50% off After Christmas Sale!!!

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Go to my website and all the Christmas and Holiday candles are 50% off!!! Also, all Colonial Candles are 40% off and the Webkinz are 50% off!

Please note, due to fast-moving inventory on the web and in the store, it’s possible something you buy will not be available when you purchase it. I will let you know immediately what is not available and your credit card will NOT be charged until I get authorization from you :)

Thanks!! And Merry Merry!!! :)


Pretending I’m uber busy…

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Okay, this is a first… there is a lady wandering around the store having a full-on argument on her cell phone. I hear bits and pieces… and I’m currently trying to hide because I don’t want to be in the line of sight while she is upset, pacing and hissing. “You know WHAT!?!” and “Shame on you!”


This has been a very odd Season I must say… hard to explain, but it feels totally different than the other 4 years. When I can put my finger on it, I will blog about it. Perhaps it’s just me?


Advent Calendar Pages

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This is year two that I’ve gotten together with Rachael and her stamping group to do Calendars! I was in charge of December this year… I made 13 advent calendars. This was a lot of x-acto knife-ing! ugh! Last year I was in charge of February and April… which weren’t as complex.

Each door had a different image inside… I wish I could get larger ones made, I think it’s such a fun idea :)

Back to work! Hope you are all staying sane in the land of cooking, shopping, wrapping and traveling :)


Biscuit takes the cake…

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No words were needed in this posting ;)



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Here’s a coupon you can print and bring up to the shop for 40% off one item* or use it for 20% off your entire purchase on the website! (*Excludes handmade, vintage, sale items, furniture, lighting or gift certificates).

click for larger image then cntrl/apple P for print magic! :)

I’ll be adding more items to the website over the next few days, so please check back :) If there is anything in the store you would like to see on the website, please let me know!


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I feel like I’ve been in the jungle and I’m writing on an ancient typewriter, face smeared with dirt, wearing weather-beaten khakis, a pith helmet while surrounded by man-eating plants and various monkeys. The past week has been such a blur of gift wrapping, hors d’Ĺ“uvre making, coffee brewing, tagging and find-the-last-ornament-on-the-tree playing that I have neglected so many other things! yeesh! :) But, I’m so very grateful that we have been busy & the Holidays are finally in full swing… I was worried there for a moment :)

Quick side note, before I forget… we are out of pooping sheep & penguin candy dispenser things. All the pretty hand-dipped chocolate goodies… still here… pooping plastic animals… “Ewww, that’s disgusting! I’ll take three!” Seriously. Please tell me who you are buying these things for. I want reactions.

Holiday open house… check. Cathi Milligan’s demo days and bead sale… check. I can’t believe they are wrapped up! Pics below:

close quarters!

The backside of water… I mean of the counter :)

we made 100’s of tags…

And now… Cathi Milligan on the torch!

I love those pictures!

Gratuitous Meg-a-moo picture :)