Hydrangea Hills, Girl Next Door & The Penguin Project

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My friend Sheryl recently launched her jewelry website, Hydrangea Hills… she sent me a sweet little care package with promo items and fun goodies!

The package reveal… one layer at a time…


If you have a need for quality pet sitting in the Los Angeles (more specifically, near Agoura Hills) area, my friend Kristina is simply amazing. Her business is called Girl Next Door House and Pet Sitting Service, and she has a really cool logo. She even sent us pictures to our phones of our dog, Meg, when she watched her while we were on vacation. Whenever Meg hears Tina’s voice on the phone, she gets so excited, she whines. It’s adorable. And Tina used to babysit me… indulging in my strange requests such as blue milk. So, you know she will go the extra mile ;)!

Kristina sent us an amazing and thoughtful Halloween gift care package and I tore through it so fast, I didn’t take pictures. It was THAT good ;) Meg even got a ghost squeaky toy, which she adores. I’m going to be patient and do it right next time… and share.


Want to visit Antarctica with 20 fun-loving people? Or… perhaps you would like to receive a postcard that visited an iceberg in Antarctica? Well, here’s your chance…

If I weren’t so chicken, and had $6K to spare, we’d be on this trip with them! Just check out the website and itinerary… this looks awesome! Pinguino has outdone herself… again :)

Photo courtesy of “Antarctica: penguins.” Online Photograph. Britannica Student Encyclopedia

Photo courtesy of LMEM G Cunningham of HMS Endurance via flickr

I have amazingly creative, thoughtful, fun and chic friends!

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  1. pinguino said,

    December 5, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    awww thanks for the linkage, carrie!

    i like tina’s logo! sending pet pics is a great idea!

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