actor Ronald Colman who was an up-and-coming actor when they wed. As his career advanced quickly during the era of the new “talky pictures”, Thelma’s career stayed flat… which sounds like a familiar story you hear nowadays! They had a messy divorce and Thelma wasn’t heard from again until early 1939. Describing herself as ‘the Original Mrs. Ronald Colman,’ Thelma Raye was reported to have opened a small sports/novelty shop at Laguna Beach, California. How very curious! You can read more of her biography here.

Miss Lalla Stanhope

I couldn’t find much on Miss Stanhope… it looks like she was in a few plays in 1891-1905, but I can’t find more information.

Finally, we have Miss Dorothy Dix

When I googled “Dorothy Dix” I couldn’t find much information on this specific actress from London. An American actress, a well-known journalist and many others came up, but alas… not our girl. The card I have states she played AndrĂ©e de Marsac in Bardelys the Magnificent.

These lovely ladies are for sale at violetcottage.com in postcard form. The cards are 4.25″ x 6″ and are 70 cents each, plus shipping. Send one to a friend, glitter them up and hang them on your Christmas tree, cut them up and craft with the scraps… have fun!


4th Quarter Madness!

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October did it again… it snuck up on us when we weren’t looking and BAM, it’s Halloween next this weekend. Funny how the Summer slipped away so quietly, we didn’t even notice that, either ;) (Unless you are in California and it’s really just Summer all year round)

Right on cue… the leaves are changing into their fall wardrobe…

And our home is starting to show some personality :) (This is our living room…)

And the corner cabinet that houses my Blue Heaven collection ;)

I’ve been so involved with listing Halloween on the website, starting our other business, packing, unpacking and getting settled in to the new place that I completely forgot that Thanksgiving is a few weeks away then Christmas… I’m not ready!! I’ve been involved in retail for the better half of 2 decades, you’d think I’d get the hang of this ;)

Rachel and I signed up for a crafting & music event called Rock, Paper, Scissors. It’s Saturday, November 7th, 2009 from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the Trotter Building (410 W. Geer Street, just one block north of the Scrap Exchange). We’re pretty excited :) Please come out if you can! :)

Well, it’s off to crafting land! Have a great Monday!


Painting the wall… Time Lapse

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Time Lapse Wall Painting from carrie hannegan on Vimeo.

A cameo from Meg and everything :)

My New Office… Now in Technicolor!

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I asked myself… if I could do anything in my new office… what would it be? Answer: Wallpaper every inch… every stripe a different design and cover the ceiling, too. Make it as chaotic and inspiring, yet as calming as possible.

Ya, sure… that’s practical.

Instead, I took a brush to one wall and covered it in flowers… and I covered a few pieces of furniture in flowers, too. It’s sort of a compromise, but there are still 3 walls ;) hehe!

As you can see, Meg’s new sniffing spot is to my left when I’m sitting at the computer. She loves to perch here and watch the neighbors come and go.

This is my favorite stripe of wallpaper (it took the longest to paint)… we even did a time lapse animation of me painting it… (it’ll be online soon!) The inspiration for this design came from an old pillowcase I found at SunThrift in Sunland, CA. :)

I took the old awning from the Violets are Blue candy section and put it over my drafting table. A chandelier, some tissue pouf balls and ribbon… voila… a creating cave!

And… my cupcake, etc collection. Some “My Little Ponies” have been added to bring back the I-am-seven-years-old vibe. Remember when you would play for hours with a bright piece of plastic with a tail… and talk to them like they were real? Good times. (Secret… I still do that, you know, talking to myself thing… but only when I’m painting…)

There’s still more nooks and crannies to share… but they all need another coat of paint… or twelve :)


Edible Art…

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Why oh why am I (and so many others) continually impressed when looking at artful cupcakes and cakes? I could browse photos of incredibly decorated cake for hours… why is that? :) I can also watch an Ace of Cakes marathon and be thoroughly content. (And I would love to work with Duff & Mary Alice and sit in one of those fancy blue chairs!)

Any sort of iced confection reminds you that a celebration or party is afoot. Butter, eggs, sugar and flour… covered in more butter = party cornerstone = joy.

I saw a cake today via boingboing.net that got me in the decorating mood…

This “Starry Night” cake is a creation by Megpi on Flickr. I love that this was done with icing and it looks painted on in a happy free form sort of way. The colors blend so beautifully and you can tell that Megpi has some formal art training. So awesome. I’m happy that it’s not fondant, because fondant seems scary to me.

