Art Journal… Day 20

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This is actress Lalla Stanhope. The only information I can find is in a book from the Harvard Library dated 1911 stating she was a stage actress around 1908.

I think she is embracing the time she had on stage :)

(45 layers!)


Art Journal… Day 19

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I took a few days off from the physical art journal… but tonight felt inspired to try something different…

I purchased a bunch of trading cards on ebay years ago and they just turned up while digging for something completely unrelated. The cards are pictures of turn-of-the-century British actors and actresses… This piece is inspired by a picture I have of “Miss Dorothy Dix”. I couldn’t find anything about her online… but it’s possible she was married to a British Actor named Jameson Thomas. Jameson was fed up with British Film Industry and moved to Hollywood. He lived in Sierra Madre… which is just minutes from Pasadena. Small world :)

This piece has over 30 photoshop layers. I had to make myself stop :) I would love to print it and add more dimension with glitter and other fun sparkly things… I’m thinking a set of greeting cards… hmmmm? :)

It’s 67 degrees and windy here tonight… we have the windows open to enjoy the clean, cool breeze. I love this kind of weather! Halloween is just around the corner!


Art Journal… Day 18

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Using only black and white…

And nutmeg… being sweet.


Art Journal… Day 17

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Once upon a time I drew nothing but cupcakes. The almighty cupcake was in everything I did. Some even said that everything I drew looked like a cupcake, even if it wasn’t supposed to be a cupcake. It was sort of… embarrassing. I refrained from drawing the little fairy cakes to avoid being mocked… I sort of got a complex… or cupcake-phobia.

Bow to the very large cupcake topper… one single hydrangea bloom… (are they edible? I can’t remember)

And the little people desperately trying to climb mount cupcake, an afterthought… I think they should be animated. The obsessive little cupcake people.

I relate to you little obsessive cupcake people. And I’m here to tell you… it’s okay, obsess.


Art Journal… Day 16

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There were intentions… full intentions… to add more to this page… but… I couldn’t think of anything :)


Art Journal… Day 15

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I think I’m the most proud of this one so far… it took over 5 hours to do :) I got to utilize all of my rendering class skills… how to draw glass, wood and organic materials.

Stan Kong would be pleased ;) (A few of you remember him from PCC &/or Art Center)

I first did a few studies of the flowers in pencil from looking directly at the arrangement. Then I took a picture (below) and worked off the picture. It wasn’t that it was terribly hard, it was just time consuming. It was nice to have a challenge.

My new rule here is if a “hurricane” is coming, I’m going to get a bouquet of flowers, and possibly draw them :) 1 down… hopefully no more to go ;)

Art Journal… Day 14

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This is one that started out good… then faded. Bah. Another attempt at paint by number…

The other thing I was trying to do was pick only 3 colors to work with and mix them to make other colors. It sort of worked… but it takes some planning.


Art Journal… Day 13

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Okay, so far… this is my favorite :) I really like paint by number and would love to get my hands on a “real” one, but… for now, I can try to create one on my own :)

I may just hang this in my kitchen :)

As I do more art journaling, I have been spending more time on each page… I feel that doing a page a day has loosened up my wrist and the anxiety of creating. It’s like starting an exercise regiment, actually… the first 2 weeks are hard then it starts getting a bit easier :) oooh, I hope this becomes a habit :)

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