Art Journal Day 34

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This one turned into our xmas card…


Art Journal Day 33

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Love these colors…


Art Journal Day 32

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Dots and flowers…


Art Journal Day 31

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If only I had some velvet I could paint this on ;)



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The sale at the website has been extended until the 25th!

15-50% off everything!

Take a look at www.violetcottage.com! :)

If you place your order by Thursday, December 18th, you will definitely get it by the 24th. If you wait until Sunday, the 21st, there’s still a slim chance but it’s pushing it :) Yes, the United States Postal Service runs on December 24th, in case you were wondering ;) If you would like overnight delivery or service with UPS or Fedex, please shoot me an email. Thanks so much!

Happy Holidays!

Art Journal Day 30

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More craziness. Heavy handed with the squeeze bottle of paint again! I’m thinking I like chaotic art.


Art Journal Day 29

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Went a little crazy with this one. Lots of acrylic with tons of acrylic lines over. My book is getting really thick and heavy because of all the paint, it doesn’t shut all the way now :)


Art Journal Day 28

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Swirls of color with white acrylic lines over top!


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