Overuse of the word “recently”

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When rushing… you tend to agonize on things that don’t need agonizing then forget that you used the word “recently” more than once in less than a 2 sentence radius. But the postcard looks cute!

Saturday December 8 is our open house from 10 am – 7 pm… if you come up to the store you get the above card which gives you directions to Babs’ Historical Home. You get to wander over and get a tour of her beautiful home! (The one that was in Cottage Style Magazine) We’re going to have a few artists up at the shop for the open house, Tracee Falkow of Classic Vintage Treasures will be up here with her jewelry and we’ll have a few other surprises :)

On Sunday, December 9 from 12 pm – 3 pm, you can see artist Cathi Milligan work magic with fire and glass! Her beads are awesome and she’s been making cupcake BUTTONS and other new things that are squeal-worthy!!!! Come check it out! It’s very rare that we sell her beads loose, so you won’t want to miss this!

In other news… I have new purses, tons of jewelry, scarves and more… we’re bursting at the seams with stuff!!! Also, our website is slowly being stocked with new things… please check it out!

More pictures, news, my attempt at an advent calendar and more, coming soon!

Sandy!!! (Author of this amazing blog) Where are you?? Come up and visit again! :)



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Today, Saturday and Sunday we’re having a SALE at the store!!! :)

Lots of buy one get one free items including Colonial Candles, Christmas Ornaments and Webkinz… come on up, shop, have a cup of coffee and say hello!

I’m a tad behind on updating the website… along with that I’ll be adding lots of new things to the physical store and the interweb store :)
*New fashion jewelry
*Awesome new soy candles
*Cupcake moisturizing bath fizzies (I can’t tell you how excited I am about these!)
*Paper lanterns… lots and lots of new paper lanterns (more by popular demand!)
*Bath Salts!!! They’ll be done by Saturday morning! (yay! finally!)
*More paper products by FG & Co.
*Handmade semi-precious stone jewelry… lots made by me :)
*Cathi Milligan glass jewelry
*Finders Key-purse things plus their new purse hooks to keep your investment off the ground! (sidenote… I’m not an investor in brand-name purses, but if I had a $300 purse, I would surely keep it off the smelly stinky ground at the restaurant or dangling off the back of my chair… eek!)

Also… Cathi Milligan, glass goddess, is going to do another famous glass/fire/torch/melting demonstration on December 9th!!! I’ll make a formal announcement soon :)

Bon Voyage to Babs as she goes across the pond to jolly ol’ England for a week (Perhaps Apolo will be there for some reason??)!!! Have fun and we’ll miss you!!! Also, a Bon Voyage is overdue for Nathan’s folks who are in Mexico on their first cruise… Tiffany is on her first visit to Italy. All these World travelers… goodness!

Oh! I may ask for a few local vendors to participate in a trunk show on the 8th… wait… no… I DO need artists for the 8th of December. So… if you make stuff (sorry, we’re overflowing with Jewelry, so anything but jewelry… but you can send pics of that, too I suppose! hehe!), leave a comment on this entry with where I can see pictures of your stuff :) You have to be local… you have to have a small set up and you have to understand about my last minute-ness ;)

Lastly… does anyone need a kitty??? Check out Graycee’s blog to see Miss Trixie. Also… Cathi Milligan has her hands full with another litter of kittens… I may be posting pics of them for her, soon!!

And… GoodNIGHT… ugh, these 4am nights are getting old ;)


Dust off the Christmas LPs…

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I actually am the proud owner of some CDs made from obscure, awesome old records with songs such as “Jingle Bones” and the Partridge family singing “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”. Thank you Susan… helping to make the holiday season less dull for those in the thick of it… with needle popping and scratching, too! yay!

I’m beat. These last few weeks have been trying for this entrepreneur ;) Our 5th Christmas. Wow. Fast. I don’t have any pictures of our first Christmas, for some reason. I vaguely remember the tree in the window, but pictures? They have to be somewhere.

A third person asked me about franchising again today… my first instinct is to quizzically ask “how come?” I tend to lump owning a store into “working”. You know, a job. I guess the only difference is my coffee breaks are a bit spaced out but I still dislike my boss ;) hehe.

So, I turned in the Holiday postcard at 4:35 am the other day… fingers crossed I’ll get them on Monday or Tuesday, but no guarantees. So, I’ll make the announcement here and in some emails later on…

Click on each image to see a larger image… so you can actually read it :)

And more pictures of the store :) Here’s our mantel window… It looks great at night!
These colors are so happy!
The happy little Christmas chandelier… everyone should do this at home! As of this evening, all those ornaments have been sold! Glad I got a picture when I did!

That’s what half of the store looks like when I run out into traffic!

A blurry shot of the turquoise you-wouldn’t-normally-have-this-at-home tree!
The pink and red pig tree and friends…
Happy little snowmen made of, what looks like, old sweaters and socks!
Jennifer Murphy’s little mousey in a stocking… “There’s no coal in YOUR stocking!” Too cute!
The Nicol Sayre corner…
Pastel wonderland…

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff

Christmas 2005

I can sort of see how the holidays are getting more and more overwhelming… the above was my “main” Christmas area in 2005… a little sparce compared to the way I smash it in these days :) I couldn’t imagine it any other way, though.

