Blast from the past…

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it’s 5 am… I’m cleaning and can’t stop (obsessive-compulsive much?) and I found this CD that my cousin Ernie gave me of all the photos he took of the opening of our store in 2003… I hadn’t seen these before this morning…

So sparse… new, “green”… and at that moment my Mom, Pam and I had gotten about 30 minutes of sleep each… scrambling around to get things in order. My Aunt Colleen is there, and she passed away recently.

So many reasons to feel so many emotions while looking at these pictures… I miss everything and everyone in them… and there are so many other people not in these pictures that I miss immensely, too!

Please know that I think about everyone all the time! I miss you!! (You know who you are! hehe)

Happy Friday!


One tiny step…

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Trying to push myself to do more art. It’s tough! Nathan got me some awesome watercolor colored pencils for my b-day so having this new medium/tool has been helpful.

I added another dimension by gluing on acetate cut-outs and lime-green flowers. Eventually, I would like this sort of work to evolve to dense, covered mixed media… with found materials and bits of vintage papers.

By searching for new patterns and color palettes for inspiration, I’ve become somewhat interested in vintage fabric and wallpaper. I’d like to start a little collection… I already have a massive stack of vintage hankies that I’ve been collecting, but what box are they in? eek! I have to admit, I’m not completely unpacked and I’m so far from organized. But, I’ve been working on a web design project… so I have an excuse to not be organized :)

It’s taken a few months, but I’m really starting to feel the loss of not having the shop. It had a built-in passion… it came with the desire to create. Each day I would open the door and be inspired. It’s so much harder to feel the need to create here. I had tangible items, an audience and instant gratification… and input. I miss it so much.

I was joking with my friends that I need to have a wake for all the items that I left behind, and that I’m mourning the loss of. An old radio cabinet, my very old couches, a mop, sheets of plexiglass that I really could have made into something cool here… a laundry list of little pieces of the store… five years to put together and about 6 weeks to dismantle. *sigh* Well, I’m hoping, at the very least, to take these emotions and put it into my art… celebrate the joy that the shop created… and some of the frustration, too. Perhaps I can bind it all together and make a book about having your own little store… the mundane business paper pushing, the overwhelming responsibility, the joy, how rewarding it was and also all of the many annoyances. Towards the end, so many things seemed unfair… the joy was slipping away… and having to deal with outside forces… it seeped into my little magical fairy world and destroyed it. Next time… if there is a next time, I will make sure that my business is protected from the negative, that way it will thrive and grow, the way I intended it to. (And I may hire a bulldog to run the store while I get to just create… I’ll be the first to admit that I’m uber-hyper-sensitive to anything negative… or anyone who is negative, for that matter).

And here is a work in progress… I think I’m going to journal on it a bit… let vab know how much I miss her :) I think once I find closure on the closure, I’ll be able to get the website up and running again… I can once again share my passion for art and pretty little things :)


Late for Dinner!

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I’m on my way out the door! But I’m going to be without my computer tonight (boo!) so, I wanted to post some downstairs decorating progression pics before we jet out to Durham…

We opened up the table with all three leaves… it was so neat! And I added stuff to the walls, a few lamps, a wreath and some curtains… I’m also working on some art to hang up…slowly but surely it’s getting to look like a dining room!

Our sitting room is also coming together… a few chairs, some lime green and black shelves… just need a few things! (And Rach, you’re right… that bench may be too much! But I’ll never get rid of those acrylic grapes!! teehee!)

The living room… well… needs help. I’m going to do a few paintings for over the couch. I’m going to stick with blues, blue greys, shades of brown (and some in the red family to match the walls) and bits of black. Not what I had planned, but I found some inspiration from a photo album with bird eggs on it… (I’ll share that pic later)

Random dog wall in the breakfast area…

And… a chair I found at Ben’s Bargain Barn :D! I got this thing a week before I went to see the new Sex and the City movie. When they revealed Carrie’s new living room, I got really excited! The chair I got looks almost identical to the love seat and settee she has! (This picture doesn’t look nearly as good as what it looked like on the big screen!) The walls were a dark tiffany blue with grown-up floral pieces, mirrored furniture and pillows and rugs in bold, simple prints… it’s awesome! The guest room is taking on a whole new life… again!

Yikes! I’m really late now!!! Have a great Wednesday everyone! :)


Come to the Dark Side!

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When I first opened my store, we bought “tickled pink” white eggshell paint by the 55 gallon tub. Seems that everyone wanted white, shabby chic furniture. We painted at least 100 pieces of furniture that color!

Then something happened… all of a sudden color was popping up everywhere! Fun shades of green, periwinkle and pink! Accent and main pieces! yay!

Quite hesitantly, I bought a tiny little quart of black paint and painted a few pieces at the store last Fall. It wasn’t flying off the floor, but it got some attention!

When I closed the store, I sold quite a few furniture pieces that I truly wanted to keep. I thought it was going to be a breeze finding replacements in the furniture capital of the world, but not so much. I did, however, find a few awesome things that I must share :)

First off, I got a table from the early 1900’s and “shield-back” chairs from the early to mid 1800’s. They were painted black and covered in some fab fabric that I found online and viola! The beginnings of an awesome dining room! I also got the buffet… which I love!!!

Once I get the mirror on the wall and other adornments up, I’ll put up some larger pics… I can’t wait to take the time to “stage” the room!

Adjacent to the dining room is the sitting room… frankly, I don’t know what to do with it! We just bought 2 new couches so the idea of buying another couch makes us cringe… so I got a few elements in there to get started…

But I really want this old bench! (Or maybe it’s too… ??)

Here are some more pics from that trip to Revival Antiques in Raleigh… (Joe has been so nice putting up with me coming in and browsing for hours)

And just because… here’s a Meg picture from the other morning…

So, here I go spray painting all of my frames black! Come, join me on the dark side! ;)