Ever want to steal from yourself?

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I rarely take things out of my own store… but…I may have to steal this one…

sooooo cute.

I have one in blue, too… eeek! :)


Gift Card Holder Project…

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We are lucky to have lots of gift cards. Problem is we forget which ones we have and that they exist. Also, the little pouch they are hanging out in keeps falling over spilling cards everywhere, mixing up the spent ones with the good ones.

Inspired by a sweet little coupon book that R gave me, I made this one out of vellum envelopes and packing tape. I *heart* packing tape.

Gift Card Holder Project

I have to admit, I’ve never made a bound book and I’m not great with paper craft, but I gave this a shot anyway… there isn’t any “real” measurements involved… it’s definitely figure-it-out-as-you-go.

First, I made 10 little pockets that were 2 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ using regular 5″ x 7″ vellum envelopes and cutting them all up.

Take one pocket and add a long strip of tape on each side, about 7″ long, cover that tape with more tape so there isn’t any exposed tape, I call this a “tape sandwich”.

Then, I added another pocket (make sure the openings are on top!) about 1/8″ – 3/8″ away from the first pocket. Tape it on both sides so it’s really attached well. You’re adding pockets with gussets in-between… it’ll make more sense below:

Keep adding pockets until you run out. Then fold the longer piece of leftover sandwich tape over and tape it together. It will become a large back pocket. At the end of this step I also made a bottom to my little accordion envelope using sandwiched tape and lots of tape up the sides.

Then you add little tabs. There are about 20 pockets so I made sure the bigger pockets got labels for the cards we get a lot of… like Borders, the Gap and Starbucks. Customize it so your favorites are easy to get to.

I then made a box for the outside using vellum paper and… you guessed it, tape. I have no idea what the measurements are, and your little accordion envelope may be bigger or smaller than mine, so make your little outside box according to your measurements. I covered the box in flowers, swirls, a birdie, a squirrel and an acorn with an “!” symbolizing… “Loot!” yay! :) I also added ribbon along the outside to tie the entire box closed… I think next time I’ll use velcro for quick-opening action… but the ribbons add a sweet touch. Make sure you cover the outside with a ton of tape… it’s what makes it strong and the top flap bendy without tearing.

Slide your accordion envelope into the box…

And tie shut! Viola :) All those cards are now housed in a file folder made of tape and love. Next, I’m going to make a little folder for those rewards cards that every retail store feels the need to hand out.

I’m trying to get into clipping coupons and be aware of any and all rewards programs… at least now I’ll know where everything is and feel inspired to keep track of it all and save some money! :)


Art Journal… Day… errr… Page 21

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Yeah, so… it was supposed to be days in a row of art journaling, but that didn’t happen. With helpful nudges from Sandy, I was able to push some paint around on paper yesterday…

It’s sort of a dark Laura Ashley wallpaper thing. Why not take all Laura Ashley products, circa 1987, since the 80’s are coming into fashion again… and… make the designs darker, more macabre or goth-it-up a bit. Because nothing says chintz poofy curtains like Bauhaus or The Sisters of Mercy. Bela Lugosi may be dead, but I’m sure he needs a posh tea room where the drapes match the walls match the pillows match the tea cozy match the carpet. And heck, these bands were quite popular at the height of the Laura Ashely fad… makes sense to throw them together. (BTW, go over to the LA website these days and everything is quite lovely! Esp. the wallpaper!)

Thank you for indulging in my ramblings. Sandy. Contrails.


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It seems we were all so excited about the election that we didn’t give Halloween enough attention ;)

Six large bags of candy, a couple of Edward Gorey scary angels, a few hours of fog machine/strobe light combo action and 2 scary movies later… it was over in a flash.

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