I keep promising a giveaway. It keeps getting away from me, I apologize. Also, my website is all Halloween-ed out. I’ll get to changing that, too.

In the world of crafting and creating… I got the bug to make soap and bath goodies today. I haven’t wanted to make bath stuff in years… I mean, had the desire to make stuff. It was quite strange. I feel like Goldilocks and the three cosmetic companies… this one is too expensive, this one has terrible packaging and this one is just right… but they won’t email me back! So… guess I’ll whip it up myself! ;) We’ll see… so many things a-brewin’!

What are you all up to next week? Turkey? Shopping? Crafting? Rocking back and forth in a corner wishing it was still June? ;) I don’t know anyone who absolutely hates the holidays, but I know that I really wish my Arbor Day celebration idea would catch on… I rarely show up for Thanksgiving anymore and Christmas is a sleepy blur… Arbor Day… April 27th… would be perfect!! Who’s with me??!?


The after before the before…

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So… technically this is the pre-after before I get the real after put together, but you’ll get the idea…

It’s the unveiling of the super-duper new and slightly improved… Violets are Blue now with “Holiday Merriment”!

There is a story about that hidden clock…

Now here is the mess in progress…

Half of the boxes that showed up in the middle of the chaos…

Ah, a retail Holiday-centric gift store in November. It should be put together and finished but that would be too easy ;) Three of my 22 trees systematically decided to not light… so, that required taking all of the ornaments off the trees and putting on new lights. Awesome. Then the 20 boxes of lamps etc and so on. The cherry on the retail sundae is the whole credit card merchant processing fiasco. Upon reaching out to others, I guess there is a trend in crappy credit card processing companies… who knew! So, I’m doing a ton of research and sending more certified letters than I care to mention. Doing business… I wish they made a Fisher Price “My first Business” play set when I was a kid… complete with overwhelming UPS shipments, roof leaks, customers who are disturbed by messes and odd little men who like to steal bells. With such a play set, I could have been problem solving all this at an earlier age ;) Are you reading this Fisher Price? :)

Yes, I’m whining. But I’m also at a point that is SO much easier to deal with than last year’s mess of boxes etc. This is nothing compared to last year.

I completely spaced on sending out a postcard on the after-Thanksgiving Sale. Ugh. How did the 14th of November creep up and why isn’t Thanksgiving on the 25th like every other year? Thank you Aztec Calendar (is that what we use? duh… someone correct me). How come every single year we plan on being prepared for the next holiday season and that never happens? I need some Jolly-ing :)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I’ve been doing a lot of jewelry with turquoise and smokey quartz. I like :)


I only have the “before” of the door/window… but I put a mantel in the window with a light up fire log and it look SO neat! I’ll post finished pics of this next…

A glass cupcake ornament…

and a mocking snowman… :) He seems to be making fun of me. See, things DO come alive in the store when it’s late ;) hehe.

(I just typed “mcCenter” as a center close tag… must…. sleep! You have to see a picture of the store window at night! I must pull a frogger!)

Oh, oh! And in the process of trying to find a recipe for Pumpkin Cake, I found Sandra Lee’s Kwanzaa Cake. She used acorns on the cake, but the recipe calls for corn nuts. Yes… you read that right… corn nuts. Now… if you are more interested… google Kwanzaa Cake and read what people have to say. It’s quite horrifying AND delightful AND entertaining! Wheeee! I never had a real opinion of Sandra Lee, but this… this has given new meaning to “taking the cake”. Seriously… she’s just a tad much. Any thoughts? ;)


Halloween Sale! Up to 50% off!!!

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This blog post is from 2007… so, I don’t have these items in stock anymore :( What I DO have in stock can be found in my ebay store :) Click HERE to see them! :)

So, I’ve got some stuff on sale… I don’t have time to get each item up at this very moment, but here are a few pieces… more to come!

Penny McAllister Bride and Groom – Normally $56.99 – Now $39.99
House behind the couple – Normally $64.99 – Now $39.99

Penny McAllister Witch with dress (in the pic above on the left) – Normally $26.50 – Now $18.50
Penny McAllister Pumpkin girl with tutu (in the pic above on the right) – Normally $26.50 – Now $18.50

Penny McAllister Large pumpkin box (sort of hard to see… pumpkin head is on a black and white hat box) – Normally $46.99 – Now $30.00

Penny McAllister Kitty – Normally $22.99 – Now $16.00

Penny McAllister smaller pumpkin cat – Normally $16.50 – Now $9.00

Penny McAllister Clown – Normally $22.99 – Now $14.99 (This is a bad pic, but he has a little pointy party hat on)

Penny McAllister assorted ornaments – with faces – Normally $6.99 – Now $3.49
Round Ornaments – Normally $5.99 – Now $3.00

I’ll add the Nicol Sayre items either tomorrow or Saturday.

Please call me or send me an email to inquire about these items! :)

(818) 541-1115 or sale@violetsareblue.net

Thanks everyone!!! :)