I had *lunch* today!

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For the first time in a long time… without having to make huge plans, have someone cover for me, leave a note on the door that was out of place… I had LUNCH with my husband today, a work day… a sit-down… leisure… LUNCH at a restaurant!

It’s the small things….

I’ve been doing some layouts for our announcements (hitched, moving, etc) for family and friends on postcards… and I’m putting the series of postcards into an envelope with rounded edges and tying them with bows. That little package goes into a vellum envelope that I have been hand-addressing. Ummmm… it’s been a week and I’ve done 20. Twenty. They have taken around 30 minutes each to do. V was funny… “You don’t have to put our last names on the envelope, it will save you at least 10 minutes”. Ha. My wrist hurts. If only I was ambidextrous, I could get more done. Trivia… both of my parents are left handed and I’m right. Someone told me that makes me a genius… for. some. reason.

Oh, once… I was getting my wisdom teeth pulled (have I told you this story? Yawn if I have) and the dentist/surgeon guy, who happened to look like Larry from Three’s Company and his assistant looked like Crissy, but anywho… I was at the Regal Beagle… and they put up my x-rays… “Larry” called all his colleagues over… “Look! She has *the* hole!”

Ummmm…. well…. turns out, I have some nerve hole in my jaw that went extinct with Neanderthal, but *I* still have it! Apparently, the little hole wasn’t being used for anything, but it was there… for some reason. So, I refer to myself as the missing link from time-to-time. So, the genius theory… nice try ;)

Oh, and my surgery was bookended by Phil Collins… went out to him, came to to him… and like a Pavlovian dog, I change the channel if Phil comes on the radio, or my teeth start aching. (That wasn’t funny).

So, back to my layouts… here’s a sampling…. sans some of the words….

There are 4 postcards total…. all color front and back. I love the color scheme. The envelopes have a matching hand-colored frame embellished thing going on. I’ll take pics of the finished envelopes when they are done in 2010. They sure are perty. For those of you who want to know where I get my postcards printed… I use Got Print in Burbank/Sun Valley, please tell them I sent you :)

I think once I’m settled I will make myself available to do layouts, if you need such a thing :) I *love* doing this stuff!!

Phew… time for bed… no more talk of teeth and anthropology (which was one of my favorite classes! Very interesting!)

P.S… The store is open on Friday from 11-7 and saturday from 10-6… last chance to come see what we’ve got :)


The last two weeks…

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The very last day we were open up at the shop was yesterday. After 27 days without a day off, I did nothing today… it was glorious :)

It’s funny… it seems like everyone else is taking this much harder than I am. I thought I would have my major emotional breakdown yesterday and… nothing. I had one misty moment about a week ago, but it passed very quickly. I was able to scrape off the hand-painted dual logos on my windows with ease. I think it bothered Maylene more than me ;)

I have to say, I’m amazed at how this decision was made in just moments after thinking about it for over a year. I encourage any of you who have a stressful decision to do this… write about it, think about it, ask yourself about it right before you fall asleep… you may not get the answer you were seeking, and it may take months and months, but if it *hits* you like it hit me, it was clear and obvious. I’m so grateful that this transition came from a positive place… very very grateful :)

I’m very excited about moving. I’ve been doing a ton of research, tivo-ing anything that has to do with the area and having a great time telling people who want to hear about it. There have been SO MANY of you who are interested in moving to North Carolina. I’m tickled that you want my input :) I’m convinced I got at least 5 couples to move… who’s next? ;)

On to business stuff…

There are still fixtures being picked up by their new owners…

I will be open this next weekend for pickup & for those of you who may still want to shop our sale:
Friday, February 29 – 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday, March 1 – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

I’ll be in and out of the store all week… you can also leave me a message and we can coordinate a time to meet (818-541-1115). My very last day at the store is Saturday, March 8.

Now you know everything ;)

A lot has sold, but I still have some fixtures, office furniture, a little fridge, a few xmas trees, little bits of home decor, a couple of lamps, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other holiday decor… come check it out :)

Have a great week everyone… and thanks again for all your support!!!!! It has really helped!


A photo essay…

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Nathan took these last Christmas… the store was plump and happy ;)

… and that’s how I’ll remember you…


growl… soapbox time

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Okay… so, I’m getting a lot of people coming in and saying things like…

“I’ve never been here but I see you are going out of business… WHY?”

So, you’ve never been here… I see you aren’t buying anything… but you are foaming at the mouth to find out why this failed and you aren’t afraid to ask? Well, next time I see a funeral, I’ll just hop out of the car and ask them why the ol’ bloke passed? Okay, so that’s not the same (sorry, runaway fingers)… but for something like this… all I have to say is… if you aren’t a regular and know me, you aren’t going to get the entire tale.

