Happy 3rd Blogiversary!

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OMG… 258 posts and over 2000 comments later…

How is the blog only three??

It seems like it’s much much older than that?

The High Point Market 2009

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When I found out we were moving to the “furniture capital of the world”, I had no idea of the scope of such a statement.

A few weeks ago I attended the Highpoint Market in High Point, North Carolina and whoa… I think I want to go back to school for interior design. I think I DO want to know the difference between Rococo and Georgian… in excruciating detail, too :)

My pictures aren’t fantastic because I didn’t know the exact etiquette of the show… I thought a flash or our good camera would certainly bring too much attention. Around every turn a new genre of furniture and style feature… and booze. We enjoyed cheese and wine but really, I was getting punch drunk on design :)

Julian Chichester Designs

Julian Chichester…

Julian Chichester…

I snapped this as we ran by…not sure who they are

Rachel has the catalog from this company… can’t remember the name. Their items were so wonderful. The wood was stained with deep shades of gray. Clean lines and simple design.

I think this is DK Living or Barreveld International?

Bohemian Chic at Bobo

Really fun stuff by Go Home Ltd and really pushy, yet entertaining, sales rep who was trying to get us to drink drink drink! :)

Lamps and fun 70’s inspired decor by Arteriors Home




Amy Butler designed rugs by Chandra Rugs… I want one of each, please.

And you know the day is almost finished when your bags are full and your partner in crime looks exhausted :) Those are Rachel’s feet in one of the two pairs of shoes she carried around all day.

We actually started the day with a Designer luncheon with Michael Payne, host of the HGTV show “Designing for the Sexes”. He’s launching his new line of furniture and interiors. He was showing us pictures of cars, architecture and chairs… and from his slideshow, I do believe he may live in Pasadena (a few houses looked familiar).

Here’s one pic of him and a few of our luncheon friends. Michael explained that nothing in design is new… someone is always knocking off someone else… including mother nature. He showed several slides of leaves and flowers and how he incorporated nature’s designs into his own line.

The outside of the Market was impressive, too… gorgeous buildings… almost 150 in total in the area. All dedicated to furniture, furnishings and decor. At the end of the show, we sat on the balcony of the Showplace, sipping wine and looking down at the buildings… I could have easily been at the LA or California Mart in Downtown Los Angeles. It was great.

The interior of the Showplace building was amazing, too…

This year, the High Point market turned 100 years old… they had a Beatles cover band called 1964 The Tribute and random food in small quantities… all under a huge tent. It was fun to see all the sales reps in bad suits cut loose after the busy day ;) There were catalogs and complimentary bags strewn everywhere…

And a short video of 1964, the tribute…

The nine hours we were there felt like 20… it’s such an overwhelming experience and really taxes all of your senses. (See us getting giddy and stupid/silly at the LA Mart back in ’06 Here). We only went for one day so I still feel like a complete newbie. I’ve been to shows, but nothing like this. It was my “first time to market” as the other designers would say.

Next time, I’m getting a hotel, bringing a pack mule to carry my catalogs and going to the market every single day.

Sidenote… I found this a little sad and strange… Every entry to every major building had a large magazine rack filled with assorted design periodicals… alas… nobody was picking up the “Rug News” as it was full in every rack that I saw. I’m sorry Rug industry!

I *heart* furniture