The trials of owning a store… part 6,038

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This is a rant… those of you who enjoy a good rant will enjoy this… otherwise, I suggest stopping now :)

I’m waiting for glue to dry… literally… so I thought I would share this last week’s adventures in owning a store with you.

So, Nathan is working on a project for an awesome non-profit organization in Durham, North Carolina. He had planned on flying out to NC to attend some meetings. I thought I could tag along for a beach cottage rental weekend and a week of hanging out with my friends and cousin. Yippee! End of Summer fun.

Well, the day we are supposed to catch a flight, a long, snake-like lizard decided to come into the store and start shopping. This was about 4 hours before we needed to be at the airport and I was freaking out. Big time. I’m scared to death of slinky things and it was IN the store!!!!! Of all the days and all the things… great timing. So, I’m trying to keep tabs on him and then at one point, I see his little head pop out from behind a desk. Since I would be frantically waving a broom on one side, how would I know that he got out of the propped-open door? I turned my cell phone on to video and set it by the door to capture his escape. Unfortunately, the cell phone didn’t capture anything (I would have won money on America’s funniest home videos) and the lizard came running towards ME. Apparently, they aren’t smart enough to turn around, they go the way they are pointed. So, he’s now running towards the check-out counter and I have him cornered. Oh boy. The door opens. Perfect timing for a customer, right? It was my neighbor’s brother!!!! He scooped up the lizard and released him into the wild streets of La Crescenta, well, the bushes actually. So, disaster averted.

With about 2 hours of the day remaining, I figured i needed to cut checks, including rent. Crap. I’m completely out of checks. Order more… fastest they can be here is 5 days. Doesn’t help. I pay what I can with credit cards and head home to start packing (duh! we never run this late!). It was crazy getting to the airport.

The beach was amazing, we swam for hours. Had North Carolina BBQ three days in a row… yay.

Got to my cousin’s house on monday night and had a great time. Then Nathan got a cold and somehow managed to get through a week of his 9-5 job AND meetings for the project. Then I got sick and was in bed for 2 days towards the end of our visit. I’m prone to sinus infections and bronchitis, so now I’ve got a fever and can’t stop coughing. I feel terrible for my cousin with three young children and me held up in the guest room with cooties. I felt like I should send a haz-mat team out to fumigate her lovely guest room. The day we left, she had a sore throat. I’m SO SORRY ALLISON!!! I hope you aren’t sick. (I feel so guilty!)

Meanwhile, at the store, my friend who was opening for me was sick and had to close saturday. Coast to coast cooties!

I woke up in a fog this morning and got on my cell phone to pay more bills and make some calls…cell phone turned off. I forgot to pay the bill. There are a few other things that happened, too… but I’m pretending that they don’t exist.

I guess this is just “life” :) right?

Is it feed a cold, starve a fever? I’m going to go make some tea now :) I’ve decided I can never go out of town again… too much chaos.

Thanks for listening to the whine-fest! Happy pictures and gumdrops next time, I promise ;)


  1. Art Tea Life said,

    September 10, 2007 at 9:02 pm

    oh I am SO SORRRRY

    Everything sounds AWFUL!
    Crappy !

    I so hope You are feeling better soon.

    Love and Good Thoughts FOR BETTER TIMES !

  2. Tina Wilson said,

    September 12, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    aww. I hope you get to feeling better real soon.
    I’d love to see some pictures from the store. I bet you all have decorated it really nicely for the Fall holidays.
    Get better real soon.

  3. Colleen Gallagher said,

    September 16, 2007 at 9:56 am

    Aw, Carrie :( I’m so sorry that you were sick, and I apologize, but I am on the ground dying laughing at the picture in my head of you on the wild lizard chase, swinging your broom, ducking for cover (was your face painted like Rambo?)…I know it probably didn’t feel funny at the time, but OMG!!

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