Art Journal… Day 5

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My favorite colors… with line drawings on top. The little journal entry on the left is a reminder of the following…

  • Don’t think of making everything perfect… it’s not going to happen, & that’s okay!
  • If you want to draw 10 times as well, you have to draw 10 times as much!
  • A “masterpiece” is one in a thousand… so make a thousand!
  • “You are over thinking it!” Jules tells me as I’m trying to animate a conveyor belt…
  • The good thing about a book is that you have to focus on the page in front of you… if you turn it, the pages will stick together. You can’t go forward or back, you have to concentrate, accept and take care of the art challenge at hand. Once you are done with this page, it has a chance to dry, you turn the page… forgetting it because the next task has been presented. It’s sort of like life :)
  • There’s a drawing of a lizard with a thought bubble. He’s thinking of a brain. Use that lizard brain… let go and draw! hehe

So, the line drawings are of the office supplies I had laying around… a tape gun, a glue gun, some scissors, a hole puncher, a stapler with loose staples and a single scotch tape dispenser.

See, you are surrounded by art in everyday objects! :)


Art Journal… Day 4

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I love these flowers. It reminds me of the sunflowers I used to draw over and over and over in high school… I even put them on my posters as I was running for a Senior Representative in student council. I should find one of those posters… cah-lassic lalapalooza/snapple/organic seattle feeling :)

So, the message I’m trying to give myself here is again, to use more color. And in my line drawings, I’m trying to practice that really popular screen printing look. The shape blobs of color go down with lines on top to define the style a little more. You can’t go into Starbucks without seeing something like that. I have a book on vintage wrapping paper… a lot of it looks like the flowers up top. I love it :)

So, after 5 months of letting my hair grow like a weed, I broke down and went to a great little salon in downtown Cary. At first, I thought the name was the Space and Hair Museum… I heard the recommendation wrong. It’s really called the Hair and Face Lounge. I think I will go to a salon based on the name now… there’s something so telling of someone who will be creative with the name… as long as it’s creative and not too obvious… just MHO.

Anywho, I sat down in a bright red boxy retro chair with tons of padding, and Toni worked magic on my roots that were now 5 inches long. I have to admit, I’ve been missing my fantastic hair guru, Michele (If you are still in La Crescenta, GO TO HER… she ROCKS), back in LA, so I was a bit hesitant, but Toni did a great job, and she is so sweet :) The salon is a converted house, with bright turquoise, pink and orange walls… with funky mannequins and wigs everywhere. It’s like Shag meets the 60’s… and a hint of Love American Style. Oh, and they have a sweet little mascot dog running around named Cooter. Ah, the Dukes of Hazard…

So, no word from Hurricane Hanna… our can and bottle openers are on the ready though! Come on, give us an excuse ;)


Art Journal… Day 3

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At first I painted this and thought… it need’s something… something furry. A squirrel! Then I was reminded about my Mom’s encounter with a squirrel in Burbank while at the Disney Studios. The squirrel stopped her in her tracks and put out his hands… like… “feed me!” The brazen little squirrel was obviously accustomed to handouts… but I thought… perhaps, in his little squeaky voice he was really saying “Hand over the purse, lady”.

Just thinkin’ out loud is all.

Theoretically, North Carolina is in a state of emergency. But really, here in the triangle, we’ll get some wind… a possible power outage or two. Sort of like the Santa Ana Winds I’m assuming (where I lost a window and door at the store). It’s really only going to be a storm here inland, it’s those on the coast who need to worry… but we did stock up on supplies… you know, the usual… batteries, canned goods, granola bars and beer. I guess the locals call a hurricane a chance to get together and party… the first thing off the shelves at the super Teeter is beer.

We moved to the right place.*

(*In all honesty, I’m not a beer drinker… I like fancy girly drinks that require ice, a blender and a fancy umbrella. Someone I know… who is it??? Has a diesel-powered blender… must find out who that is).

Here’s to new weather experiences!
Signed… the NC lush


Art Journal… Day 2

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Kept it simple… swirls of paint… the color is naturally mixing with the ring of color next to it. Relaxing. No words this time… just enjoyed making a mess :)

Note to self… red acrylic paint usually wants to separate from the color next to it… why didn’t I notice this before?


An Art Journal Page a Day…

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Art Journaling… one a day… take one… :)

Alicia and I agreed to start art journaling in the hopes that we could motivate each other. Eventually, we would collect our art and ideas into a new blog with some “podcraft”… podcasts. I like the idea of crafting or doing art no matter what. The fear of not having the right color, medium or perfect idea is huge for so many artists… there have been many times I haven’t picked up a paint brush because I didn’t think I had anything to say, or my expression of art was too pedestrian or immature.

The other problem is lack of motivation… art for one week? No problem. Art for months? ummm… not sure. I don’t wanna.

So, knowing that this will be forced at times… there is no pressure to be perfect. No competitive or inadequate feelings. It’s just art to DO art :) (an emphatic) Yay!

In business news… I’m sort of not doing too much with looking for new shop venues. I will pick it up later on. I’ve got SO many great excuses to why I haven’t done any of it! I won’t bore you :) But I do want to pick up that entrepreneurial torch again and run with it… but for now… art journaling.

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