NC State Fair…

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Oh, the things you can deep fry….

There were other things going on… too….

The fireworks were so close…. “I feared for my life”. They were actually over our heads and the little embers were sometimes landing behind us. One fell into the tobacco garden and drying exhibit… all was well, but could you imagine? 1982 was my last fair experience…. I will not let that much time lapse again.


Christmas Sneak Peek

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I set up a display of our pink, teal, blue and green Christmas decor… it’s so beautiful, I wish I could leave it up all year! I’m still getting everything listed on the website, but there’s a tiny sneak peek!

And these glass birds… so cute! They are up in the Violet Cottage store….

Lots of color… bright and cheery… what Christmas is all about :)


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I sat down to carve a pumpkin with my friends last week and I was completely intimidated by that bright orange blank canvas staring at me. Vivian had the seeds toasted and perfectly salted before I could even draw a bat on my tiny pumpkin.

It has been eons since I’ve decorated for Halloween “normally”. The last five years I was engulfed by Halloween decor and parties at the store. For many years before that, our block up at my Mom’s house would go all out for Halloween… it became an obsession and competition with my neighbors. Mostly Gary… but… we’d spend hours and hours decorating. This included taking the day off of work and/or school the day of Halloween and many nights of burning the midnight oil in our closed garages to hide any hint of what we were creating. Then, days beforehand we’d drill each other to get ideas of what the other one was doing.

I’d see air conditioning duct in the corner of his garage…
“Hey… are you using that in the front of your house as something?” I’d ask nonchalantly…
“mmmaybe…” Gary would say with a smirk.
We’d hide our schemes… and hide them well until the last minute.

Turned out the duct was leftover from the scary, creaking DOCK he built on his front yard. In a matter of hours, he built a spooky lagoon complete with rickety dock. The duct became the body of a dragon I made and stuck on the roof that same year. It had huge wings, glowing eyes and fog-machine breath. Prior years… we made 6 foot tall cutouts of all the Nightmare Before Christmas characters, projected movies onto suspended sheets, done entire tents in the front of our homes… I recreated the “hell” portion at the end of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland… did a haunted Mardi Gras theme… wow.

And a pumpkin scares me now.

So, I did a little bit of decorating on our front porch… just some ribbons and lights… it’s a bit underwhelming actually (and blurry… daytime pics would be helpful)… I’m very disappointed with myself ;) Perhaps at the 11th hour on Thursday I’ll be out there with ladders and rolls of canvas… turning the house into a haunted pirate ship… calling every store in the area to find an antique mast…(Sue, I think you can relate?)

Our neighbors are decorating for Diwali, The Festival of Lights. If it’s anything like their party a few months ago… it’s going to look amazing. They had tea lights every foot or so in the entire cul-de-sac. It was enchanting to come home to!

And… some foliage in front of the house…

Fall is turning out to be crisp and gorgeous! Yay!


Giveaway Winners!! :)

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1. – comment #6 – Rachel!!
2. – comment #8 – Kristina!!
3. – comment #11 – Anne!!

Congrats to the three of you… I’ll be sending out emails shortly to gather your info and send you your goodies!

Another giveaway to come soon, keep checking back! :) Thanks for entering!


Rosettes! AND a Giveaway!! :)

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I finally finished a batch and got them up on my website! :)

And for the giveaway!

I’m going to give away:

1. Pink rose rosette similar to one above
2. Vanilla cupcake rosette with rainbow rhinestones (not pictured above) on a chocolate and turquoise rosette
3. A Halloween rosette (like the one on the front page of my website)


To be included in the giveaway, please leave a comment on this blog post and I will pick a name using the random number generator Nathan built. I will pick the name at 11:59 pm, EST on Thursday, October 23rd. Be sure to include your email address in your comment :)

Good Luck!!!!! :)


Show and Tell

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I have a new obsession… these rosettes. I purchased 100 of them in various colors and I’m hand painting, glittering and glitz-ifying each one.

Their purpose? You ask… well… I just think they are neat-o and you can hang them from anywhere, including:
A wreath, package, tree, door, picture, pet, wall, garland, mantel, refrigerator, gift, lamp, cardigan sweater, your prize-winning goat, a chandelier, a shelf… the possibilities… well, I guess they end at some point… but you get the picture. I think it’s genius.

