Peeps Show III

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Dioramas made out of Peeps! You can see the whole story here on the Washington Post’s website.

Here are just some of the entries… they are all so amazing…

Completely unaware of Peeps Shows 1 or 2, I’m pretty sure I must compete next year… Peeps are awesome… especially as retaliatory devices. Happy Easter :)



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In all her glory…

Hello to Teddy from Meg :)



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There’s nothing like moving to test your patience and immune system. This last week we’ve been moving all of our possessions into a pod and into a smaller apartment that we are going to live in for 6 months. During this circus, N and I had a cold. Not a huge deal, but just when you need your lungs most… they aren’t too happy.

In the process, we have been researching real estate and found a lovely townhome that we want to call our own (And watching every episode of Property Virgins and My First Place on HGTV!!). So, we purchased one… but it’s not finished yet. The fun part is… we got to pick the flooring, cabinets, where all the computer cables run and in the meantime, I can pick out back splash tile and paint color to my heart’s content! So fun.

I went to Border’s yesterday and purchased some wonderful magazines and met a few other fellow bloggers… that was inspiration to get back on the blogwagon. (I *heart* puns, remember?).

So, here’s to a creative gorgeous spring weekend… hope you all feel inspired to enjoy and create!