Art Journal… Day 19

Posted in Art Journal, Main at 11:54 pm by carrie

I took a few days off from the physical art journal… but tonight felt inspired to try something different…

I purchased a bunch of trading cards on ebay years ago and they just turned up while digging for something completely unrelated. The cards are pictures of turn-of-the-century British actors and actresses… This piece is inspired by a picture I have of “Miss Dorothy Dix”. I couldn’t find anything about her online… but it’s possible she was married to a British Actor named Jameson Thomas. Jameson was fed up with British Film Industry and moved to Hollywood. He lived in Sierra Madre… which is just minutes from Pasadena. Small world :)

This piece has over 30 photoshop layers. I had to make myself stop :) I would love to print it and add more dimension with glitter and other fun sparkly things… I’m thinking a set of greeting cards… hmmmm? :)

It’s 67 degrees and windy here tonight… we have the windows open to enjoy the clean, cool breeze. I love this kind of weather! Halloween is just around the corner!

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