Architects of Air in Raleigh

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Last weekend, we wrangled our California friends and went to see the Architects of Air Sculpture at the Artsalive Raleigh, err… area in front of the performing arts center in downtown Raleigh.

Didn’t know quite what to expect… I thought… large hamster habitrail meets moonbounce. So, after some interesting interaction with the line nazi, we paid our $5, took off our shoes and went inside.

First, you enter a small area go and get a little history of the piece we are about to enter. It’s been to 39 countries and it was completely man-made. That last part made us chuckle.

The performing arts center adjacent to the huge magic moonbounce…

The line was quite long when we got there…

From the outside, the structure looks something out of an anime cartoon… grey with primary colors and bubbly round attributes.

While inside, it’s dark and the color is minimal, nothing like the pictures above. Seeing the pictures is like having magical eyeglasses that show you new dimensions… I’m so glad we took our good camera, these really are quite awesome!

They were playing a soft instrumental yet futuristic soundtrack inside… but outside of the structure, they were playing Abba, Kool and the Gang and other party hits. It was a nice juxtaposition of mood music. We wandered around for about 20 minutes. People were hanging out in the little chambers, relaxing and enjoying what $5 could get you on a Saturday night.

And, being that it is a small world, we ran into more friends inside… which was sort of magical :)

In other news, I tried pilates today. There is a reason that thing is called the “reformer”. I’m curious, no, terrified, to see how my muscles are going to react in the morning. My muscles are honest and will tell me if they would like to visit the reformer again any time soon. I think the last time all those muscles were used I was in a step class. There was needless bouncing, an abundance of Reebok logos, sweat, mirrors, confusion and an extended dance remix of “Jump” by Kris Kross. That was the night they took my membership photo… I was beet red and out of breath…. but somehow, still perky. 1992 was a good year.


Crafty people in the 919? :)

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Perhaps I’m not a google pro as I once thought.

For some reason, I can’t find groups of people who dig the following:

  • Crafts… and being creative for… you know…money
  • Business… Entrepreneurs at heart… you make stuff and sell it for… you know… money
  • A tad edgy… I have no idea what I mean by that, frankly
  • Are in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary etc etc areas
  • Perhaps want to start a Craft Mafia or CM “ish” group to exchange ideas and perhaps host a handmade craft show in the area

Are you out there?

I’ve searched yahoo, meetup, myspace, google… I think I’ve found 5 ladies. Most of whom do not update websites or haven’t checked myspace in a year. And of those five, I’ve emailed 4 and signed up to join all sorts of mailing lists and notifications of upcoming stuff.

The super duper Lazy Daze Crafts Festival in Cary is tomorrow. I may have to wear neon colors that say “please be my friend” and march up and down from crafter’s booth to crafter’s booth.

I can’t miss “Hubba Bubba the Clown”…


Something Different…

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This house has large, tall walls… which gave me motivation to make large art. I’m not used to lots of blank wall space, so I didn’t feel any pressure when painting these monsters, each 24 x 30-something…

I am really looking forward to covering the walls with pictures, art, shelves etc etc. But I’m starting small… err… on big canvases. I’ve never painted items so large, and I’ve never really painted on canvas before and I must admit, I really liked it. I was able to glob the paint onto the canvas and push it around with a spatula. I even got my hands and fingers into it… made a real mess. It was a blast! I used a lot of silver paint, too… so when you walk into the room some of the detail on these pieces moves with the light. I wanted to keep my color palette simple… trying to match this picture album:

The album was the inspiration… and I thought I would go more with the nature/egg theme, but the paintings took on a mind of their own and more color was added. Very therapeutic, very relaxing… I may run out and get more canvas tomorrow! :) The paintings definitely speak to me… what do they say to you? :)

I know one of the huge pet peeves of true fine artists is the art collector who says “I need something that goes over my couch!” There was even a mention of this in the movie Hannah and her Sisters. So, I wasn’t going to be that person who asks ;) Solution… I made it myself!

I have friends who do marvelous large pieces of beautiful, modern and serious art… stuff they sell for large amounts of money, stuff that is too good for that space above said couch. So, for those friends, I have plenty more wall space reserved for you with not a couch in sight!!! :) In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy pushing the paint around and making a mess!

And of course, another pic of Meg… with her monkey banana sling toy