Did I mention I got a lot of them? (They’ll be on the website for sale in about 2 days)

And my workspace in my office is finally looking like a workspace… it’s a mess!

But these are fun pics of art supplies all in a row…

And I’m trying out this new organizing method called the slip method, which is along the lines of the Getting Things Done methodology. Alicia introduced me to it. Naturally, I looked at the pretty pictures, read a few paragraphs then ran out to buy sheets of cork to make my own bulletin boards. What does Jared say… that he has the attention span of an infant? I’m in that boat. I have no idea if what I’ve done here is along the lines of the GTD method, but… I like it.

I made 5 rows of pockets. Each pocket represents a day. I then made little slips representing tasks (this is sounding like deal a meal, isn’t it?).

So, I have slips representing Violet Cottage business, one “open house” because I’m going to look at a house, The Hair and Face lounge for a haircut, Dr. Phil telling me to clean my house, a vacuum cleaner and duster for specific cleaning chores etc.

I should point out I have more slips and usually my weeks are fuller… it was a bad example :) But, I also have little post office slips, grocery store slips with room for making a tiny list, bill paying slips, one with a dog on it to remind me to give Meg her monthly revolution stuff, pictures of our friends if we are meeting with them etc etc. So, at a glance, in our world of logos, I know what the week holds :) It’s like the Nascar of chore boards.

I’m behind on art journaling, but it’s because I’m making a mess with glitter award ribbons… and loving it :)

Happy Wednesday to all!



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This isn’t a first… but apparently a car was coming down Dunsmore and couldn’t stop, hit another car and it went through the window of the business next door to where I used to be.

Brake failure causes accident
By Mary O’Keefe

The brakes on a La Crescenta man’s vehicle failed as he was traveling south on Dunsmore Avenue late afternoon Sept. 27, causing him to hit another vehicle and spin into a Foothill Boulevard business.

According to a Glendale Police Department report, the elderly La Crescenta man was heading south on Dunsmore Avenue when he discovered his brakes had failed.

He, and his wife in the passenger seat, flew through the red signal light at Dunsmore Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.

The vehicle crashed into a truck driven by a 44-year-old Pasadena man traveling westbound on Foothill Boulevard.

The Pasadena driver saw the vehicle heading through the red light; he attempted to speed up to avoid the collision but was struck in the rear of the truck causing it to flip over and spin several times.

The La Crescenta man’s vehicle spun around due to the force of the impact and ended up crashing backward into the door of the Pasadena Foothills Association of Realtors (PFAR) in the 3600 block of Foothill Boulevard.

“I was standing right there waiting for my sister,” said Ruth Gleerup, a PFAR employee. “I was looking down the street [the opposite way], so I didn’t see the initial impact.”

She did turn in time to see the vehicle coming toward the front door of her vehicle.

“I saw it; it kept coming and coming and I thought, ‘I don’t think it is going to stop.’ I was surprised at the force,” she said.

The car crashed through the front window and door of the business.

The two elderly people in the car complained of injuries due to the impact of the air bag that was deployed and were transported to Verdugo Hills Hospital for medical attention.

The driver of the truck complained of pain in his left forearm but was not transported.

As for the PFAR office, the repairs are still being made and Gleerup is back to work as usual.

“I wasn’t afraid, but afterward I was a little shaky,” Gleerup said.


I am so grateful that everyone is okay! Ruth usually stands at the door waiting for a ride… she must have jumped out of the way just in time, I’m a little unclear if she was standing at the door, getting in her sister’s car or what. Was there a car parked in front of the Pasadena Association of Realtors? The article says it was a Saturday afternoon, but I’m assuming it was a weekday, seeing which cars are parked out front and Ruth was there (I know my block! hehe).

I keep thinking… what if I was out watering, helping someone load a piece of furniture… if a customer was walking to their car… I’m just so grateful that everyone is okay. I guess there have been numerous other vehicle to building accidents on that block, mostly on the corner. Scary!

I’m at the tail end of a cold… missing all of my art journaling “homework” :) I’ll be back soon, just wanted to share this story!