I’m intimidated by fondant… it seems that you get one shot and if it’s not perfect on the first try, you have to start over. I have 2 boxes in my pantry just waiting for me… but… alas… it frightens me. Even with the decade of fimo abuse I took, I just can’t seem to get the fondant out! (ooooh, has anyone done a fondant cane like fimo?? I’m sure someone has… but fondant dries out quicker. I had some crazy elaborate fimo canes… hmmmm). Here’s an example of some fimo canes (Thank you Nogadin on Flickr for this image):

Just for inspiration… Here are some other fun cake and cupcake pictures…

Alice in Wonderland cupcakes by Be Cheery on Flickr.

Beautiful rose cupcakes by Hello Naomi on Flickr.

Mini Chocolate Cake by Bev from Sugarbloom Cupcakes on Flickr.

Cupcake cake by Cupcake Journal on Flickr.

Dogwood Cake and cupcakes by Consumedbycake on Flickr.

“Sweet India” Cake and cupcake by Icing Dreams on Flickr.

Tattoo cupcake by Bakerella on Flickr.

Christening cupcake and cake tower by Blue Cupcake on Flickr.

These cupcakes were done by Abbietabbie on Flickr

And these fondant cupcakes were made by my Cousin-in-law, Tammy :)

My desire to “build a cake” is growing… who’s in? :)


Oh, the weather outside is… actually quite nice…

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Getting in the Holiday spirit… (but I’d rather linger in the Fall season forever, thank you very much! October is my favorite month… hands down!) Here are a few pictures from the photo shoot the other day…

Most of the items are from the Wendy Addison collection… I love her designs and ample use of glass glitter, so whimsical! These will go up on the website soon… also being listed… a collection of Victorian snowmen, a retro collection of snowmen, a whole robot-themed ornament group, other fun assorted ornaments and gifts and my favorite… a whole line of felt gingerbread houses, cupcakes, ice cream cone snowmen and more… You’re going to love them :)
By the way… I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about Penny Mcallister pieces… I didn’t get any Christmas items this year (They were either on the pricey and large side, they didn’t jump out at me like they had in previous years or were from the 2008 collection) but I did get a few pieces from her circus collection. I’ll be listing those soon, please check back :) If you have a specific question or want me to email you when I get the Penny items up, please leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to let you know :)!

Tonight, I’m working on painting the last stripe in my office… with flowers. It’s like I have 5 different strips of wallpaper on one wall… it’s awesome :) I’ll share, soon… but I want it to be perfect first :)


20% coupon! :)

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Get 20% off your entire purchase at www.violetcottage.com now through October 31!! :) Just enter the code “boo” at checkout!

A few other things I listed at violetcottage.com today…

Super cute treat bags… $8.99 each.

Here’s another treat bag

A hand painted owl tote… $15.99

More to come :)


Fall and Halloween Goodies are up on the Website! :)

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I broke out the long sleeves a few days ago… it’s been cold here in Cary. Of course I’m still sporting shorts and flip flops, the California girl in me just can’t grasp the concept of cold legs and toes… but my arms are-a-freezin’!

Now that it *feels* like the Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween decorations should be out, it’s finally out and listed on the Violet Cottage website (well, 95% of it, anyway!)… I’ve reordered some of my all-time favorite goodies and there are lots of new friendly faces, too!

The squirrel trio (Maybe they’ll form a band… the world needs more singing rodents). I **love** these cuties. They have always been good sellers at Violets are Blue. You can get a set of them for $14.99 on violetcottage.com.

“Did someone say Squirrel?!?” (Meg is constantly on critter patrol)

This piece is way cool… it’s a vintage-y witch and her skirt is a chalkboard! You can get one here for $35.99.

These cats are really great… love their pumpkin-shaped dresses :) These are $21.99 for the set.

Something a little different… this is a set of 23 vinyl stickers that go on walls & windows… They are BIG. I love that they are easy to put up and store… you don’t need 5 storage bins to have some unique Halloween decorations :) These are $21.99 for the set, and can be found here :)

And there’s more at www.violetcottage.com! :)

I’m still working on a few handmade Halloween decorations… and lots of jewelry… and there’s all the great Christmas stuff that needs to be listed… yipes!

I wonder if I can teach Meg the basics of product photography and some html? ;) At least she has the squirrel patrol down to a science.