Odd Question…

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Those of you with ice makers attached to your refrigerator… Is your ice maker LOUD?

At 1:00 am, 3:00 am and 5:20 am every night, our ice maker makes a loud THUD followed by an insanely loud BOOM which makes me jump every time. It sounds like a bowling ball being dropped from the second story. Well, at least I think it does.

We might have to be an ice-free family soon.



Epiphany in the Bathtub…

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Do you ever soak in a bath and then *bam* you get an idea that you think is brilliant… although, I’m not sure HOW brilliant this is, I’m just thinking out loud.

So, I need some input…

I miss my store & I miss my customers. Duh.

Why not have an open house/trunk sale/tea party one weekend in October, November or December in La Crescenta, CA? Or sooner? :)

I need a venue. I’ll need tons of help. I need more vendors and I need a pack mule to help me move merchandise from this coast to the other.

Just a thought.

Is it any good? :)


Hide and go seek…

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My usual definitive sense of style is hiding from me. I used to think I was locked into a shabby-chic-beach-cottage-vintage-kitsch vortex but as of recently I’m gravitating towards more modern and sleek furniture with scary elements of the 60’s and 70’s oozing out. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the Brady Bunch before bedtime? I think this started with my collection of acrylic grapes. My grandmother, Bobby, had them all over their lake house and I used to sit in the corner and fondle them when I was a kid. A week ago we had a two year old in our living room who was just as fascinated with the drift wood laden acrylic balls and I told her father, “Yep, in about 25 years she’ll be looking for these on Ebay… just like I did. We now have a new fan”. I need to point out, these handmade gems go for at least twenty bucks at thrift stores now. Ugh. Are we all products of our grandmothers’ taste? ;) And like many of you 30-somethings, I’d naturally pick up a magazine from the 60’s and fall in love with every over-the-top representation of pattern, color and gelatin product.

House and Garden, May 1965

I like the modern twist on the 60’s that we’re seeing a lot of these days. Very similar, but taken down a few notches. The moment I stepped into the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, I wanted to live there. The trifecta of yellow, black and white was unusually comforting in my little blue/green-centric head. They call the style “a modern interpretation of the Hollywood Regency style”. Love it. (And ohmigosh you can buy chic hotel interior stuff from the Viceroy and other hotels on Kor Hotel Group’s website! Only $300 for three rolls of wallpaper!)

And take a look at the similar style at the Santa Monica Viceroy location (below)… too cool.

And all the color in design these days… the deep blue hues, rich pooling draperies… so neat… this calls for a montage.

In the past, more than one customer has come into the store with several decorating elements very seriously wanting to know the decorating style they are trying to achieve. “Is this French Country, English Country or Farmhouse?” Ohmigosh. I have no idea. Toile curtains, blue walls, ocean elements and white wood and you live in a 1930’s California ranch house bungalow. Ummmm… Catalina French?? I dunno! Makes me so nervous to put a label on such things. But it’s all sorts of entertaining.

With that said, would you say the above is this Rococo modern with elements of Victorian, Georgian and a twist of Minimalist chic? ;) In my house we call this “eclectic”… I was quoted in the local paper as saying my store was a baby nursery meets Fantasyland at Disneyland meets… was it…. a Tim Burton film? Wow. How very out of touch of me :)

So, I will continue to obsess on design… and hope to evolve with it :) Or, with my incredibly short attention span, I’ll be onto the history of sod tomorrow. Never can tell.

Hope your weekend was splendiferic!


ZOMG… it’s snowing!

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And it’s like six inches DEEP!

I grew up in California… I’ve been in another state all of eight months now? They said snowing here was rare… but everyone in my neighborhood has a snow shovel, a mini snow shovel for their kids and the plow king is extra busy this season plowing the roads today.

Okay okay, it’s supposed to be gone in a day or two and every school and most businesses are closed, so that shows that this is rare. But dang it, I want my flip flop weather back ;)

It started with the frozen fountain at the mall on Saturday evening… which was totally whimsical and gimmicky… then after a few days of cold weather… we woke up to this….

I’m going to go play some more before it all melts :)

Oh yeah, I’ve been doing art, too… I’ll post that soon ;) Happy Inauguration Day!


Doggie Portraits…

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For Christmas, a few friends and family members got portraits of their pups!

Mr. Lucky




Sparkle Farkle aka Barkley

Bisky Biscuit

These were all done with acrylic on canvas… and with lots of love :)

The New Year’s Eve Party Snowball…

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I wasn’t planning on having a party until I saw some little chocolate toasting cups at the grocery store. From there, it was all downhill.

You have to have champagne… and champagne glasses…

And food served on vintage snack trays… complete with tiny ash tray/cubby and tiny punch cup

And cupcakes, you’ve got to have cupcakes…

And vegan cupcakes…

And I’ll need a cupcake condo for those cupcakes, so they don’t dry out…

And chips… a three-tiered party tray with a large selection of chips…

And homemade hummus & salsa…

And a pitcher of margaritas…

And spa water…

And salad and Trader Joe’s goodies…

We rearranged some furniture, added a chandelier…

Put up a few new pictures…

Purchased a Playstation 3 and a few games, including Guitar Hero World Tour…

And got a rather large flatscreen TV.


It all started with some chocolate toasting cups… $6.99 at the Harris Teeter.

It was all worth it… we had a great time!!!

Happy 2009!!!! :)