“Oh, I told you that this location wasn’t any good”

Well, actually… this location served its purpose. I don’t get the foot traffic that say… Montrose gets, but I’m not paying $4 a square foot, either. This was “low risk” to me. I could move forward and give it another year or two or three, but I’m ready to move on. But honestly, I’m sick of explaining it 50 times a day. Literally, I’ve told the “why” story over 400 times… probably more. So, please excuse my lack of enthusiasm when you tell me how to do business or that I did something wrong, in your opinion.

“North Carolina?!?!? Why on EARTH would you EVER want to move there?”

Everyone who shrieks at the North Carolina idea has NEVER been there. I repeat, they have NEVER been there. It is NOT the “deep south” and I have checked it out, thought it through and wait… how is it going to effect you, anyway?

So, yes… I’m a tad tired. Please excuse my ranting…

Anyone else out there who had a store… can you give me some pointers? ;)

On the other side… from the first wave of true, loyal, loving customers, I’ve received nothing but praise, good wishes and hugs. So, I shouldn’t complain ;) So, thank you from the warmest part of my heart, which is in hiding right now ;)

**Thank you for putting up with me**


Art corner…

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Although I’m, very sleepy…. here’s a bit o’ art I’ve been working on for an invitation…


Burbank at Night

Mod ripples

Regal Meg-a-Moo

“What was your prize?”


Still finding ways to mix those elements… it’s taking a very long time to meld them all together into something that isn’t too busy, but is still full of interest. I’m so excited that I’ll have more time to do art (and blog). Silver lining… :)

I’m putting together a postcard series to mail to friends and family. 4 postcards all bright and cheerful, tied together with a bow. Oh, and in my spare time I’m going to hand-decorate, address and adorn each.

Or perhaps a phone call to each person would do the trick. When am I going to squeeze this all in???

In other news, Nathan’s Random Number Generator is being used a LOT by you blogging giveaway folks. Isn’t it a million times easier than printing 20 pages and cutting each name out? **nodding** yes. I wanted to participate in the One World, One Heart giveaway… but alas… I’m just too swamped this year. I’ve been promising to do a giveaway for MONTHS now. I’m a liar. I just lie all the time. Just when you blinked, I lied again.

I know people who have won things I’ve given away once upon a time. They exist. (Sandy, raise your hand!) hehehehe :) When you least expect it… I’ll give away stuff. Yep.

Now, really and truly… sleep.

I *heart* art.

Ain’t this a kick in the pants…

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So, for YEARS… I had this dream of being #1 on google.

If you googled “Violets are Blue”, it came up #2 or #5… but today….

We’re #1!!!

And we’re CLOSING.

That’s funny Universe, really funny.

I beat out amazon.com, James Patterson and poetry how-to sites. All in the last 3 weeks of having a store.

At least the website will be #1 for a wee bit. (And my website says Merry Christmas or something dusty like that).

After the zaniness dies down… re-vamp of EVERYTHING cyber. Woo hoo!

To bed now… hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! Your homework… google your name (full name)… then google your name with “quotes” around it.

What do you find???? :)


And they’re off!

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Wow. A sale. Normally, a sale takes time to prepare for and it’s a tad chaotic.

A clearance sale. Now, that’s something that strikes fear in the hearts of retail workers everywhere.

But… a “going out of business” Sale. Holy Cow. Run for the hills.

I have never ever ever been as busy as I was this weekend. Ever. EVER.

I told the “We’re moving… adventure… website business… mental breakdown in December” story… about 150 times and 14 different ways. By the end I was just saying “Moving, sorry… miss you”. Tina thinks I’ll be down to one word by the end of this week ;)

The store looks so strange. Things strewn everywhere. Very distinct sections are now not so. Stuff on the floor, furniture missing… gaps everywhere.

I’m not sad yet, but I’m sure it’s going to hit me soon. A very french-sounding Amelie song came on and I was trying to get misty and nostalgic… as the accordion played, little toy piano notes danced, I tilted my head and leaned up against the wall… just waiting to embrace a little moment with the store… customers happily hunting for treasures and enjoying the music… I looked round with a slight girlish grin… then two kids started fighting, a very loud something crashed to the floor about 20 feet away followed by an audible “oops!”, someone complained that a piece of furniture they wanted was sold and then the phone ring. I snapped out of it very quickly, and reality set in ;)

I’m being teased by a certain someone that I should write a book about owning a store. Start out with beautiful pictures and optimistic quotes and anecdotes, then slowly progress into the chaotic, time consuming, Holiday-loathing truth that it is ;) I’m exaggerating… but you’d buy that book, wouldn’t you? ;)

I must take pictures. I must document how quickly the store is selling off… piece by piece. 5 years in the making, 24 days in the taking-down.

Reminder… 30% off Friday the 1st of February until Thursday the 14th… then on Friday the 15th, items will be marked down 40%. Also, as things clear out we are putting out more things from storage and also working our way into art supplies (Mosaic stuff, soap-making supplies etc)… so you will definitely see NEW things every time you visit!

Have a wonderful week… thanks for reading :)