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We ventured out about 45 minutes into Sanford to visit the Sanford Antique Mall… we eventually ended up in Pinehurst for an early Thanksgiving meal for R’s Birthday :) But they had to tear me away from all of the awesomeness of the mall first.

This antique mall was HUGE. Next time I’m smuggling my camera in… but my hands were too full of glass compotes and drawer pulls that holding a camera would have been impossible. The mall was across from the cutest train depot. The buildings were so cool, and this is just a small sampling. A very quaint town that I’m going to be taking everyone to :) If you are coming out here and even slightly like treasure hunting, we’re heading here.

And… the sunset (from our yard). So beautiful and vibrant! The air is so clean here… crisp. I’ve been completely fascinated with the air and changing of the seasons. And apparently, I’m super super allergic to ragweed or some other native plant that blooms at this time. I read somewhere you should consume honey from the region you are in to build up a tolerance to the pollen and foliage. So smart. We purchased some local honey and this place called A Southern Season. It’s like the food network exploded and had a tryst with the gift show in the moonlight. It’s really amazing.

I got two kinds of honey… Lee’s Bees Raw North Carolina Wild Flower Honey (featuring Blackberry, Tulip Poplar, Tupelo and Sourwood plants) and E.L. Selph, Jr’s Sourwood 100% Pure Raw honey. I’ll report back later as I conduct operation stop NC allergies :)

Here’s a story about Lee’s Bees and the concern about his bee population dwindling. Sad :(

Oh, and it SNOWED last week. It didn’t stick… but coming from California, when white dots come out of the sky, you assume there’s a fire nearby. It caught me off guard. This cold weather is catching me off guard in general… what did I say… “Snow is a novelty! You go to visit it on vacation wearing a stupid ski hat, it doesn’t come to YOU!”

What a weakling ;)

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